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March 14, 2024


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Spirit animals, also known as spirit guides, power animals, totem animals, and shadow totem animals is a belief found in various spiritual, cultural, and indigenous cultures worldwide. These guides are believed to embody specific qualities that reflect aspects of an individual’s personality, strengths, challenges and life path. They are messengers that come in the form of animals and serve as protectors. And by connecting with them, individuals may gain insight to their own self and receive help during difficult decision making and guidance during times of transition. During the course of your life, you may have many different spirit animals. They usually come during a time in your life when you need them the most. They can appear in the physical form or show up in your dreams, meditations, or in the form of pets. 

The concept of animal guides is one that needs to be approached with respect for the culture and traditions from which it originates. The interpretations vary greatly amongst cultures and individuals. These guides can serve as powerful and influential symbols of spiritual connection and personal growth. And many cultures believe that you do not choose your spirit animal. It’s not about which animal you like or prefer. It is often believed that your spirit animal chooses you.


With the ability to soar to heights up to 20, 000 feet, eagles symbolize freedom, independence, and the pursuit of liberty. If an eagle is revealing itself to you, perhaps it is a gentle nudge for you to break free from limitations and embrace your true self. Eagles can help encourage you to pursue your passion with a sense of autonomy. Eagles are known as the king of the sky because of their strength, courage, and resilience. If you’re facing challenges in your life, call upon the energy of the eagle to help support you through difficult times and overcome obstacles and challenges with grace and determination. They are a reminder to face our fears with confidence and that if we soar to new heights, there is nothing that we can’t accomplish. 

Eagles have had to adapt to survive for thousands of years. If you are seeing a bald eagle in real life, imagery, or your dreams, it could be a sign to make a change and try something different. Be bold enough to take contrary action and fly farther than you have before. The eagle is there to guide and support your adventures, help you pave new paths, soar out of your comfort zone, and try something new. The eagle may also be gently nudging you to let go of habits that are no longer serving you and to expand your view point. 


Eagles go through several transformations in their life. Their feathers molt and change color throughout childhood until they reach the adult phase of their life. Because of this great metamorphosis, they represent spiritual growth and rebirth and help you continuously evolve to find your true purpose in life. They have the ability to spot a rabbit 3 miles away and their eyesight is estimated to be four to eight times greater than humans. This is due to a higher density of photoreceptor cells and cone cells in their retinas. They are able to perceive fine details and detect subtle movements with exceptional clarity. Their field of view is 340 degrees, allowing them to look for prey from an infinite number of angles. Eagles also have a reflective layer behind the retina called the tapetum lucidum. This layer reflects light back through the retina and helps them have better night vision and increases their sensitivity to motion. 


People with eagle energy or who are inviting the eagle into their life as a spirit guide, may possess strong intuition and have a heightened sense of awareness and perception. Eagles are a reminder to look at life and our current circumstance from a broader perspective and to seek truth and clarity. 


Call in the eagle when you are stuck in a situation and have a limited view on where you stand. The eagle will support you in getting out of your tunnel vision and guide you into looking at your problems from all different angles. They help us gain new insight into our lives and our surroundings and assist us to look beyond the surface and see the deeper meaning in all situations. 

They guide us on our spiritual journey by helping us expand our awareness and to go within and connect to our own inner wisdom and support us in aligning with our higher purpose. They are considered powerful protectors and are there to offer guidance and help navigate any challenges and uncertainty we may face.

If there is something new you want to try or explore, the eagle will help take you there. Their majestic presence inspires creativity and inspires us to pursue our dreams. Their keen eyesight helps them dive headfirst after their prey with no turning back, helping us too, to throw caution to the wind and go after what we want without fear or hesitation. 

Eagles remind us that wisdom comes with time. The bald eagle’s full crown of white feathers don’t come out completely until they reach full adulthood, serving as messengers that knowledge comes with experience. And to be patient wherever you are in your growth process. Each challenge brings us more awareness and maturity.


The symbolism of the eagle as your totem animal guide may vary based on your own individual beliefs, culture and experiences. If you feel a strong connection to them or they are often showing up in your waking life, meditations, or dreams, it may serve as a sign that the eagle is serving as your guide on your spiritual journey. It is important to let your intuition guide you into understanding how eagles may fit in your life and serve you. 

If the eagle is your totem animal, chances are you are a natural born leader. You have a strong spirit and are an extremely influential person. You hold yourself accountable and take responsibility for your actions. You are a true visionary and stand up for what you believe in. People naturally gravitate towards you because of your strength and inner wisdom. 

Eagles have incredible strength in their jaws and beaks and even though they are not very vocal, we can evoke the eagle spirit to help us find our voice and decide what to say and how to say it. They are also monogamous by nature and mate for life, so call upon the eagle to help you find a deep and connected partnership, or to strengthen the bond in the existing relationship that you’re in. Eagles represent taking the plunge and diving into the unknown of intimacy and to open your heart up and to trust. Set your relationship goals and then work towards them and let the eagle guide you along your sacred journey.


