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  • 10 Best-Selling Mid-Length faux fur Coats with Ears: Embrace Animal-Inspired Fashion!

    December 01, 2023 7 min read

    10 Best-Selling Mid-Length faux fur Coats with Ears: Embrace Animal-Inspired Fashion!

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    Fall is here and the Holidays are fast approaching us. And we ALL know what that means…pumpkin spice lattes, daylight savings and SpiritHoods coats! What better way to embrace the chill that’s upon us than cozying up with a SpiritHoods faux fur coat? A SpiritHoods faux fur coat WITH EARS! That’s what! 

    I can hear a few of you right now. Did I mention I have the ability to hear your thoughts as you read this out loud? So be careful what you’re thinking! I’m talking to you, Moonbeam! Stop worrying about your stove. You turned it off. 

    Now…back to what I was saying. 

    I can hear a few of you saying to yourselves, “COATS WITH EARS! I could NEVER pull that off!” And I’m here to tell you that, not only can you Gary, but I’m also gonna inspire you on why and  how wearing a coat with ears will change your life. That’s right. I said it. Wearing a SpiritHoods coat with ears  will change your life. Is that a bold statement? Maybe. But read on and let’s see if I can’t convince you. If I can’t, I will give you ONE BILLION DOLLARS. I’m joking. I can’t do that. That would be ridiculous. 

    First, it goes without saying that those of you who support faux fur and not real fur are the real fashionistas. And we, as well as our planet’s beautiful furry creatures, thank you for choosing to strut the streets in our super soft, whimsical and totally cruelty-free furs. The world is better off with you in it. So throw on your SpiritHoods and stand proud. We see you. 

    SpiritHoods Top 10 Best selling Coats with Ears

    And now that I got that out of the way, I’m gonna tell you about our top ten best selling hooded coats with ears. And if you’re on the lookout fur something clawesome, we got you covered. But I do want to be honest, our ears will not make you hear better. They don’t really work on picking up sound. Which would actually probably be super helpful, because when you wear one of these coats you  will be getting a ton of compliments, so the extra ears would definitely help in hearing all the incoming praise that will be happening. But we just felt it was important to be honest. Our ears can’t hear. But they do look spectacular. 

    Side note, feel free to use that as a charming pick up line when you’re talking to all the purr-ty cougars or hungry wolves out there. When spotting a potential mate out in the wild, simply say “Did you say something? It may look like I have big ears to hear you with, but they’re just for show.” And the object of your fancy will either want to gopher a drink with you or leave you owl by yourself. 

    As mentioned above, wearing a SpiritHoods coat with ears will, without a doubt, be a talking point wherever you go. So if you’re looking to blend in like a wallflower, don’t wear one of these. But if you’re ready to be bold and fearless, we love these coats. All of them come in women’s and men’s sizes. Just be prepared to let your inner animal out to play.

    The Grey Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    For the classic man (or woman) we love the Grey Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat. In the wild, wolves are known as fiercely loyal, highly intelligent, and excellent communicators. If this describes you (or you would like to embody these qualities) then this is the coat for you. When you slip it on, you can’t help but feel its power and quiet confidence. Its elegant beauty is accentuated with gorgeous custom wolf face buttons and a large secret stash zipper pocket in the silky black lining. You don’t have to do anything when you wear this coat. Just stand there and look really really good.

    Midnight Wolf Purple Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    For the extremely refined and highly elegant person with extraordinary taste that recognizes the finer things in life, we can’t get enough of our Midnight Wolf Purple Faux Fur Coat. This isn’t just any faux fur. 

    This is Tissavel. 

    That’s right. Say it with me. Tiss. A. Vel. 

    Feel how it just rolls off your tongue. Kinda makes you feel badass, right? Well that’s exactly what Tissavel is. It’s the baddest of asses of all the faux fur materials. It is our softest coat we have. Don’t believe me? Buy one and find out fur yourself. The only problem you will have is never wanting to take it off. Plus the color is GORGEOUS. Be prepared to have everyone stare at you. And want to touch you. But remember, you’re a badass. So whatever you say, goes. 

