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  • Cute and Creative Halloween Costume Ideas 2019

    October 16, 2019 1 min read

    woman in wonder woman costume with faux fur hood on

    *Wonder Woman photo courtesy @prideoftheamazons.

    Looking for some cute and creative Halloween Costume ideas?!

    Here are some fun costume ideas you can put together in no time (or spend countless hours on... your call)! Obviously, the more time you have to prepare, do makeup, etc. the better... but if you're looking for some cute, creative, and practical costume inspo, these might be some good costumes to try this year!

    Halloween Costumes You Can Wear Year Round

    Costumes don't have to be a "one and done" type of thing (how wasteful!)... In fact, you could put together some really great costumes just by digging through your closet! Pairing SpiritHoods with some everyday outfits and accessories can get you some amazing results! Here are some of our favs:

    Simple + Cute HOWL-O-WEEN Outfit


    Panda SpiritHood next to black and white dress and camera


    What you'll need: Panda SpiritHood, cute dress, and some accessories.

    Care Bears by @labellavita72.

    Care Bears x SpiritHoods
    What you'll need: Care Bears SpiritHood, pajamas, (optional) face paint.

    Little Red Riding Hood Turned into the Big Bad Wolf❤️🐺 by @katiecraun.

    Big Bad Wolf x Little Red Riding Hood

    What you'll need: Husky SpiritHood, red hood, bada$$ makeup skills.

    Wonder Woman by @prideoftheamazons.

    Wonder Woman by @prideoftheamazons

    What you'll need: Grey Wolf SpiritHood, Wonder Woman costume, sword, makeup.

    The Big Bad Wolf by Stephanie M VonHoene‎ / Barrett Anderson (📸: Alisha Marie Photography).

    Big Bad Wolf - Classic Grey Wolf Faux Fur Coat

    What you'll need: Classic Grey Wolf Faux Fur Coat, dark pants/leggings.

    Foxy Dog by @woodlandsiberians.

    Red Fox 2.0 SpiritHood

    What you'll need: Red Fox 2.0 SpiritHood, (optional) entrancing eyes.