In ancient Egypt, eagles were a sign of royalty and divine power and Pharaohs would wear golden eagle amulets for strength and protection. 

In Roman mythology, the king of gods and the sky, Jupiter was often depicted with an eagle by his side or on his shield. 

In Greek mythology, Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity. As a punishment, Zeus cast Prometheus to a mountain top where an eagle would eat his liver every night subjecting him to eternal torment. Being immortal, Prometheus’ liver would regenerate, only to have it eaten again the following day. 

In Hindu and Buddhist mythology, the Garuda, which is a divine bird, is part eagle and part human. Garuda is associated with power, strength, and protection against evil. 

In Native American mythology, the thunderbird is depicted as an eagle-like bird and is an extremely powerful creature that is believed to control the upper world and bring rain and fertility with its wings. The eagle is associated with strength, power, wisdom, and freedom and represents the sun. The eagle’s ability to soar high in the sky was believed to be a direct connection to the heavens and is a symbol of divine protection and spiritual guidance. In some Native American cultures, seeing an eagle is a sign that someone is watching over and protecting you. 

In Mexican Folklore, the Aztecs were told to build their capital upon the very place that they witnessed an eagle devouring a snake on top of a cactus. This image is depicted on the Mexican National flag. 

In Christianity, the eagle represents resurrection and ascension due to its ability to soar to the heavens. The apostle John writes in the book of Revelation of a divine being that looks like an eagle surrounding the throne of God. 

In American history, the bald eagle is a National representation of the country symbolizing freedom and independence, the very things that embody the spirit of the nation. 



It’s important to remember that when interpreting dreams, what they mean is unique to each one of us. Pay close attention to how the dream made you feel. Did you feel anxiety, fear, or excitement? The emotions that you feel can help guide you into understanding what it is that your subconscious might be trying to tell you. Once you are able to identify your feelings and emotions in the dream, you can apply the different meanings that eagles have so that your conscious mind can make sense of it. How you interpret your dream, ultimately depends upon your personal association with eagles and the specific details of the dream. 

Dreaming about eagles may suggest the desire to break free and be independent or for power. Eagles also offer spiritual guidance, so pay attention and see how the dream makes you feel. Do you feel protected and supported? Do you have lofty goals? Dreaming of eagles may help you stay focused while you work on tasks that will help you reach your goal. 






Psychic abilities and Intuition

Higher Perspective 

Vision Quests


Latin Name:  Aquilae 

Size:  Anywhere between 2.1 feet and 3.4 feet depending upon the species

Weight: Anywhere between 6.5 pounds to 20 pounds depending upon the species

Ave Life Span: In the wild the average life span is  20 to 30 years. In captivity, they may live slightly longer, with some individuals reaching their 40s or even 50s.

Location: They are found on every continent except for Antarctica

Special Ability: Eagles have incredibly sharp vision, estimated to be four to eight times stronger than that of humans. 

Estimated Population: It is hard to determine an exact number of eagles in the world.

Endangered Status: Least concerned.

(SCALE: Least Concern→ Near Threatened→ Vulnerable→ Endangered→ Critically Endangered→ Extinct in the Wild→ Extinct)


In 2007,  the bald eagle was removed from the U.S. Endangered Species List and is now listed as a species of Least Concern by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

There are 68 species of eagles and most of them reside in Eurasia and Africa.

Eagles can soar up to 20, 000 feet. 

The fastest recorded speed for an eagle is upwards of 100 miles per hour.

The eagle on the back of the U.S. silver dollar was an actual eagle named Peter and took up residence at the U.S. Mint in the 1830s. 

Eagles have forward facing eyes like humans which enable them to have binocular vision. 

They have extremely strong talons and can lift prey that weighs several times their own body weight. 

The Griffin, a mythical creature, is half lion and half eagle. 

The eagle is considered the National bird in several countries. 

  1. The United States crowned the bald eagle its National bird in 1782.
  2. In Albania, the golden eagle is the symbol of the country and appears on the coat of arms, flag, and various other national emblems.
  3.  In Austria, the black eagle is the national bird and is featured on the coat of arms of the Austrian Federal Government. 
  4. The golden eagle is Mexico’s National bird and is featured on the country’s coat of arms as well as its National Flag. 
  5. The white tailed Eagle is the national bird of Poland and is featured on its country’s coat of arms. 
  6. The golden eagle is the national symbol of Germany.
  7. The steppe eagle is the national bird of Egypt and is depicted on its country’s coat of arms and National Flag
  8. The bald eagle is on the American Samoa National Flag
  9. The African fish eagle is depicted on Zambia’s National Flag.  

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