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Fast Facts on Faux Fur

August 23, 2022

Fast Facts on Faux Fur

Over the past few years, faux fur has once again become a staple in wardrobes across the globe. It seems no matter where you look, you can find celebrities and music festival-goers turning heads while snuggled in a sleek faux fur coat. But, before you rush out to snag your fake fur and embrace your inner animal spirit, we want to fill you in on the fast facts you should know about faux fur. From ensuring high-quality products to washing with care, we'll give you a crash course in all things fake fur. 

What Is Faux Fur?

Faux fur is fake fur. It’s that simple. Don't let the word fake throw you, though! High-quality imitation fur can be every bit as luxurious as the real thing. It offers the look and feel of genuine fur— without animal cruelty.

Diving Into Fast Facts of Faux Fur 

Faux fur

We’ve compiled a list of need-to-know facts about fake fur to help you make your selection. From what it’s made of to bathing your beauty, our animal lovers have put together this quick reference guide to help you fall in love with faux fur and feel great about your choice!

What Is Fake Fur Made Of?

Faux fur is made from synthetic fibers through a process that would probably remind you of spinning cotton candy at the fair. The quality of these synthetic fibers created during this process determines just how real the fake fur can look and feel.

Synthetic fibers used in creating faux fur include:

  • polyester
  • acrylic
  • a blend of natural and artificial fibers

How Do You Determine the Quality of Fake Furs? 

There are three main determining factors infake fur quality. If you’re shopping in person, don’t be afraid to pet the animals!

Considerations of quality fake fur mean determining:

  • softness
  • resilience
  • shedding


Faux fur should be fluffy and never coarse. The texture of fake fur should be fine and supple, inviting you to snuggle up.



High-quality synthetic fibers are meant to bounce back to their original form. So go on, give it a try. Run your paws through the fake fur and watch how it responds. You should see if it returns to its original position after being manipulated, and if left on a couch for days causing the fur to be flattened out, once hung up will return to normal after some time.


Oh yes… faux fur can shed. If you gently brush your faux fur, it’s normal for a few clumps to fall out, but it's not very attractive, so make sure the quality of your fake fur doesn’t have you leaving trails of fluff behind.

What Can High-Quality Faux Fur Offer?

Fake fur is purrrfect for apparel and accessories. And it’s not just sexy. Faux fur offers an array of benefits you’ll love, both indoors and out. The best quality faux fur will be so realistic in look and feel that it can easily be mistaken for the real thing. 

High-quality fake fur also offers:

  • durability
  • softness
  • warmth
  • protection from cold-weather conditions 

Faux Fur for Your Den


If you’re in the mood to redecorate the den, faux fur home goods are the new go-to. You can never go wrong with fake fur home décor. A splash of wolf pattern or a pop of vibrant color makes for creative, cozy ways to express yourself in your living spaces. You can find a wide variety of textures and styles to match any aesthetic you want for your den.

Fake Fur is Less Expensive

Faux fur can save you some dough. While prices may range with quality, brand, and variety offered, you’ll still have plenty left over to buy that faux fur bunny keychain accessory you’ve been eyeing!

Fake Fur Offers Limitless Colors and Styles

When you choose faux fur, your color and style options are limitless! Faux fur coats, hoods, and home goods come in every shade you can imagine. That’s the beauty of synthetic fur! You can be as bold as a Pink Panther or as incognito as a Black Panther.

Going Faux Saves the Lives of Animals 

Faux fur offers an ethical alternative to buying real fur. Your conscious choice to buy faux saves the lives of our fur friends. Going fur-free reduces the entrapment, cruelty, and endangerment of many animals.

Every single year, millions of fur babies are subjected to torture and death, all in the name of fashion. Innocent creatures are forced into small, wire-mesh cages and kept on industrial farms. Metal traps catch others in the wild. The horrifying treatment they suffer makes choosing fake fur reason enough to switch.

Is Faux Fur Less Difficult to Clean?

One of the great things about fake fur is the ease of cleaning compared to the real thing. That’s not to say you won’t have proper steps to follow. Ensuring the beauty and longevity of your vest, hood, or throw means careful care. However, washing and cleaning your cozy companion can be done by hand in the comfort of your den.

Spot Cleaning Is the Way to Go!

Pink Panther Collector Edition Faux Fur Hood

Yep, you read that right! You don’t actually NEED to bathe your faux fur beauty all that often. Spot cleaning is sufficient and preferred. Save a full bath for a couple of times a year to help preserve the beauty and life of your garment or throw. 

Spot cleaning can be done in a few simple steps:

For those oops stains, spot clean the soiled area with cool water and gentle rubbing ASAP! You’d be surprised how easily your faux fur bounces back from minor mishaps.

Firmly squeeze excess water out and hang dry that bad boy in an open area with plenty of air circulation.

If a lingering odor is your issue, we recommend hanging it outside for a good airing out.

If the smell is a bit stubborn, hang it outside for a good airing out. You may also want to consider sitting a bit further back from the bonfire next time! 

