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  • Animal Pillar Candles: Everything You Need To Know

    April 12, 2024 3 min read

    Animal Pillar Candles: Everything You Need To Know

    Ahhhhhh candles. 

    Ahhhhhh wax statues. 

    To light or not to light.  That is the question. 

    And herein lies my conundrum.

    I recently got to try out one of SpiritHoods’ latest additions, pillar candles. When I saw them all spread out I couldn't help but get excited. They are even more gorgeous and detailed in person than in the pictures. A wax menagerie sat majestically before me, a wolf, bunny, cobra, jaguar, owl, and a raven. It was so hard to decide who was coming home with me. 

    Finally I made my selection and I brought home the Jaguar. After several attempts to make sure that I placed my candle in the perfect spot, I decided she was to sit on my desk, perched up on a pile of books, looking down on me. Watching. Observing. Judging. Wait. What? She’s judging? Should I have chosen the raven? Would the raven judge me? See my inner thoughts? No. Stop brain. That’s just me. The jaguar is most certainly not judging me. I’m either projecting or I'm spending way too much time alone in my apartment writing.

    Back to what I was saying.

    My stunning jaguar pillar looks so regal and tall (she stands at 10.5 inches) gracefully placed on my desk. Like a piece of art. An elegantly crafted wax monolith. Her rich black color fits perfectly with my decor and I love how statuesque her presence is, demanding that I take quick glances at her every few minutes and admire her beauty. 

    And then I got the thought. 

    I want to light her and see what she looks like all aglow.

    But should I? I don’t want her to melt and then my new found piece of art is gone. 

    Maybe I’ll just light her for a few minutes to give her a bit of a worn in look. So she’s not so perfect. You know, like me. 

    So I grabbed my lighter and I set my feline aflame. 

    I burned her for about an hour and the glow was perfection. She resembled a jungle queen with a warm halo flickering above her. 

    Now, I’m not gonna tell you what to do with your SpiritHoods’ animal pillars, BUT like anything in my life, I try to find balance. So for me, once in a while I may just light her up and enjoy her glimmer, and the rest of the time, I'd rather enjoy her perched up and looking down on me judging- er I mean  watching  me while I write. 

    And if you do choose to light yours, you can feel peaceful from the glow but also peaceful knowing that they are 100%  soy wax for a slow clean burn. They are handmade in Canada with sustainably sourced ingredients, including  food grade paraffin and  lead-free cotton wicks. They are  100% vegan and cruelty-free. 

    And normally I light candles to cover the horrible smell of my cat’s poops and my dog's farts, but these candles are fragrance free. So light your other fragrance candles or survive as a mouth breather.

    Now if you  do  light your gorgeous animal pillar candles, I need you to ABSOLUTELY without a doubt, follow these guidelines below.

    1. The Perfect Spot: Always place your candle on a flat, heat-safe surface. This not only protects your furniture but also ensures the candle burns evenly (Pillar candle wax will melt into a pool of wax, so be sure you burn the candle in a heat safe tray to catch the wax)

    2. Time it Right: Enjoy the glow of your candle in measured moments. Do NOT burn continuously for more than 1 hour, as giving your candle a rest ensures a longer lifespan and enhances safety.

    3. Wick Wisdom: Before lighting, trim the wick to 1/4". This small act of care prevents soot build-up and ensures a cleaner burn.

    4. Safe Spaces: Keep candles out of reach of children and pets to prevent accidents and ensure a peaceful ambiance.

    5. Vigilant Vigil: A burning candle should never be left unattended. Ensure you’re always around to keep an eye on its gentle flame.

    6. Take a Deep Breath: Inhale slowly and exhale even slower and make sure to CALM THE F$*% DOWN.

    I’m already feeling more serene. And I have the perfect place for the next addition to my wax gallery. I’m a simple gal. I only want to be surrounded by pretty things that make me happy.


    Sorry. Deep breaths. In and out. In and out. 

    Oh! And if you choose the rabbit, owl, wolf, or cobra pillar candle, check out my blogs about animal guides. 

    We want to see where you placed your candles. Tag us on all your socials @Spirithoods


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