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  • The Best Kimono Robes For Women

    January 27, 2024 7 min read

    The Best Kimono Robes For Women



    I wanted to start this blog off with a little gift to you, my reader. A gesture from my heart. From me to you. Something that has no monetary value. But is richer than money can buy. I wanted to give to you a piece of me. So I decided to write you all a poem. A poem about women and kimonos. A poem about women WEARING kimonos. 

    So here it goes.

    Oh no. 

    It’s a woman in a kimono. 

    Will she a stay? Or will she a go?

    I don’t know.




    Me like cookie dough. 

    Watch me grow and grow and grow. 

    I once played the oboe.

    Or was that in a dream awhile ago?

    I don’t know.

    But what I do know is that the kimono is for fun-o.

    So let’s take a ride in your TacomO.

    Hasta luego.

    And then I asked ChatGPT to write me a poem about women wearing kimonos.

    Here it is.

    In silk and hues, they gracefully stand,

    Beneath the cherry blossoms, a serene band.

    Elegance woven in every thread,

    Stories in patterns, silently said.

    Gentle folds of fabric, a flowing stream,

    Each kimono, a painter's dream.

    In the land where the red sun rose,

    Timeless beauty, the women in kimono robes.

    Personally, I think AI was showing off. But hey, six of one. Half a dozen of the other. 


    So most of my day today was spent scouring the world wide web for some of the prettiest, some of the most extravagant, some of the most traditional, and some of the most hand crafted kimonos out there. 

    And in doing so, I learned a ton.

    First and foremost, some people will spend a whole lot of money on a robe. One of the most extravagant ones I found was over $100,000.00. That is not a typo. ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. For a robe. It took me awhile to breathe after I learned that this afternoon. 

    And then I learned all about Chiso Kimonos. They are a Japanese brand that has been in business since 1555, serving the elite and many Royal family members for centuries. Literally for centuries. Their kimonos take twenty artisans and six months to create just one garment. Which is why the hefty price tag of $10,000.00 makes sense. 

    So if you’re looking to save $90,000.00, I say go for the Chiso. Plus they’re all over TikTok, so you can sport your new robe on social media and become part of the very elite. 

    Don’t worry, I didn’t include any kimono’s at that price. But I highly suggest looking them up. They are gorgeous and I now have a whole new appreciation for the artistry and craftsmanship that goes into making one. I even added a gorgeous silk vintage kimono to my Etsy shopping cart. Just in case the mood strikes. You all know how it goes. 

    SpiritHoods Sale


    Great question. It's something to wear. Literally. The word kimono (着物) literally translates as “something to wear.” And for a deep dive into the world of Kimonos and their history, I highly recommend a little light reading by yours truly. I just wrote the SpiritHoods blog, “Can Men Wear Kimonos?” where I go deep into the history and the different types of kimonos. But for the purposes of this article, I’m gonna talk more about Kimono Robes and Japanese inspired garments with a more modern interpretation of the kimono. 

    Kimono Robes offer everything from a casual and cozy wrap around for lounging around your house, to a more show stopping piece for a night out. And I also kept reading how brides like to get their bridesmaids matching kimono robes so they can all get ready together wearing them and then they all look super cute and stylish in pictures. But, admittedly that’s a world I know very little about. I’m still trying to get my non boyfriend boyfriend to commit to dinner plans more than twice a month. So matching kimonos with my harem of ladies seems like worlds away.

    BUT, my three furry companions, Kevin, Gary, and Harold think I look gorgeous in anything. So they’re really all the men I need. I can wear sweatpants everyday and not shower for three days and they don’t even flinch. They are the perfect companions.


    The following is in no particular order and collectively, they met all the criteria I was searching for. They range in price points and are a mix of tradition, sexy, functional, quality, sustainability, ethically sourced and wow factor.

