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  • Keychain Bunnies: The Perfect Accessory for Every Bag!

    December 13, 2023 4 min read

    Keychain Bunnies: The Perfect Accessory for Every Bag!

    I’m not gonna lie. 

    Nope not gonna do it. 

    I don’t want my pants to catch on fire. 

    And I certainly don’t want my nose to grow. 

    I ain’t no Pinocchio. 

    So, I’m gonna tell the truth. 

    Here it goes. 

    This is the second article that was inspired by one of our customer reviews. And even though I’m a writer, it’s been proven to me over the past few days that I’m just NOT as poetic as some of our SpiritHoods customers. 

    But hey, I’m not ashamed of it. Like my fellow Masshole, Samuel Adams said in the 18th Century, “Give credit where credit is due.” And you see what I just did? I gave him credit for saying that. Cuz I could have just said, “I’ll give credit where credit is due” and never mentioned who came up with that saying. But then that would be hypocritical of me, since the saying is all about giving credit where credit is due. And because I’m all about transparency, I came clean. So, thanks Sam for coming up with a really cool saying and for the beer that was inspired by your namesake. Oh!  And for signing the Declaration of Independence. All those things are really cool.

    At this point, you’re probably asking yourself, “exactly what does one of the country's founding fathers and cute little keychain bunnies have to do with each other?” 

    Absolutely nothing. Nada. They have zero things in common. 

    In fact, Sam Adams and his buddies didn’t need to carry keychains. They rode horses, not cars. And horses don’t have an ignition that you put a key into. So what would have been the point of carrying keychains back then if they weren’t gonna use them to put keys on? Well, I’m here to tell you that the point would have been pure style. Sure, keychains are used to carry keys, but that’s not their  only purpose. They’re also used to exhibit serious swagger. That’s right.

    And when I’m talking about keychains, I’m talking about our faux fur keychain bunnies. Are they soft and adorable AF? Yes. They're the softest and most adorable things ever. But after I saw the picture that one of our customers, Jon H. left on his review dated on the third day of the month of March in the year two thousand and twenty-three, I’m convinced that our keychain bunnies are effin’ BADASS. Jon H.’s review titled,  “Meh” poetically paints a picture of SpiritHoods' keychain bunnies. He writes,  “He smells like Valentino and feels like luxury. Midnight shadows absorb light but pink peeks and demands a double take.”  

    What Jon H. proves in his review is that our faux fur keychain bunnies aren’t just for carrying your keys. They can also elevate your style with one slide of a ring around your belt buckle. And speaking of belt buckles, he dons one of the sickest buckles I’ve ever seen, a beautiful gold skull in the vein of Dia De Los Muertos. Don’t believe me? Go check out his review and picture under our keychain bunnies. There he is. Last review on the first page. He chose a black bunnie and I think it suits him just  fiiiiiine. Could I ever be as cool as Jon H.? Hell no! But I’m gonna die trying. 

    Now I’m not leading you down Peter Cottontail’s trail to nowhere. These faux fur keychain bunnies hip and hop and bloop and blop all over the place. Our customers wear them, share them, and care for them. We love seeing them on your bags, your dashboards, and in cozy spots in your homes. And they come in so many colors from lavender, to green to blush to cotton candy. It’s gonna be hard to pick just one. And once you hold little Thumper in your hand and admire his cute floppy ears, your heart will melt and you’ll burst out in a spontaneous high shriek. Cute aggression is real. Trust me I know. Whenever I see something so cute, my brain’s coping mechanism kicks in to try to temper the onslaught of positive feelings that completely flood my body. And these SpiritHood faux fur keychain bunnies cause me to burst out in uncontrollable joy. That’s why I have one hanging from my laptop bag. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when I reach for my computer and see Rabbit DeNiro dangling there.

    And if that’s not enough of a sale’s pitch for ya…let me pull this knowledge out of my hat and tell you a bit about the majestic power of the bunny. If you are so lucky as to see a rabbit, or bunny in your dream, you have a positive outlook on life. Rabbits symbolize success, luck, abundance, and magical power. They also represent fertility and sexual activity…those frisky lil’ fellas know how to  get down. Around town. Like a clown. In a gown. Without a frown. You catch my drift.

    In mythology, Rabbits act as guides between Heaven, Earth, and The Underworld. And are often called upon to monitor Shamanic journeys. In other words they're pretty freakin’ badass with a capital B.

    Wherever life takes you and whatever road you travel down, when the opportunity presents you with something intriguing, perhaps you should follow in Alice’s footsteps and embrace the moment. See where that rabbit hole takes you. You just might find that this new journey may be the beginning of something magnificent. And if you want company along the way, we know a soft cuddly companion that you can take with you. 

    May your wild adventures begin hunny bunny. 

    That’s enough writing for me. I’m late! I’m late! For a very important date!

    And as always, tag us @SpiritHoods We would love to see you and your keychain bunny on all your fabulous excursions.

    And thank you to our customer Jon H. for your inspiring review. 


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