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  • The Best Festival Fashion For Women

    April 11, 2024 14 min read

    The Best Festival Fashion For Women

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    If you’re anything like me, you just want money for Kreation amaze bowls, concert tickets and clothes. I wanted to add  Erewhon in there, but I was afraid that would make me sound too LA. But if you’re listening God, Erewhon money would be much appreciated. K? Thanks. And just like Kourtney K to the I. A. and N, I will never turn down a  Karma Cookie. Or two. Or three. 

    Even though I am currently eating the  Jungle bowl from Kreation while I’m writing, this blog  isn’t  about food. It’s about music festivals and how to look really cute going to them. It’s just once I started talking about what I wanted to spend my money on, it made sense to tie all them together. And sometimes that’s just how my brain works. One thought leads to another and then suddenly I’m down a completely different path. As I get older I’ve learned to embrace my tangential way of being, because eventually all the paths lead me back to where I was going. And to be honest, sometimes it’s just fun to veer off. 

    Which leads me back to the point of this article. To provide you, my lovely reader, with some of my favorite picks for music festival fashion.  I read on a Pinterest blog recently that women who spend a lot of time shopping live longer and are less prone to depression. Which made me feel really good about myself and my future. And I hope that little fact helped you just as much as it helped me validate my spending habits. So thank you Pinterest! There it is. Another tangent. However, I felt that lil’ tidbit was important. 

    Music festivals have been around since the dawn of time. I’ll spare you the history lesson in this blog so we can get right to the good stuff, which is how to look great attending them. But…if you feel like taking out your notepads, check out my blog on The Best Men’s Festival Wear  where I go into detail about the history of festivals. 

    Taylor Swift said “Happiness and confidence are the prettiest things you can wear.” And whilst I agree with her (yes, I’m a Swiftie) I put together a list of the  other things that you can wear that are ALSO really pretty. 

    Now I wouldn’t be me if my list wasn’t comprised of choices that align with my values. I rather enjoy being alive and getting to do all the things I love. So I do my small little part in making that possible. I avoid fast fashion and try to make purchases that benefit the planet as well as the people who make the lovely things I buy. 

    So much of the world’s clothing ends up in a landfill somewhere. And much of that is attributed to overproduction. In fact, it blew my mind when I read that 10-45% of  all clothes are never even sold! And a shocking  93% of brands  aren’t paying garment workers a living wage. 

    Once that sunk in for me, it became clear (for me) that I wanted to have an awareness around my purchases. And to spend my hard earned dollars on companies that were making their little corner of the world a better place to live in. 

    So grab a snack or another cup of coffee, cuz I’m not gonna lie, I have a long list and I’m pretty pleased with my selections. And hopefully, I'm able to introduce you to some amazing businesses that you’ve never heard of.  

    Actually, give me two minutes while I make another latte. Cuz words can not espresso what this blog beans to me. Yeah, that was bad. But I’m keeping it in anyways. Sometimes a girl has to amuse herself.

    Okay. I’m back. I’m drinking my delicious almond milk latte and arranging the order of how I want to present these to you.

    Let’s start with dresses! My other favorite clothing item besides sweats. Believe it or not I may have even more dresses than sweats. It’s just that I have less opportunities to wear them than I do my cozy sweatsuits. But if my NBB (non boyfriend boyfriend) reads this, maybe he’ll get the hint and take me somewhere so I can show off one of my pretty little numbers. And if not, I’ll take myself out! Cuz I’ve been told I’m a pretty great date. 


    “Say you’ll remember me, standing in a nice dress, staring at the sunset, babe.” - Taylor Swift, Wildest Dreams from her fifth studio album, ‘1989’ released in 2014. 

    Spell Clothing

    The Sienna Strappy Maxi Dress in Clay

    This dress is the answer to all my hippie dreams. The fitted quilt top and cascading bottom makes me want to just twirl in the desert outside to my favorite song. Made out of  100% LENZING™ ECOVERO™ Viscose, the flow of this dress is heavenly. And you can feel great about shopping with this Australian company.  Since 2017 they have made over a million dollars in donations and they run their company based on three key sustainability pillars: People, Planet, Prosperity. They are carbon neutral, sustainably minded and forward-thinking. They design with materials that are regenerative and renewable. And for sure this dress is a piece to be enjoyed and worn for years.


