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How to Clean Faux Fur

September 30, 2019

How to Clean Faux Fur

Photo by Jesus "CritiQ" Henriquezfrom Pexels

Is your SpiritHood looking a little worse for the wear? Has that fake fur coat been to one too many parties? It happens to all of us. 

You had the time of your life at a music festival. Rocking out to your favorite artists while creating lasting memories with your crew. You’re smiling from ear to ear, but your stuff looks like it barely survived the apocalypse. 

While keeping you warm and cuddly, your SpiritHood took a beating. Dust storms, rain, body glitter and even sweat can dampen the fluff of faux fur. But don’t worry we’re here to help you rescue your favorite accessory.

Your beloved SpiritHood, fake fur coat, vest or throw needs some serious TLC. Keep reading for our step by step guide on How to Clean Faux Fur.

Does Faux Fur Need to Be Washed?

Before you get out your cleaning supplies, examine your SpiritHood. Does it actually need the full wash and detail? If not, you might be able to simply air it out.  

Take your faux fur piece outside. Give it a good shake to loosen any dirt. Then hang it somewhere with a little airflow. Make sure it’s not in direct sunlight. Even hanging it near an open window can work. Allow it to air out for a day or two.

This method works great if your faux fur coat needs to freshen up. We all know SpiritHoods and bonfires go together like marshmallows and chocolate. But sometimes that smoky smell lingers. Hang up your coat somewhere it can catch a breeze to help remove any odors.

Once your hood or coat is smelling fresh again, give it a good fluffing. Then, use your fingers or a light brush to reshape the fur.

Photo by <a href="https://www.pexels.com/@bui-huy-857169?utm_content=attributionCopyText&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=pexels">Bùi Huy </a>from <a href="https://www.pexels.com/photo/black-iphone-7-near-brown-clothes-hanger-1750027/?utm_content=attributionCopyText&amp;utm_medium=referral&amp;utm_source=pexels">Pexels</a>
Photo by Bùi Huyfrom Pexels

How to Spot Clean Faux Fur

Did you have a beverage mishap? A little spillage happens now and then. Try this spot cleaning method if there’s only a small part of your faux fur hood or coat that needs some love.

Using cold water only, dunk the spill into a bowl full of water. Slosh it around a bit and gently rub together the areas that need cleaning. Remove your item from the water and squeeze. Get out as much water as you can. Then hang dry, brush and fluff to reshape the fur.

If you’ve tried both airing out and spot cleaning, with no luck — read on for the full spa treatment.

Never Use Heat—Ever!

Faux or fake fur is made from acrylic—which is a type of plastic. What happens when heat meets plastic? It melts. This is why you should never (ever, ever, ever!) use hot water or put your faux fur coat in the dryer. 

Heat will ruin the soft and fluffy fur of your SpiritHood. You won’t be able to revive it and you’ll be sadder than a kid who drops his ice cream cone on a nice sunny day.

To repeat: Never use hot water. Never put faux fur in the dryer. Write that down. Memorize it. Get it tattooed on your arm. 

Got it? Now you’re ready to get your hands wet!

The SpiritHoods Faux Fur Spa Treatment

  1. Fill — Fill up a bowl, sink or bathtub with cool water. Most SpiritHoods can be easily washed in a bathroom or kitchen sink. If you’ve got a faux fur coat, vest or throw — you’ll want to use your bathtub. 
  2. Wash — Dunk your SpiritHood in the water. Swish it around. Prepare to be horrified by the amount of dirt that it releases. It’s crazy how much dirt and dust particles can be hiding in your faux fur item. 
  3. Rinse — Continue handwashing. Slosh your SpiritHood around. Take it for a swim and let the dirt fall off. Empty and refill the sink or tub with fresh cold water. If you have any stains or visible spots, gently rub those areas together.
  4. Squeeze — Once your faux fur piece is nice and clean, it’s time to give it a squeeze. Use your muscles and gently, but forcefully, wring out the faux fur. The water will make your SpiritHood heavy. You want to get as much water out now before you hang it up. Concentrate on the bulkier areas like hoods and pockets.
  5. Dry — Now that you’ve squeezed out all the water that you can, it’s time to hang dry. Hang your SpiritHood in your bathroom, near an open window or outside (out of the direct sun). The more air circulating around your SpiritHood the faster it will dry. It may take a day or two. Check on it every few hours. Rotate the item to expose all sides. Place a fan nearby to help speed up the process.
  6. Brush —  Using a wide-toothed brush, brush the fur back in place while still wet. This helps the fur retain its natural shape. Once your coat, hood, vest or throw is dry, give it another brushing to help fluff it up. Use your fingers to move the fur back into place.

To Soap or Not to Soap

Photo by Pixabay from Pixels

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

You probably don’t need to add any soap. The process of hand washing should remove most dirt. If you really want to use soap, make sure it’s a light and natural soap. Avoid heavy detergents and bleach which can permanently damage your faux fur. 

Use just a drop or two of a natural castile soap—like Dr. Bronner’s. Add it to the sink full of water first. Be sure to rinse your fur piece out thoroughly during the Wash and Rinse step. You don’t want any lingering soap particles clinging to the fur.

Keep Your Faux Fur Fluffy Faux Ever

Follow these instructions on how to clean faux fur and you’ll always have a fresh and fluffy SpiritHood. Remember to never put fake fur in the dryer. Only use cool water and a light, natural soap when washing your faux hood, coat, vest, or throw. 

It’s time to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirtyerrr clean!  Treat your SpiritHood like a fine cashmere sweater and it will last you for years!

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