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    The belief in spirit animals, also known as animal guides, totem animals, spirit guides, and power animals is a concept in many indigenous cultures worldwide. It is believed that these animal guides assist individuals on their spiritual journey. 

    One may encounter many different spirit animal guides throughout their life and these guides may reveal themselves through dreams, daily images, or in the physical form. And often we do not choose our spirit animal, it oftentimes choses us. One's animal guide will show up when needed and provide insight in areas needed for growth.

    It is important to note that the concept of animal guides and spirit animals is discussed with the highest respect for the culture and traditions from which they originate.


    "A Fox Is A Wolf Who Sends Flowers" - Ruth Brown

    Are you ambitious and driven? Do you trust your gut and use your intuition when making decisions? Have you been described as cunning? Clever? Or crafty?

    If so, you may have the spirit of the fox within you.


    Foxes are considered good luck and a sign of intelligence, prosperity, and resilience in many cultures. They are fearless and can handle any situation in any environment. If you keep seeing foxes in your dreams or waking life, perhaps they are trying to encourage you to search for creative solutions to your problems and trust your intuition even more than you already do.

    Foxes are skillful, self-assured, and highly intelligent creatures. They are also mischievous, sensitive, and dynamic. And in the wild, they are typically shy and stick to themselves, even though they are curious and adaptable animals. Are you resourceful and able to survive in a multitude of environments? Are you able to navigate through extremely tricky situations? And have discretion in your personal life? If so, then the fox may be your spirit guide.

    Foxes are highly aware and move extremely quietly and stealthily. They are able to cleverly get the things they want and discreetly sneak up on you to do so. This is often why they get their reputation of being a trickster. And despite making the faintest of sounds while they are hunting for their prey, they are one of the loudest and most vocal of all creatures. There are disputes as to exactly how many, but I’ve read anywhere from 13-40 completely different vocalizations.

    So to answer the question, “What does the fox say?” I guess we'll never really know until we can agree on the number of sounds and what they all mean.


    Are you feeling stuck, rigid, or inflexible? Either in mind or body? If so, call upon the fox to help. Foxes are extremely agile creatures. Their quick nimbleness allows them to move around gracefully and their adaptability allows them to thrive in a variety of environments. They remind us to embrace change and let go of our fixed ways of being. Foxes are also extremely playful. They can help remind us to adopt the spirited and light-hearted nature they possess and tap into our childlike state. 

    Foxes are also associated with the feminine power. They are intuitive and guided by their inner wisdom which is considered a feminine trait as well as their resilience and charm. The fox’s ability to change and adapt in different environments is linked to the nurturing and protective aspects of the feminine. And the fox navigates all these complex situations with ease and grace, which is considered deeply feminine. They are known for their cleverness and strategic thinking which are traits associated with feminine intuition and wisdom.


    They are also extremely protective mothers, caring for their kits (fox babies). It's no coincidence that the female fox is called a vixen and when we refer to a beautiful woman we call her a “fox” or describe her as “foxy.” Throughout literature and folklore, the term “vixen” has come to symbolize the female fox as well as a woman who is considered clever, spirited, or seductive and sharp-tongued. So when you feel like tapping into your feminine, call upon the fox for guidance.


    Draw on the fox if you’re feeling unsure about your life’s path or if you’re feeling defeated and tired. Foxes are ambitious animals and working with fox energy may help you stay focused.

    The fox is there to remind us that there is no obstacle impossible enough to overcome as long as we remain determined to have faith in finding a solution. Foxes use all their senses in all the various environments they find themselves in. They are excellent in getting out of precarious predicaments. Remember, you too have all the answers inside you. Just get quiet like the fox and listen. Your inner self will guide you in the right direction and provide solutions. Stay resilient and flexible and trust that problems have a way of working themselves out. Adapt to new circumstances with grace and ease. 

    Keep a positive outlook and celebrate all the small wins that come your way. Having a gratitude practice for all that you have achieved thus far will keep your vibration high. 


    The fox is also there to help us discern when something doesn’t feel quite right in our life. Whether it be a situation or a person, foxes can remind us to tap into our inner guidance system and use our intuition to determine if someone or something is trying to deceive us. Foxes are clever and cunning and they are inept in outsmarting other animals and using some of their innate qualities can help us in our everyday lives. Listen to the fox within you. The fox totem encourages us to trust our instincts. If something feels off, then it probably is. Get comfortable with listening to your gut and help it decipher the motivation of others. 

    And most importantly, remember not to take life too seriously. Foxes are wildly playful. Stay in tune with your playful side and it will make any experience easier. Sometimes things aren’t as bad as we make them out to be! 


    Foxes have long been associated with intelligence, charm, cunning, and mystery. These traits were often seen as attractive, implying quick wit, sharp minds, and bewildering enchantment. They are often portrayed as clever tricksters and charming enchanters/enchantresses in many tales. 

    They are also seen as a guide between worlds. In many spiritual texts, foxes are seen as guides to the spirit world, helping souls transition between the physical and the spiritual realms. Stories of foxes being shapeshifters dates back centuries old, as early as 4th and 1st Centuries BCE. 

    In Japanese Folklore, fox spirits were known as Kitsune. They were revered for their paranormal abilities, cunning intellect, and their connection to the human world. Kitsune have the magical capability of shapeshifting and are considered both benevolent and malevolent. 


    In Chinese mythology, the Huli Jing are fox spirits that are capable of shape shifting into humans, just like the Japanese Kitsune. However, the Huli Jing are often female seductresses and are believed to live for thousands of years, gaining more wisdom and power as they age. 

    The Koreans believed that Kumiho, a fox that can transform into a beautiful woman to seduce men, wanted to eat their hearts or livers. Unlike in Japanese or Chinese mythology, Kumiho was often depicted as purely malevolent. 

