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  • Burnout Velvet Bodysuits: Everything You Need To Know!

    November 10, 2023 6 min read

    Burnout Velvet Bodysuits: Everything You Need To Know!

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    You know the feeling of slipping on JUST the right outfit. The outfit that makes you want to check yourself out in the mirror over and over again. That, when you catch your reflection wearing it, you say to yourself “damn self…you look fiiiiiiiiine.”  

    The outfit that inspires you to get off the couch and make plans to go out JUST so you can walk around, and make head’s turn. 

    We know you know that outfit. We all have one. 

    Mine is the Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit. I put this on and suddenly I feel like I rule the world. That my inner power is unleashed and I can achieve anything on my to-do list…even if it’s been on my list for three straight weeks.  In this suit, I’ll achieve it. Because I am a jewel-toned regal goddess, aka the sovereign achiever of all things big and small. Well…at least that’s how I feel in my head.

    But it really doesn’t matter how I was feeling prior to slipping into this gorgeous velvety-ness, once it touches my skin, I’m off and ready to take anything on. Even if it’s just to grab a coffee down the street at two in the afternoon. I can’t help but want to be seen wearing this flattering number. 

    And I have zero shame admitting it. 

    (photo credit @detroitbird )


    Designers have been using velvet burnout materials for decades. It has a bit of a retro nostalgic feel that dates back to major fashion trends in the 70’s and 90’s which is what makes it so alluring. This gorgeous material is made by combining two different types of fabric, a plush velvet and a semi-sheer material. The material is partially dissolved, resulting in a unique and beautiful pattern. Velvet burnout, also known as devore or simply burnout, has a unique stretchy softness in the fabric and makes it an excellent choice to be used in bodysuits

    Velvet bodysuits are known for creating a streamlined silhouette and giving a flattering form-fitting shape to anybody. And if you’re looking to show off what your mama gave you, this is definitely the look for you. This material not only looks sexy but feels sexy on the skin. It has a breathable stretch and hugs in all the right places. Since there is a bit of a see-through effect to the material, we suggest wearing nude undergarments for an understated look or a bright bikini for a bold and playful look. 


    A jumpsuit is a one-piece garment that typically covers the body and legs. They can be sleeveless or cover the arms fully. They create a seamless look and cover the entirety of the body. A variety of materials can be used in creating a jumpsuit, from jean to cotton to silk and everything in between. They can be tight-fitting or loose and relaxed. And styling a jumpsuit really depends on the occasion. They are often used as a stand-alone outfit and can be accessorized with jewelry, belts, or jackets. Some jumpsuits are casual and perfect for an informal event while others are tailored for an elegant evening out. I’ve even seen some really cool wedding jumpsuits that brides opt for instead of a traditional wedding dress! Hmmmmmm…did I just plant the seed for a Spirithoods wedding jumpsuit????

    A bodysuit is usually a skin-tight garment that covers the torso and often has snap closures at the crotch, which allows for it to stay tucked in without bunching up. They are usually reserved for layering under skirts, pants, or shorts. They are often reserved as a base layer, providing a sleek polished look. Their fitted design allows for the perfect silhouette underneath clothing. 


    We took some liberties and created a hybrid of the two, resulting in a perfect blend of jumpsuit AND bodysuit. Our beautiful burnout velvet bodysuits feature five gorgeous colors and patterns (with more to come). Each one zips up the front and has full-length sleeves, covering you from neck to ankles. Wear the zip all the way up, or pull halfway down to reveal an eye-catching décolletage. Having a hard time choosing exactly which one is best for you, grab one in every color. We have no doubt you’re gonna find the perfect occasion to wear them to. And we suggest keeping the accessories to a minimum. The gorgeous burnout velvet and unique animal-inspired patterns are the centerpiece of these show-stopping garments. Less is more. Wait. Did we actually just say less is more? Usually, we go big or go home. But in this case, we like to let our burnout velvet full-length bodysuits speak for themselves. 

    Simply put it on, throw on a pair of shoes, and paint the town, Emerald, Ruby, Indigo, Violet, or Black!

    The Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit

    As I mentioned earlier, my favorite is this vibrant eye-catching bodysuit in a rich emerald jewel tone. And it just so happens to be one of our best-sellers. The fit is tight and flattering. And the emerald green does not disappoint. I love the tiger pattern made of delicate burnout velvet. And I feel fierce every single time I wear it.

    If you can't get enough out of the Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Fabric, like me, check out the Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Leggings & Crop Tank Top

    The Ruby Red Leopard Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit

    Another gorgeous jewel tone is the ruby red. This color looks regal on anyone. The leopard is notorious for symbolizing strength, courage, power, and determination. Slip on this leopard bodysuit and try to tell me that you DON’T feel its force. 

    Love the Ruby Leopard Burnout? Check out the Ruby Leopard Burnout Leggings | Crop Tank Top | Booty Shorts

    The Indigo Feline Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit

    If you don’t own anything indigo blue in your wardrobe, we can’t recommend this bodysuit  enough. Everyone needs this hue of blue in their closet drawer, or chair (if you’re like me and that’s where you store your clothes) This color and pattern is so regal and ultra glamorous. It has a beautiful sheen when the fabric hits the light just right and will dazzle any frame.

    Love the Indigo Burnout? Check out the Indigo Leopard Burnout Leggings | Crop Tank Top

    Violet Leopard Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit

    Just when you think you’ve seen all the jewel-toned beauties in our collection, I go and show you this fantabulous shade of purple. Now what are you gonna do? Decisions…decisions…decisions….

    Love a flattering bell-bottom style flare leg? Check out the Violet Leopard Burnout Velvet Flare Pants - perfect faux elevating any look. 

    Black Snakeskin Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit

    And if you’re looking for a more classic (and dare I say understated) look, the black snakeskin is just for you. Who doesn't love a black long sleeve bodysuit? It's like the perfect black dress. They're staples. And the burnout velvet snakeskin just elevates it. Snakes symbolize wisdom, protection, transformation, and healing. Seeing a snake or dreaming of one is a sign of rebirth and renewal. And yes, when wearing this bodysuit out in public, people will think they are dreaming. Just be sure to grace them by smiling and saying hello to ensure that they are, in fact, awake. 


    Styling options when wearing a velvet burnout bodysuit are endless. I’ve worn mine with jeans, both tight and baggy, and short skirts. But my favorite way to wear it is sans anything. Depending upon my mood, I usually just wear nude-colored underwear and then a pair of boots. It has a simple way of looking fantastic on its own. It’s effortless and chic. It’s meant to be seen and adored. Just like you. You can dress up with a pair of heels or opt for a more casual look wearing it with sneakers. Either way, this bodysuit is a must-have staple in any wardrobe. 

    (Photo Credit @cjsparxx & @thecourtneytillia )


    Caring for your bodysuit is easy. Just throw in the machine on a cold gentle cycle with gentle detergent and then hang dry. Or if you prefer, you can hand wash. Just be sure to treat it with extra care due to its delicate fabric. Remember to keep these exquisite garments away from heat.


    And as always, we LOVE hearing from you and seeing all the fun and stylish looks you create with our burnout velvet full bodysuit. Tag @SpiritHoods & #SpiritHoods or DM us to send us pictures so that we can showcase you and inspire other fashionistas out there!



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