    My Violet

    Dear Diary Slip Dress in Pink 

    My inner teenager came out when I saw the dresses on this website. All I need is a unicorn to jump on to and ride along a candy rainbow in the sky with ice cream clouds and gummy stars. This adorable pink dress is made from 95% viscose and has a jersey feel. Perfect for very long festival days where you'll be dancing the day (and night) away. It makes being comfy look oh so cute! 

    My Violet is an online boutique dedicated to the dreamy world of pastel. They are 100% female owned and operated in Los Angeles, California. They are not a drop shipping company, each one of their orders is packed by love (and human hands) from LA and sent directly to you. 



    The Nyx Lace Maxi Dress

    My Violet also has a sister company  FOXBLOOD: “The one stop shop for the dark mind and kind heart.” (their words not mine) If you’re in LA check out their storefront on Melrose Avenue. And for all my fellow New Englanders, check out their store in Salem, Massachusetts.

    This black lace maxi dress is the perfect layering piece for all your festival outings. They specialize in high quality, vegan, earth friendly, and inclusively-sized fashion. And give back to organizations like the Los Angeles LGBT Center,  Orphan Kitten Club, Trans Lifeline, National Network of Abortion Funds, #HappyPeriod to name a few. Could this gaggle of witches be any cooler?

    For Love And Lemons

    The Baela Corset Mini Dress 

    This dress makes me channel my inner Lana Del Rey. I’m obsessed with the romantic corset style, delicate rosebud print, and eyelet fabric. And if that’s not enough, it’s made out of 100% cotton and recycled polyester. And the origin story of two 11 year old friends selling lemonade in a small Wyoming town, blossoming into a lifelong friendship and business partnership is the stuff movies are made from. For Love & Lemons is 100% women-led and give back to multiple organizations including, Global Fund For Women, Planned Parenthood, Mothers2Mothers, Trans Women of Color Collective, One Tree Planted, FeedingAmerica, and many more! Check out their website for additional info.


    100% Washable Silk Slip Dress

    I love how easy this dress is. It’s machine washable silk, so no worries about sweating and getting dirty. Just toss in the washer when the festival is over and it’s good as new. And the celestial blue color is striking. I mean who doesn’t look fantastic in jewel tones??? Quince’s mission is to challenge the idea that nice things have to cost a lot. They aim to create products that rival leading luxury brands at a much lower price point. They partner with factories that have a commitment to responsible production; paying workers fairly and doing their best to produce pieces in a way that reduces damage to the environment. 


    Lady Jane Sequins

    The Mirrorball Silver Booty Sequin Bodysuit 

    Any other Swifties out there? Can we all just get one of these and have a sing along together? The beaded fringe and individually hand sewn sequins are the simple things my dreams are made of. And only a former circus performer would know how to craft this sparkly slice of perfection. Lady Jane Sequins is a small run ethical business that believes in sustainability and good working practices. They pay above average wages and value honesty and transparency. And they make the most magical and shiny bodysuits I’ve ever seen. 


    Pink Zebra cut out back burnout velvet bodysuit 

    Don’t worry! OF COURSE I was gonna have one of our new bodysuits on my list! I was one of the lucky first to get to try on this gorgeous pink zebra burnout velvet bodysuit. The color is captivating and I just absolutely love the cut out in the back. It’s the perfect blend of sexy and pretty to take you from day to night festival going. You’ll be known as everyone’s pink crush this year. And forget about what Regina George said… during festival season, we’ll be wearing pink on Saturdays and Sundays too. It's no longer just reserved for Wednesdays. Cuz for me, as long as pink exists, the world will be okay. And as you all know, SpiritHoods gives back 10% of it’s net profits to saving endangered animals and their habitats. So you can always feel good about shopping with us. 

    The Heady Mama Wook Shop 

    The Emerald Aura Flowsuit

    This bodysuit is like wearing a piece of intricate art. Each piece is handmade and braided, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time for turn around. The cutouts are flattering and feminine. Check out her site on Etsy for various styles and colors. I may or may not have put a few in my shopping cart. 


    Spell Clothing

    Crocheted Lace Bell Bottoms 

    I had such a hard time only mentioning one piece from Spell Clothing. These 100% Organic Cotton unlined bottoms are so beautiful. They have a fitted waist with an invisible zipper in the back. They’re perfect for wearing over a bikini or cute colorful bottoms. Choose from cream or chocolate. And honestly I can’t decide which color I like better. And to complete the look, pair with a matching top in either long sleeves or sleeveless. 

