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Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Faux Fur Coat

September 09, 2019

Everything You Need to Know When Buying a Faux Fur Coat

Photo by Valou _c on Unsplash

Do you hate the cold? When winter comes do you feel trapped inside like a caged beast? Would you rather burrow under blankets than step foot outside your den?

That’s no way to live! Take a fashion cue from your favorite animal. Snag yourself a dope faux fur coat. You’ll be warm and stylin’ this winter. 

Over the past few years, fake fur coats have skyrocketed in popularity. No longer just for off-duty fashion models and stylish villains. Everyone these days seems to be sporting some fluff. 

Ready to join the party? Here’s everything you should consider when buying a faux fur coat. 

What Is Faux Fur?

Faux fur is fake fur. It’s made from plastic fibers through a process that kind of looks like spinning cotton candy. The best faux fur is just as soft and can easily be mistaken for the real thing. Fake fur is easier to clean and maintain than real fur. 

At SpiritHoods we use only 100% fake fur. You can wear your coat with pride knowing that no animals were harmed so you could look fabulous. In fact, we donate 10% of net profits to help save endangered species. So you’re actually supporting endangered animals with every purchase. 

When you go faux, the options for color and style are endless. Faux fur coats come in every color of the rainbow — they’re not limited to those found in nature. I mean, have you ever seen a  Disco Wolf in the wild? 


Disco Wolf Faux Fur Coat

Find Your Fit

You don’t want to look like you’ve been swallowed by a bear right? It’s important to take your measurements when buying a faux fur coat online.

All SpiritHoods faux fur coats are unisex. This means they’re made for both men and women. Be sure to check out the size guide for each product. This guide will give you detailed measurements for that specific coat.

Take your measurements with a tape measure. You’ll need to measure:

  • Around the widest part of your chest.
  • From shoulder to shoulder.
  • From the top of your shoulder to your wrist — this is your sleeve length. 
  • Around the widest part of your hips. 

To find the size you need, match up your measurements with those listed on the size guide for the item you want to buy. This ensures you get the fit you’re looking for.Our sizing can be confusing for new customers but that’s why we’re here to help. If you still can’t figure it out - just  give us a howl!

Here are a few different styles of faux fur coats and who they’ll work best for. 

Hot to Trot

Is this you?

You’re always warm. You’re sweating buckets after 5 minutes on the dance floor.  You’ve been drooling over faux fur but don’t want to be a sweaty furry mess every time you wear it.

Instead of a coat — go for a faux fur vest. Without heavy sleeves, a vest will keep you from overheating. You’ll still get all the sweetest parts of a SpiritHoods coat without so much fur. 

The best reason to get a vest instead of a coat? They’re designed to have an “over-sized” look. his means during the summer, you’ll catch those sweet breezes and during the winter you have more room to layer up. This makes a faux fur vest one of our most versatile options. 

Short and Sweet

If you still want a bold pop of fur but don’t need a long coat, a shawl or bomber jacket fits the bill. These styles will keep out the cold, but won’t weigh you down. A bomber faux fur jacket is great if you live in a warmer part of the world. They’re also perfect for festivals where it may be chilly, but not freezing. 

Pro tip: add a SpiritHood to your outfit if your coat doesn’t have a hood. You can mix and match the different fur patterns and ensure your head stays toasty.

That cute, shrunken look is all the rage these days with faux fur coats. Try sizing down with one of our classic bomber jackets. You’ll get a more figure-flattering fit. Banding at the cuffs and waist add a sporty edge to these jackets. 

Middle of the Road

Mid-length coats are all about the booty! 

These coats cover your butt and will keep you warm during snowy adventures or cold festival nights. Encase yourself in a fluffy warm cocoon. Mid-length coats have huge pockets you can bury your fingers in.

Some of our mid-length styles come with a hood for extra warmth. One thing to keep in mind, the longer your coat the more fur you’re dealing with. Some of our hooded coats can be cumbersome if you’re hitting the slopes. 

Check out our hoodless mid-length styles if you want to feel a bit more weightless. The  Black Panther,  Siberian Snow Leopard and  Grey Wolfare all awesome options. Pop the collar and feel like a baller because you’re not weighed down by a hood. 

Classic Black Wolf Long Faux Fur Coat

Long and Strong

If you’re always freezing, a long faux fur coat will be your new best friend. Keep the cold out by wrapping yourself in silky faux fur from head to toe. Our long coats will keep you warm and feeling like an alpha dog all winter long.

If you’ve ever wanted to be a wolf, now you can! Grab the  Classic Black Wolf Long Faux Fur Coat and you’ll be howling at the moon by nightfall. Run to the woods. Find your pack. Never look back. 

Meow or Grrr?

Now we get to the fun part. Deciding which animal you want to be!

You might already know exactly the coat you’re getting. Love at first sight isreal when shopping for a faux fur coat. Some people know instantly if they’re a  Savanah Cat or a  Cotton Candy Bear.  

But what if you can’t decide?

Here are some thoughts to consider when choosing your fake fur coat:

  • Do you want realistic looking fur?
  • Do you want fun and colorful fur?
  • Do you want a hood or no hood?
  • Close your eyes and visualize yourself running around in the coats. Which one feels the best for you?

Come out of Your Cage

Don’t let the colder months stop you from exploring. There are so many snowy adventures to be had. Unleash your inner wild.

Hit the slopes. Strap on some ice skates. Grab a trashcan lid and fly down the local sledding hill. Or even just enjoy a cup of cocoa and some stargazing.

SpiritHoods fake fur coats will survive many great adventures. Take care of your coat and it will keep you warm for years to come. If you’ve been eyeing one of our coats, grab it before it’s gone. Many of our products are collector and limited edition — so don’t miss out!

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