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  • Sequins: The Ultimate Party Outfit!

    December 07, 2023 6 min read

    Sequins: The Ultimate Party Outfit!

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    The Howliday's are right around the corner, so I thought it would be fitting to write about something that makes me smile to help me get in the spirit. 


    Since I was 10, there has been no amount of sequins that can satisfy this junkie. I am, and always have been, a sucker for all things sparkly. 

    Jewelry, costumes, and my boyfriend’s eyes (okay maybe that’s a little sappy…BUT, hey! I’m trying to get in the mood here people). 

    I get lost in anything that shines. Something takes over me and it’s like I get hypnotized and enter this portal of glittery delight. I’m instantly transported into a world of beauty and glee. My joy meter reads off the charts and all I want to do is rejoice. Don’t believe me, dangle anything that twinkles in front of me and my inner child bursts with elation. 

    I was lucky enough to have cool grandparents that introduced me to drag queens when I was a child. The hair, the nails, and the sequins! I was under these gorgeous goddesses’ spells from the moment I saw them. When I grew up, I was gonna be just like them…big hair, dripping with jewels and sequined adorned dresses. 

    Well, I grew up and becoming a drag queen was no longer an option for me. But that childlike wonderment has never left me. She’s always just waiting inside. Waiting for the moment when I see a garment that shimmers and shines. And once I lock eyes with it, she comes screaming out, wanting to play. There's nothing that can stop me. I won’t be satisfied until I try on the dazzling number and stare at myself in the mirror. And suddenly, I’m living in a world where I am the most beautiful of them all. Just like those gorgeous queens walking the streets in Provincetown that I first saw so many years ago. 

    And me and my inner child aren’t the only ones who have a fascination for sparkle. People have been captivated with showy accouterments for centuries. 


    Sequins have a long history, dating back to ancient civilizations. There are traces of small metallic discs, aka spangles (a cool new word that I’m gonna use all the time by the way), used to decorate garments during ancient Egyptian times. These  spangles  were made out of real gold and silver and were primarily used in royal and ceremonial attire. 

    During Medieval times and the Middle Ages, sequins were used to embellish clothing and commonly made from metal, pearls and other precious materials. 

    Once the Renaissance period happened, people were more often wearing clothing that was adorned with intricate designs and jewels. Fashion was becoming more flashy and ornate. It was a time where people were celebrating coming out of the dark ages and their clothing reflected that sentiment. 

    Sequins started to become more affordable during the 18th and 19th Centuries due to using materials like brass. And women’s gowns and headdresses were often adorned to add a bit of opulence.

    There was a significant shift in the production of sequins during the 20th Century. They were becoming more affordable as lightweight materials were used in the making of them. And suddenly there was a surge in popularity during the Jazz Age and the Roaring Twenties. People were celebrating and going out more and their clothes expressed the attitude of the times. 

    And then with the rise of the Hollywood glamour age, sequins became all the rage. And everyone, everywhere wanted to shine.

    Which brings us to today! You don’t have to be a Hollywood starlet from a long lost era to enjoy the glitter and glisten of sequins. We all get to step into a world of playful sparkle and dress in dazzling garb. 

    SpiritHoods Sequined Robes

    So you can imagine what happened to me when I got to try on all of the sparkly gorgeousness at the SpiritHoods’ warehouse. My heart skipped a gazillion beats and tearing myself away from the mirror proved impossible.  


    Okay this robe is serious. It feels high couture with its all black faux fur and black sparkly sequins. The luxury of this piece is evident the moment you slip it on.  It has a mysterious chic to it and compliments anything that anyone wears. If you’re like me and wait until the last second to get ready, the Sequin Black Panther Style Robe is perfect. I can literally throw my hair in a pony and pull this on over whatever I’m already wearing, and it's instant glamour. The faux fur is soft and has a glowing luster and the lining is a sleek black material complete with the SpiritHoods logo. This robe will be a piece that you come back to over and over again for years. It’s classic and timeless. And the hood with ears adds a whimsical touch. 



    This robe screams fun! It is an ultra soft faux fur in a wild leopard print embellished with clear faux crocodile scales. The light just BOUNCES off this garment. This robe is the ultimate statement piece. You could literally be naked underneath and no one would even notice because they would just be staring at the awesome shiny spectacular leopardness in front of them. It is soft and cozy,  but oh so  captivating, making it the perfect piece for a winter’s night out. Or let's be honest, to lounge around and binge watch Netflix. Because sometimes, I just wanna look fabulous for my cats while I lay on the couch and watch The Great British Baking Show. And I see  absolutely  nothing wrong with that. 


    If you’re looking for something without ears, this kimono is STUNNING. It’s a soft teal velvet with sparkly iridescent sequins. This is an elegant and flowy piece that can be worn year round. Throw it over your look for a cool summer evening out and watch everyone stare as you look like a mermaid, merman or merperson coming out of the ocean. The firefly kimono is currently sold out because of its popularity, but fret not! It’s coming back in the new year, 2024! Just in time for all your spring and summer festivities. 


    Rihanna said it best….”Shine bright like a diamond.” And as soon as I slipped on the iridescent sequin wolf classic collector edition faux fur style robe (yup, that’s a mouthful), I could see and feel exactly what she was singing about. 

    Wearing sequins is magical. I felt regal AND beautiful AND happy AND I SPARKLED! This robe is made with high quality lush white faux fur and COVERED in iridescent sequins. Literally THOUSANDS of sequins. I legit looked like a diamond from head to toe. All I could do was twirl. And depending upon how the light hit me, the sparkly color shimmered so many beautiful glittery pastel colors. I had to refrain myself from bursting out the hit song “Let It Go” from “Frozen.” Because nothing seemed to bother me. Everything just melted away and for a few moments I was mesmerized by my glimmering reflection.  

    This robe is going to be my go-to-holiday piece for all my festive winter wonderland soirees. No matter what I wear, this robe will infinitely elevate my look. It won’t even matter what I wear underneath, this soft and elegant piece will no doubt be a showstopper. And I intend to shimmer and dazzle the nights away. Just me and my luminescent self. And of course all the people swarming me asking if they can try it on for a selfie.


    Remember to treat these robes with care. They respond best to spot washing, but if needed, you can turn them inside out and hand wash with cold water. Simply hang dry away from heat and direct sunlight. With proper care you can enjoy all your sparkly SpiritHoods robes for many years to come. 


    And as always, please share the looks you put together with our sequin robes @SpiritHoods. We would love to feature you and all your sparklin' adventures!

    Inspire others and show off your radiant gleaming self. You know you want to.

    Wink wink.


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