    In Native American cultures, foxes are seen as tricksters, outsmarting each other, teaching lessons about intelligence and the consequence of deception. In tribes such as the Blackfoot and Apache, foxes are associated with fire and the sun, and many tell stories of the fox stealing fire to bring it to the people.

    The Menominee tell tales of foxes tricking wolves and serve to impart moral lessons. Many also believe that the fox serves as a messenger between the spirit and human world, offering protection and guidance. 

    In both European and African Folklore, the fox shows up as a trickster character who uses their wits to deceive other animals and humans, highlighting the fox’s cleverness and cunning ability to outsmart anything in its path and its ability to survive. 

    In the Bible, foxes are depicted as symbols of destruction and deceit. They are often connected with desolate areas and are associated with causing harm or ruin. Many parables use foxes to teach themes of sin and judgment. Biblical references suggest that foxes symbolize slyness, craftiness, destruction, and manipulation. And that seeing a fox may cause one to reflect on their own individual deceitfulness or warn one of the deceit of others.  

    In Celtic Mythology, foxes were praised for being a guide in the spirit world. They believed that the foxes vast knowledge of the forest made it a great guide and teacher, leading people into the unknown. 


    In today’s culture, foxes show up in literature, films, and video games as charming, charismatic, trickster, cunning, and mischievous characters. Some of the most famous and notable ones are:

    Mr. Fox from Wes Anderson’s animated film, “The Fantastic Mr. Fox.”

    Robin Hood from Disney’s animated feature, “Robin Hood.”

    Tod from “The Fox And The Hound.”

    Nick Wilde from “Zootopia.”

    Eeve from the “Pokémon universe.”


    Remember to stay open when interpreting dreams. It’s important to keep in mind how the dream made you feel. What may be considered positive to one person, may be negative to another. Get still and ask yourself if the dream made you feel happy, anxious, afraid, or pensive? What emotions did it bring up? Once you can tap into your emotions while recalling the dream, you will have a better understanding of how it can help assist you in your waking life.

    There are so many variations on interpreting the fox in your dream depending on the context of the dream itself. And there is no right or wrong answer. Use your emotions to guide you into making healthy decisions for your life and ones that put you in a place of growth. It’s easy to choose fear and pain, but if we look harder, we can always see the love and the light in everything. Use dreams as a great place to practice how something may be trying to work  for  you, not  against  you. 

    Seeing a fox may suggest a need for you to be more cunning and strategic in your life and to use your charm, wit, and intelligence to navigate a tricky situation that you may be encountering. Foxes are highly adaptable creatures, perhaps the fox is a reminder to adapt to a new circumstance in your life and think outside the box. Or perhaps there is someone in your life that is not being entirely honest, and you may need to uncover some hidden truths. 


    They are also extremely vocal and frisky and can teach us to tap into laughter and joy and approach things with a more lighthearted attitude. On the shadow side, it could be an indication that someone is gossiping behind our backs. Again, stay open to your life and your emotions and you will always be guided to the appropriate interpretation for you. Ask yourself “How does this information and interpretation serve me, and not hurt me.”

    Foxes are also solitary creatures. They don’t travel in packs and can survive on their own. Perhaps the fox in your dream is there to encourage you to be a bit more independent and self-reliant. And to trust yourself and your own abilities a bit more. Seeing a fox in your dreams can suggest the need for some alone time so you can reflect and gather your thoughts more. Because foxes are so observant and aware of their surroundings, seeing a fox in your dream could be reminding you to do the same in your waking life. 

    And in many cultures, foxes are seen as magical creatures. So dreaming of a fox may be an indication that something magical or mysterious may be happening in your life. 

    Consider your own personal feelings and relationship with the fox. If you have a personal fondness for them, they could greatly influence the interpretation of your dream just as much as having a personal disdain for them. Pay attention to how your feelings about them influence how you interpret your dream.








    Good luck 





    Latin Name: Vulpes 

    Red FoxVulpes Vulpes. The most common species of fox. (The following is info based on the Red Fox

    Size: Length- Foxes range from 18-35 inches excluding the tail. The tail alone adds another 12-22 inches to their length. And they stand at about 14-16 inches tall. 

    Weight: Weight can vary widely depending on age, sex, and subspecies, but adult foxes usually weigh between 7-18 pounds. Males are typically heavier and larger than females.

    Ave Life Span:  The average lifespan of a fox in the wild typically ranges from 2 to 4 years, although they can live longer under certain conditions, like absence of natural predators, consistent food supply, and medical attention. Some red foxes in captivity can live up to 14 years.

    Special Ability: Foxes can run up to 45 miles per hour.

    Estimated Population:  The most widespread species, the red fox, has an estimation in the tens of millions globally. They thrive in the most varied of environments, including grasslands, deserts, forests, and urban areas across the Northern hemisphere, to the Arctic Circle, to the tropics. 

    Endangered Status: There are 37 species of foxes and of those species, there are 2 that are considered endangered; the Darwin’s Fox (Lycalopex fulvipes) and the San Joaquin Kit Fox (Vulpes macrotis mutica)

    (SCALE: Least Concern→ Near Threatened→ Vulnerable→ Endangered→ Critically Endangered→ Extinct in the Wild→ Extinct)


    • Foxes can climb trees. 
    • They have a musky odor similar to skunks.
    • Foxes have vertical pupils that help them have excellent night vision. 
    • Foxes can align their pounces when hunting with the Earth's magnetic field, which tilts downward in the northern hemisphere. The kind of math that foxes use to hunt their prey is the kind of math that missiles use to hit their targets.
    • Foxes often let birds take their fur to make nests in a process called kleptotrichy

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