    Love Khaos


    There it is again. Pink. The color that is making me have all the feels this Spring. And I LOVE the corset style lace up back. The high waist and spandex is super flattering on all body types. Complete the set with matching  Ooh La La Crop Top. Also available in  Jungle Cat, a holographic purple leopard print. I love this company. I wrote about them in  the men’s blog. I think they’re wild and fun and I can spot a kindred spirit from a mile away. Their clothes are ethically handmade and 100% carbon neutral. Each year they commit to donating a minimum of 1% of their profits to the planet and at least another 1% of profits to people. Oh, AND they have their clothing categorized by specific music festivals. Obsessed with ANYTHING that organized. 


    The Marley shorts

    As they say on their website “Being naked is the #1 most sustainable option. We’re #2. And I think if you’re gonna go with option #2, these adorable crocheted lace bottom shorts are an excellent choice. They are a lightweight voile fabric made with 50% Organically Grown Cotton, 50% ECOVERO™ Viscose. Reformation is a company that is so committed to sustainability and being Climate Positive, that by 2025 they vow to source fabrics that are from 100% recycled, regenerative, or renewable materials.



    Cabaret Corset

    I’m loving lace, and corsets, and ruffles, and everything feminine this season. And this sexy black lace top with the corset bodice and sweet ruffled bottom captures all of the feels. This top will take you literally anywhere you want to go and will be a staple long after the festival is over. Dress up with a skirt, or down with a pair of jean cut offs. And if you want to get away from black, it comes in ivory and crimson as well. Rumored is 100% female- founded, owned, and operated. All their factories have been carefully chosen and guarantee quality as well as ethical working practices. They pay their employees fair wages and a positive workspace. 

    Renaissance Corset top

    And just because I love them so much and couldn’t decide which top was my favorite, I added the  Renaissance Corset top in metallic green in here as well. Sexy AND romantic. Just like me. Right NBB? NBB? You there? 


    The Zoi Corset Top in Luna

    This top is perfection. And a piece that can be worn year round. It is  100% cotton and features a scallop cup and hem with 100% cotton trim. They say everything is in the details and Bydee abides by that. Each top is finished with Agapi Letter Charm at front. The Letter Charm features “αγάπη’ meaning ‘Love’ in Greek, complete with a dainty chain-dropped rose. This top will go nicely with literally probably anything you own, but if you want to make it a set, pair it with the Lena Skirt in Luna. Since March 2019, Bydee has made a conscious effort to be a plastic free brand. All their orders are sent out in mailer bags made from 100% biodegradable and compostable materials and they have partnered with ethical manufacturers to receive all shipments plastic free. And they produce collections in limited runs to meet demand and reduce excess. 

    The Natural Life

    Boho Bandeau

    This can be anything you want it to be. I love it as a top, but use it as a headband, or a scarf. It’s convenient and perfect for layering. This mother daughter run business makes their clothing in Florida and gives back to organizations like Jack Mental Health Advocacy, a non profit geared towards helping anxiety and OCD sufferers and their families, Renewing Dignity  an organization that provides period products to women and girls in Northeast Florida who can’t afford them, H.E.A.L helping those who are affected by Autism, Girl Talk, a peer mentoring program that empowers the lives of young girls where high School girls walk middle school girls through the problems that they may face. 

    Mata Trader 

    Theodora Blouse in Birch Blossom

    100% cotton hand dyed smock top. Each one of their tops are  printed by hand using traditional techniques. This romantic top gives me Shakespearean vibes straight out of The Tempest. Which yours truly starred in when she was in sixth grade. Not to brag or anything, but I was pretty great. The whole school saw big plans for me back then. Big plans. Big ones. Anyhoo…about Mata Trader…they’re celebrating  their 15th year of Fair Trade Federation membership and continue to bring consumers beautiful handmade and sustainable products. And I continue to perform Shakespeare. In my living room. For my cats. 



    Cotton Flower Clothing  

    Back to Etsy. One of my happy places. This long  tiered pocket skirt made out of all natural cotton gauze fiber is hand dyed and has a flexible elastic waistband for any dancing, or twirling, or frolicking, or rollicking, or any of the other “ingings” that you may be doING at your festival of choice this year! Pair it with this wrap as your top and make it a matching set.

    Karma Nepal Crafts

    This women owned and operated small business makes all their garments by hand. Check out their site for so many fun and flowy boho inspired pieces. I love this set with its vibrant pink color (yup, I’m totally loving pink right now) It’s beautiful and romantic and crafted from handmade recycled silk. 


