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Help SpiritHoods Own The Night with Panthera

Our Non-Profit Partners, Panthera's mission is to ensure a future for wild cats and the vast landscapes on which they depend. Through their Own the Night program, Panthera helps train wildlife rangers and law enforcement patrols around the world to fight against poaching and other key threats to wild cats. 

Buy a Tiger SpiritHood, Help Panthera Own the Night. Join the Tiger Tribe

Photo by: Steve Winter Photo by: Steve Winter 

Tigers are the biggest of the big cats yet they are the closest to extinction with just about 3,000 of them left in the wild.

In efforts to help conserve Tigers and other big cats... For every Collectors Edition Tiger SpiritHood you buy, we will donate 20% of net profits back to Panthera's Own the Night cause (starting 2/18/16 at 10AM PST).

In less than a week, our Tribe has helped us donate $1,500. Help us save Tigers by Joining the Tiger Tribe

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Other ways to get involved: Donate today!

Your donation can provide immediate relief to Panthera’s efforts to stop poaching:
  • $50 can support an anti-poaching informant network for one month
  • $100 can cover a day of anti-poaching ranger training from Panthera's Security and Operations team
  • $500 can cover the cost of producing and implementing one PoacherCam

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Watch to this video narrated by Actor Jeremy Irons (voice of Scar from Lion King) to learn more about Panthera! 

Nadine Izaguirre
Nadine Izaguirre