    1) Silk hand painted Cherry Blossom Long Kimono Robe by KIM+ONO. These robes are wearable art and come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and lengths. I can picture myself walking around my apartment with this robe effortlessly draping my arms while I saunter to the kitchen and open up a can of wet cat food and dump it in Kevin and Gary’s bowls. Serving up a feline feast has never been so glamorous. $298

    KIM&ONO Hand painted silk kimono robe

    2) The velvet and silk robe by Fleur du Mal in Aquamarine gives me all the feels. The color is beyond striking and I love the plunging velvet sleeves and collar. Now if I was wearing this, I would most likely be doing “other things” (Wink wink) than opening up cans of wet cat food. Catch my drift? $495

    Fleur Du Mal- velvet and sil kimono robe in aquamarine

    3) The Nola Silky Piped Robe from Pottery Barn gives me calm, cheery, and relaxed vibes. This is a robe that can easily be worn all day for a little mini staycation at home, going from bath time to tea time and everything in between time. $99

    PotteryBarn- nola silky robe

    4) And I just HAD to include SpiritHoods’ Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Kimono Robe. I love this robe and its versatility. It has upped my jean, heel, and camisole nights out. They are  rare nights out. Trust. But when a girl  does get did up, she lewks goooood. And this piece dresses me up effortlessly and definitely has a way of turning heads. $129

    5) If you haven’t bought anything from Cozy Earth yet, I highly recommend it. There’s a reason why their sheets have made it on Oprah’s Favorite Things. And their Serenity long kimono robe made from 100% mulberry silk is pure luxury. And the champagne color is just so dreamy, that it makes me want to crawl into bed and take a nap. And right now it's 55% off! $247.50

    Cozy Earth Serenity silk Robe

    6) The Nico Robe by Carolina K in silk crepe is my personal favorite. The white and blue majestic animal sepsis print is gorgeous. And I’m obsessed with the fluttery and oh-so feminine billowy sleeves and duster. If I had this robe, I would probably wear it as a dress. It's just too pretty to not be seen by the world. I also love that this company gives back just like us at SpiritHoods! They give 5% of the purchase to your choice of one of their current organizations. $775

    Carolina K Nico Robe

    7) My other favorite is this classic traditional Kimono from Yakata Market. It’s technically not a robe and should probably be in a different category. But it’s stunning and one of a kind. They have hundreds of one-of-a kinds. They are all handmade and vintage and come from Japanese auction houses. Check their site to see what’s currently available. I have this particular one in my shopping cart right now. So if it’s gone, I’ll know its one of you! And if it IS one of you, PLEASE take a picture of yourself in it and tag us @SpiritHoods. I wanna see how pretty you look wearing it! These are high quality authentic Japanese Kimonos with top level artistry. And their prices range from $25-$500

    Yukata Market- authentic Japanese Kimono Vintage Robe

    8) I literally want to wear this robe right now and go to bed for the next week and never take it off. It’s 100% organic muslin cotton and handmade in the Ukraine by SeneraWear. Her shop is on Etsy and I always love to support small businesses when I can. Another shout out to SpiritHoods! PLUS she lets you choose from a wide array of colors. This robe reminds me of clouds, and hugs, and everything cozy. $113

    SerenaWear Etsy organic cotton robe

    9) You can’t go wrong with anything at Kyoto Kimono. They take vintage silk kimonos and modify them so that you can wear them with clothes as a jacket. And the price is extremely affordable for the quality and craftsmanship that you get. They blend traditional Japanese Kimonos and give them a modern Western twist. Plus just visiting their website is an education in classic kimono fabrics. $75

    Kyoto Kimono - authentic Japanese vintage kimonos

    10) Another great find is the beautifully curated authenticated vintage Japanese kimonos at This Blue Bird. Their site feature beautiful hand painted silk kimonos from the 1920's-1980's. I started a shopping cart on this site as well. I had no idea HOW much I loved kimonos until I wrote this blog. And I'm just a sucker for anything vintage. The average price is $100

    This Blue Bird Vintage silk kimono robes

    And I had to do an honorable mention. 

    The Portofino printed silk-blend Kimono by  DOLCE&GABBANA is a serious serious piece. And I solemnly swear that if anyone wants to buy me this breathtaking number, I will not TOUCH a can of cat food while wearing it. I will reserve it only for lounging poolside at some fabulous Villa in Lake Como, Italy. And to the person who wants to buy it for me, you’re in luck! It's on sale right now for $4,441! 

    Dolce&Gabbana Portofino Silk Kimono Robe

    Would you mind also getting me a plane ticket too? First class if possible. But if that’s asking too much, I’d be happy in business class. Oh! And I need a place to stay! Any fabulous Villa will do. Well... actually any fabulous Villa  with a pool  will do. Actually if you wouldn't mind... I really like THIS ONE. Oh! And a rental car! A convertible pleeeeeease. I gotta show off my kimono. You can’t hide THAT from the world. That would just be preposterous.

    You know how much we love to see you in our clothes! If you have pics of yourself in any of our robes, please tag us @SpiritHoods 


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