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The 7 Must-Have Qualities of the Best Faux Fur Blanket

September 13, 2022

The 7 Must-Have Qualities of the Best Faux Fur Blanket

The obsession with high-quality faux fur begins with your favorite hooded faux fur coat and ends in the bedroom. With afaux fur blanket, of course! The thought of wrapping up for the weekend in thatoversized blanket has you looking up the newest shows to binge.

Faux fur is so on-trend and desirable that designers are playing with colors and textures to create many different products. Every product that moves away from the use of real fur is a win for those who advocate for animals and support the growth of the faux fur market. Keep faux fur in mind when looking for other fur-forward products.


Unique Faux Fur Products

  • Steering wheel covers

  • Home décor

  • Car décor accessories

  • Scarves


Faux Fur + Your Bedroom = Ultimate Luxe Comfort

Those unique faux fur items are awesome, but let’s take a closer look at the benefits of faux fur in the bedroom. Of course, you can take it into any room – but focus! The thought of being surrounded by luxurious, high-quality faux fur gets your inner animal spirit excited, but the effort of having to find the best faux fur accessories is a non-starter. So, let’s make the hunt easier – let’s focus onfaux fur blankets.


How Do I Recognize Quality Faux Fur?

Excellent question, faux fur hunter. There is much to consider when on the hunt for a qualityfaux fur blanket or throw. Faux fur has come a long way in terms of looking convincingly like real animal fur. We want to be sure to steer clear of making the mistake of buying real fur, so keep a few factors in mind when looking for fake fur.


3 Ways to Determine Faux Fur Quality:

  • Softness
  • Shedding
  • Resilience


When shopping for the perfectfaux fur blanket, take a few moments to run your paws through the fur of thelarge blanket you are considering. Is it prickly or soft? Does it shed by the handful? Do the fibers bounce back into position after being stroked? Each of these is a sign of quality faux fur, and you will want to take notice as you are considering the purchase of your new favoritefaux fur blanket.


Shopping for aFaux Fur Blanket

If identifying a quality faux fur alone has you hiding in your den, you will be stoked to get a few pointers about what qualities make the bestoversized blankets. With many varieties on the market, getting a clear understanding of what makes the bestfaux fur blanket will help you narrow down your hunt and pounce on the perfect one for you.


7 Qualities That Only the BestFaux Fur Blankets Will Have

  1. Style
  2. Softness
  3. Realistic look
  4. Size
  5. Durability
  6. Versatility
  7. Animal-friendly


1. The BestFaux Fur Blankets Offer Timeless Style

Have a bland, beige bedspread? Add a Brown HuskyFaux Fur Throw, and you have instant color, texture, and warmth in the room. Your den looks fire, and you feel cool AF wrapped in timeless style. Yes, it’s just that easy.

Create an inspired office space by draping a faux fur throw over your office chair or ottoman. Your reading nook will instantly become the place you never want to leave when you snuggle down in an African Golden CatFaux Fur Throw. Style your space in comfort and a call of the wild!

Faux fur blankets are an ideal accessory for blending and coordinating with any furniture elements you already have in place. A Golden JackalFaux Fur Throw in a wire chair immediately softens the modern look and feel of the metal frame. Whether your home décor style is rustic or modern, afaux fur throw brings softness with more than a hint of fierceness.


Faux Fur has Flexible Style

Design style is usually very intentional, and if your intention is comfort, afaux fur throw is going to make all the difference. Place a Husky Baja Faux Fur Throw in a wicker chair, and change a quintessential summer chair into your favorite winter reading spot.

Faux fur blankets add a harmonious spirit to any space. Changing your color scheme or décor? No problem.Faux fur throws blend with any décor to create a luxuriously comfortable feel for any room. For a plush and stylish room, your favoriteoversized blanket will be a fashionable addition in any season.


2. The Softest Faux Fur Blanket is the Best

If you want yourfaux fur blanket to be a cloud of cruelty-free goodness, you want Tissavel. The bestfaux fur throws and blankets are made from this higher-density fiber, which results in the plushest faux fur. Ever. There is no need to sacrifice luxury or softness when you are working with a brand that hails Tissavel for its premium faux fur.

Your weekend just got a whole lot hotter when you add the cool look of an Indigo Fox Luxe Faux Fur Throw. Its silky texture against your skin is like nothing you have felt before, and there will be no going back! Wrap yourself up in Tissavel once, and you will check every label for it for the rest of your life!

This coveted softness is exactly what you want in the bestfaux fur blanket. When wrapping up in yourlarge blanket, you want to know that a softerlarge blanket doesn’t exist anywhere. And with a throw like the Arctic Wolf Faux Fur Throw, you will be convinced that no softerlarge blanket exists!


3. A Realistic Looking Faux Fur is Ideal

Who wants afaux fur blanket that looks like something the cat dragged in? Quality faux fur has come a long way – so far, in fact, that it is often getting confused with the real thing. Take your time to consider the look and feel of eachoversized blanket before you bring it home to your den.