    The Arctic Fox Classic Faux Fur Coat - Men's | Women's

    What did the fox say? A question that continues to be asked, but never truly answered. If we were to guess, we’d imagine the fox said “This cozy faux fur coat has all the same beauty and mischievous playfulness that me and my skulk possess.” FYI- a skulk is the word for a group of foxes. Something that I did not know until I wrote this article. SpiritHoods is upping my IQ on the daily. And wearing this coat may not necessarily up your IQ, but it will up your style.

    Black Panther Classic Faux Fur Coat - Men's | Women's

    This sleek and luxurious black panther coat is just as mysterious as the person who puts it on. The gorgeous custom buttons and velvety faux fur make this piece timeless and something to be worn for years to come. While wearing this coat, you will command massive amounts of attention and eye gazing. Consider yourself warned all you panthers and pantheresses out there. 

    Rainbow Bear Classic Collector Edition Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    We see you. All you bright and magical rainbow souls out there. And SpiritHoods has the perfect faux fur to match your inner kaleidoscope of joy and delight. Slip on our rainbow bear faux fur and let its power take over by reflecting all your inner jollity and happiness out into the world. But wait, can a coat really do that? Yes, it can. Have you seen it? It’s hard to be in a bad mood wearing this faux fur. Don’t believe us? Test it out yourself. It's cheaper than therapy. Full disclaimer, don’t stop therapy. Just consider this coat a supplement. 

    Red Velvet Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat - Men's | Women's

    A red velvet wolf classic faux fur coat. Say that three times really fast. It’s complete with beautiful wolf face buttons and a sleek black logo liner. It kinda just speaks for itself. It’s slick. It’s soft. It’s sexy. It’s red. Enough said. 

    Just don’t let anyone eat you. Unless that’s your thing. 

    Cotton Candy Bear Classic Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    This coat makes me happy. Even just the name of it makes me smile. I love cotton candy and I love bears. Put them together and it makes me just want to trollop down a trail in an imaginary world of sweet deliciousness. I just HAD to try on this pink and blue confection of a coat when I visited our warehouse. And it made me feel EXACTLY how I thought it would. Like everything is gonna be okay. Deep exhale.

    Baby Snow Leopard Classic Long Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    The other coat that I simply HAD to try on was the classic baby snow leopard long coat. There weren’t enough mirrors for me to take in my inner Queen that was shining through. I can’t remember a time when I felt so regal, so posh, so majestic. This coat is a true statement piece. Of course, it comes with the beautiful leopard face buttons that are a classic SpiritHoods trademark. The sleek ivory snakeskin lining is elegant and refined. Once I pulled the hood with ears over my head, there was absolutely no need for a crown. This coat is the jewel itself. 

    Flamingo Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat - Men's | Women's

    Everyone is pretty in pink when they wear the flamingo wolf faux fur. This coat is so soft and cozy and has a perfect hue. We love how inviting and playful this garment is. We bet that you will inspire others to be bold enough to wear the color. Because after all, who DOESN’T want to wear pink? 


    Neon Disco Cat Classic Faux Fur Coat - Women's | Men's

    Have you ever seen a neon-colored cat playing disco music? And I’m not talking about your seventy-year-old aunt dancing “the hustle” at your cousin’s wedding. I’m talking about an actual neon disco cat. Chances are, you’ve never seen one. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. Just put this colorful and bright number on and close your eyes. There it is. In your mind. That neon disco cat. How great do you look and feel? Really great. Now go stand under a black light and open your eyes. You’re glowing! That’s right! Our neon GLOWS under UV Blacklight. Come to think of it, your aunt would probably look like a badass dancing in this coat

    We invite you (and your aunt) to be playful this season and try one of these coats with ears. If you’re anything like me and live in sweatpants, these coats up my game big time. Just throwing one on over whatever I’m wearing, instantly elevates my look and turns heads. Even if I haven’t showered in 3 days, I’m STILL slaying the fashion game wearing one of my SpiritHoods Fur Free Furs. They are always conversation starters and inspire others to be bold and fearless with their fashion choices as well. I love wearing my SpiritHoods and watching the smiles they elicit. 

    We encourage you to cozy up in a hooded coat with ears and spread a little joy too.  Let us know which of these coats I mentioned is your favorite. We always love hearing from you!

    We love seeing pictures of how you put together your SpiritHoods looks. Make sure to send us pictures of yourself in your favorite faux fur Classic Coats with ears so we can feature YOU! #SpiritHoods & @SpiritHoods to be Featured.

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