    Will’s Vegan Store

    Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots

    You’ve heard of Chelsea boots, but have you heard of Chelsea boots made out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? Okay maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, BUT they are created out of Italian leather made from plants using bio oil sourced organic CEREAL crops in a carbon neutral process. Maybe that’s why they’re called the Luxe Smart Chelsea Boots. Cuz that’s pretty friggin’ genius if you ask me. 


    Lucky High Top Vegan Leather Western Boots

    In my dreams I’m at the Stage Coach music festival. And I’m wearing the cutest jean cut off shorts with a corset top and these Vegan Silver boots. Post Malone takes the stage right after I lost my voice singing along with Miranda Lambert. Suddenly there’s a tap on my shoulder. Is that the cowboy of my dreams? I turn around. It’s my NBB (Non Boyfriend Boyfriend in case you don’t know that by now). No, wait. It’s a cowboy. No wait. It’s my NBB. No, wait. It’s a cowboy. No wait. It’s my NBB. No, wait. It’s a cowboy. No wait. It’s my NBB. See my predicament? Anyway…these boots AREN’T a dream. Unlike my NBB they can commit. To your feet. All you have to do is hit "purchase." They are breathable and water resistant and are created out of apple skins. APPLE. SKINS. The people at Good Guys Go Vegan figured out how to make these super cool boots from the mushy pulp waste  recovered from the fruit juice industry that would otherwise be thrown out! And my NBB can’t figure out a way to commit? Maybe I’ll date these boots. 



    For Days

    Tito Rectangle Sunglasses in Lily

    These glasses come in four great shades; black, white, lily, and pine. The shape is flattering and they look way more expensive than their $65 price tag. For Days has a pretty basic mission. It’s to keep stuff out of the landfills. They have a cool “take back” program, where you can send back your unused unwanted clothing and they will send you a credit towards your favorite brands.



    Autumn Adeigbo

    Selma Ruffle Headband 

    I love this headband so much. It gives me strong, powerful, radiant, fun and flirty vibes. Whoops. I just realized I was describing myself. That's embarrassing. Autumn Adeigbo is a black female business owner, and is devoted to positively impacting the lives of women across cultures by utilizing female-owned production facilities in the U.S., and providing global artisans with meaningful employment and fair wages. She produces only what is ordered to help minimize waste.



    Lace Bow Choker 

    This partnership with Arden Rose makes me feel like I’m about to enter a picturesque romance novel that I never want to stop reading. The lace, black satin ribbon, and adorable silver bow charm sit delicately around your neck. 

    Harper Sage

    Daisy Beaded Necklace 

    When I was in third grade, my friend Keisha and I would spend afternoons making beaded friendship jewelry. And this adorable daisy beaded necklace is giving me all the feels. It’s handmade with lots of love in Austin, Texas. They employ only women and support causes like human trafficking

    Festival Necklace

    This necklace speaks for itself. It doesn't need me to say anything for it. Other than,  "You will be the festival Queen for sure wearing this."

    Hair bows


    What’s prettier than a hair bow? Go on. Tell me. Nothing. And how pretty are these handmade ones? 


    Okay. Well maybe, just maybe these floral crowns are as pretty as a hair bow. They are all handmade to order. And I love this one with its beautiful spring colors and satin ribbons. Be sure to check out her page for festival inspired jewelry and headpieces. Everything on there is gorgeous. Choose from simple floral headbands to more intricate gold and jeweled pieces.


    Honorable mentions 

    And I just had to throw in a few honorable mentions that are doing some seriously amazing things by giving back to much needed organizations. Thank you to all these businesses for doing what you do. 

    Change The World By How You Shop- is a great guide that lists brands that are ethical and fair.

    Purpose- this company employs women that have escaped human trafficking and help them find economic freedom. 

    GLDN- They use recycled materials, made to order and they give back 10% of their profits to organizations that empower others.

    Cloud Haven- Gives back to animals in need by supporting neglected and abused pets in need of medical care.

    Kind Karma Company- Employs homeless and at risk youth and gives them a chance to grow artistically, while helping them reach their goals.

    Fetch Eye Wear - Every dollar spent on your new frames goes to animal rescue .


    And of course, you can always shop for recycled clothing! There are so many great ones out there. But here are a few of my faves. 

    Tunnel Vision

    Pre-owned Reformation jeans from Vestiaire Collective

    Levi’s Secondhand

    Preloved Christy Dawn Clothing

    And remember, life is short, so  buy the damn festival tickets!

    Oh! And have fun. Cuz stress doesn’t really go with ANY of the cute pieces I just mentioned.

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