Faux fur is easy to clean, which is a great benefit when trying to keep yourfaux fur throw feeling realistic and looking good. Keeping your realistic-looking faux fur looking good is as easy as a simple groom and fluff from time to time. Your Grey Wolf Faux Fur Throw will need little effort to stay well-groomed – think how much effort your precious kitty spends grooming itself. Feeling even better about this realistic faux fur now, aren’t you?


4. Size Matters for the BestFaux Fur Blanket

The best-sizefaux fur blanket is the one that fits your intent perfectly.Do you want anoversized blanket to fit your king-sized bed? Or alarge blanket that is perfect for snuggling up and binging movies on the couch? Knowing what you want thefaux fur blanket for is an important detail in picking the best one for you.

Size matters. A tinyfaux fur blanket will not serve a purpose for comfort or warmth. Even your fur-baby would prefer his faux fur dog bed to snuggling up on a tiny, low-quality blanket. (You trained him right!) Be sure the size of thefaux fur throw matches what you intend to use it for.

Throw down fashion and comfort in your bedroom with an oversized blanket like a Grey WolfFaux Fur Blanket that measures 69” x 88.” Or wrap up on the couch in the DirewolfFaux Fur Throw, which is perfectly sized at 56” x 67.” Each of theseoversized blankets would have you prowling your den in your pj’s and wrapped up with movies all weekend.


5. The BestFaux Fur Blanket is Built to Last

When you connect with the bestfaux fur blanket, it must last more than one season!Your faux fur décor should be resilient and ready to keep up with all that goes on in your den. Whether your wolf pack is coming over to howl for a bit, or you are bedded down with the latest episodes of “Yellowstone,” your favoriteoversized blanket must be ready to rumble.

Faux fur is essentially made from plastic. A blend including acrylic is used to make the fibers, which makes them both sustainable and animal friendly. The beauty behind this environmentally friendly alternative is that it has created a more durable product while also being beautiful.

Resilience is how well the fibers of yourlarge blanket bounce back after running your paws through the soft faux fur. A high-qualityfaux fur blanket with the softest feel will have resilient fibers that return to shape immediately. This is a tell-tale sign of a high-end luxury product that will stay with you for many seasons beyond the end of that binge-worthy show.


6. Must Be Fun, Portable, and Ready to Party

The bestfaux fur blankets are versatile. They are great on the bed or couch, keeping you cozy and warm, but they are also perfect at the music festival! Throw one around your shoulders and button at the neck to stay secure - the ideallarge blanket serves as both cape and throw-down blanket – and is always ready to get the party started!

The next best thing to having the idealoversized blanket readily available in your den is to have one that is ready to go at a moment’s notice! Whether you are stalking the fridge during a commercial break or stalking the streets with your pack on Saturday night, the bestfaux fur throw is on the move with you – and everyone is on notice.

Imagine prowling the next music festival wrapped in a luxe Indigo Wolf Luxe Faux Fur Throw, fierce AF. Thislarge blanket is the perfect size to go it alone or wrap up with a certain she-wolf. Because it is an idealfaux fur throw, it also has a stash pocket where you will keep your cash, phone, and anything else necessary for a festival scene. When choosing the bestfaux fur blanket, all these features rank high on the must-have qualities list!


7. The Best Faux Fur Gives Back to Endangered Animals

Are you truly passionate about living in a fur-free world? Is it a stand worth taking? Hope is still very much alive to end animal cruelty and live sustainably. Choosing the bestfaux fur blanket also means choosing the brand that believes all luxury apparel brands can move the needle in the right direction towards being 100% fur-free.

Bring the spirit of the wild into your everyday life with an animal-inspired product that respects the value of life and donates a portion of profits to the conservation of endangered animals and their habitat. SpiritHoods was founded on a commitment to endangered animals, and every purchase furthers the cause. Spend your money where it can make an impact – in your life and the lives of endangered animals.


Caring for Your FavoriteFaux Fur Blanket

You have found the perfectoversized blanket for your den. How do you take care of it so that you can cuddle up in luxe bliss for years to come? With just a little extra attention from time to time, you will keep thisoversized blanket looking fresh and ready to go (or ready to stay at home).

Groom yourfaux fur throw by hand with cold water. We know you can’t bear to be apart from yourlarge blanket for long, but it will take just a little bit of time to air dry. Keep it away from direct sunlight for best results. When it dries, run your paws through the fur to fluff up the fibers.


Why be Apart?

Always consider whether your furry friend can use a good shaking out instead of a full-blown swim in the water. You can effectively spot-clean a faux fur, and you should never, ever wring it out or blow it dry with a hairdryer! (Yikes! Does your cat let you do that?) Your next best friend, and bestfaux fur blanket EVER, is going to be with you for years to come.

Afaux fur throw is more than just a decision for today, to style a room, or wind down for the weekend. It is a commitment by a community of people who stand ready to make a difference and create a 100% animal-friendly world. Go faux and do good in one easy decision to bring home the bestfaux fur blanket.

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