Washing Your Fake Fur the Right Way 

We want you to look fabulous in your faux fur, whether you’re out running errands or on to your next adventure! However, caring for your fake fur and keeping it does require a bit of TLC.

Show your faux some love by washing it by hand. Don't worry; you won't have to bathe it often if you take good care of it.

Follow these 7 steps carefully, and your sexy fur will be adorning your body or bed again in no time: 

Man wearing Black Panther Collared Faux Fur Coat
  • prep
  • fill
  • wash
  • rinse
  • squeeze
  • hang
  • brush

Prep— Remove everything from your pockets. Don’t forget those secret zipper pockets our SpiritHoods are known for!

Fill — Depending on your fake fur product, you can fill up a large bowl, sink, or bathtub with cool water. Tubs are the puuuurrrfect size for your throws, coats, and robes.

Wash — Go ahead and submerge your faux fur into the cool water. Don’t be shy! You may even want to climb in there to ensure you give it a good swish and soak. 

Just a little heads up – you may not be prepared for the amount of dirt that releases from your garment, accessory, or home goods. A well-worn faux fur can trap a horrifying amount of dirt and dust. Hence, the good submerge and swish!

Firmly but carefully hand wash your faux fur, freeing trapped dust and debris. Think of it as a well-deserved massage for keeping your bod toasty with each wear. 

Rinse —You’ll want to empty and refill your bowl, sink, or tub with fresh cold water a few times. You’ll know your fur baby is ready for the next step when the water runs clear.

If you still see any stains, gently rub those spots to loosen dirt or grime further.           

Squeeze— Get those muscles ready for some good squeezin'. Give it a few good bear hugs when your water is clear and your faux fur is dirt-free! Be gentle but firm as you press and squeeze the excess water out. Concentrate on squeezing the water from bulkier areas of your garment first while working your way out to the edges.

DO NOT wring or twist, as you can cause damage to your luxurious piece.

Hang Dry Only— Hang your faux fur near an open window or outside, avoiding direct sunlight. The more air you have circulating around your garment or blanket, the quicker it will dry.

Man wearing Nighthawk Hooded Faux Fur Vest

Be patient and plan well. The drying process can take a day or two for larger-sized faux fur products such as our large faux fur blankets. We recommend checking on it every few hours and rotating your item to ensure all areas are evenly exposed to a bit of wind and warmth.

Don't worry; you’ll be back to prowling the night draped in your inner animal spirit before you know it.

You may also consider placing a fan nearby to speed up the process. Just remember – NEVER USE HEAT TO DRY YOUR FAKE FUR! The damage from heat exposure is irreversible, and your gorgeous accessory will go from fabulous to fail.

Brush— Our SpiritHoods come with a wide-toothed brush for optimal care. If you purchased another brand, we still recommend this brush style for optimal results.

Lovingly comb the fur back into place while it is still a bit damp. This method will help your item retain its natural shape.

Once your item is completely dry, give it another thorough comb-through to bring it back to its original, luxurious state. If you prefer, you can also run your fingers through the fur to fluff it up. 

SpiritHoods' Commitment to Fur Friends 

Since 2009, SpiritHoods has been committed to making every effort to help our fur friends. Along with the work we do to help spread awareness and create change, we also donate 10% of net profits back to saving endangered animals.

We stand by our partners to help create a #FurFree world. Our love for animals is the inspiration behind every creation in our collection. Each of our animal-inspired products embraces a desire for a world where fashion-forward puuurrrfection, affordability, and animal welfare can co-exist.

While we are known for creating plush, stylish products, our heart is behind fighting to help endangered animals. We make every effort to make a positive impact and become the voice of these magnificent creatures. 

Our Mission to Save Endangered Animals

Man wearing African Golden Cat Luxe Faux Fur Collection Edition Hood

We are dedicated to saving endangered species. Whether that means improving our existing processes or forging new partnerships, we hope to continue our conservation efforts above all else.

We work closely with our manufacturers to develop luxurious, high-quality faux fur while making every effort to minimize our carbon footprint. We know there’s more to stylish hoods and accessories than beauty, but we also believe there is a way to look good, feel good, and do good by offering faux fur fashion with a conscience. Our company believes in designing products that stand for positive change, educating others, and saving animals in the process.

How Can You Make a Lasting Difference?

We invite you to join the fight for education, awareness, and positive change. We partner with creative minds who share our desire to protect and save animals. As a result, we can highlight an animal’s beauty through our creations without sacrificing the magnificent creature for its fur and warmth.

Who Do We Support to Create Animal Welfare Change?

We invite you to meet our incredible partners. Below is a list of the partners we encourage you to connect with.We fully support their commitment to the cause and applaud their efforts in saving animals killed for the sake of fashion.

In addition, they fight tirelessly to spread awareness and make change happen for all endangered animals, from the magnificent snow leopard to the incredible polar bear. We hope you’ll join us in our efforts to spread the word about endangered animals and address the issue of animal extinction.

Our incredible partners include:

Man wearing Polar Bear SpiritHood

Now that you’ve covered the top fast facts of faux fur, you can feel great about your selection of incredible faux fur fashion and home goods!

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