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  • Faux Fur Onesies: Cozy Up in Style This Winter!

    November 10, 2023 5 min read

    SpiritHoods Ultra Soft Faux Fur Shark Onesie

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    In 1969, the band Three Dog Night hit Billboard’s Top 100 when they recorded their version of Harry Nilsson’s iconic song, “One Is The Loneliest Number.” And fifty-four years later, I’m here to challenge that song. Now, I could challenge it by stating that there are actually other numbers that are more lonely than one. Like two for instance. Two is pretty darn lonely considering that it is the only even prime number. To me, that has to feel pretty isolating. Or what about zero? Zero takes a lot of S*&#. It’s neither positive nor negative. It just sits there alone. All by itself. 

    But, I’m not gonna do that because I’m getting flashbacks of my High School math teacher sending me to the principal's office because of my wisecracking attitude. So, NO! I’m NOT gonna refute Harry Nilsson with my mathematical postulations. I’m gonna do better than that. I’m gonna explain  why  “one” isn’t so bad by calling attention to a simple and much loved item of clothing….that’s right! The ONESIE!

    I know…I know…you’re scratching your head and saying to yourself,  “What does baby clothing have to do with music and math?” 

    Absolutely nothing Fred. 

    While babies, music, and math are all really cool things. I’m gonna ONE (yup, there’s that number again) UP you. I’m talking about something even cooler than those three. I’m talking about ADULT onesies. And when you slip on a  onesie from SpiritHoods, there’s no time to feel lonely. In fact, wearing a onesie may actually  decrease feelings of loneliness. Sorry, Harry Nilsson. Your song is really really groovy and I’m sure my parents and grandparents couldn’t get enough of it, but it's 2023 and we are smarter now. We know that the number one is  the best number. Why do you think we always say, “Look out for number one?” Not because we’re selfish, Harry. But, because today, we know the value of one. And knowing that, makes us feel really fan-flipping-tastic. 

    And we have exactly the right onesies to get you on your way to feeling just that. 

    After all, who wants to deal with tucking a pajama top into a pajama bottom??? Not me. I prefer hassle-free garments. I just wanna pull on my pants one leg at a time. And sometimes, just to maintain my superiority complex, I’ll put them on two legs at a time. But really it's the way that I take them off, that makes me better than you.

    But I digress…

    As I’m writing this, there’s a cool LA breeze coming through my window, letting me know that winter is coming. And soon I’ll have to replace my threadlike comforter with my much thicker one. I can see all the eye rolls from my family in New England right now. They just love to remind me that I have no idear what cold is anymore. But I remind them politely that my blood is wicked thin now after being in LA for so long. And just because we may not have snow on the ground, doesn’t mean that I won’t be getting all snug like a bug in a rug. 

    This low 60’s chill is getting me all kinds of excited to pull out my go to Spirithoods faux fur onesies and set my fashion tone until Spring. I insist on clothing that combines whimsy, comfort, and nostalgia. There’s something about a onesie that reminds me of slumber parties, movie nights and post holiday meal naps by the fire. And whenever I zip up my faux fur ultra soft onesie, I feel swaddled in cozy comfort. It’s like an instant hug around my body. I’m enveloped in cuddles and  it’s all by myself. Unless you order an extra large so you and your bestie can squeeze on in together. But we suggest wearing the onesie Han Solo. Cause there’s nothing like being wrapped up like a baby to remind you that everything is gonna be okay. 

    And all three of our onesies come with a hood and ears. So in case you’re doubting my previous statement, put on one of these onesies, pull the hood on and go to the closest mirror. Now look in it. That’s you. Looking adorably fierce, and ultra cuddly.  Now tell me how everything  isn’t gonna be okay. You can’t. 

    And if you’re anything like me and want to be touched all the time, wearing these onesies will make you the cuddliest of all the pack. As soon as I zip up, I know I’m irresistible and everyone just wants to nestle in next to me. I can’t help it. I’m a Leo. We love attention and affection. I will no longer apologize for it. So quit asking me to, Rob. If that's even your  real name

    The SpiritHoods Faux Fur Onesies


    We love this style. It has a super soft stretchy fit and comfy ribbed cuffs. The shark is curious and gently strong. Is it an oxymoron? Maybe. But just like you, this garment has many sides. A front, a back, a bottom and a top. So just make sure you put your feet in the bottom, your head at the top, the zipper in the front, and your butt in the back. And just by doing that, we guarantee your day will start off right. Yup, it’s as simple as that. It even has pockets, so unless you’re a kangaroo, you can fit in your keys and phone and hop all over town. Because this onesie isn’t just reserved for slumber. It’s meant to be seen. So go out there in the world and show them. And then look them in the face, smile sweetly and say “you’re welcome.” Trust me, they’ll know what you’re talking about. 


    What’s more comforting than an ultra-soft faux fur onesie? An ultra-soft faux fur onesie that looks like a carnival treat. You’ll be hot, sticky sweet. Covered in sugar from your head to your feet. Yeah, Def Leppard! 

    And when the zombie apocalypse arrives, you in this cotton candy onesie will be the only thing that survives. We warn you that you will be hard to resist. So make sure you’re okay with all the sugar fiends out there looking for their fix. We can not and will not be responsible for the massive amounts of attention you’re gonna get. But we will be responsible for how delicious you’re gonna look. 


    Is it streetwear? Is it pajamas? Is it the ultimate dance outfit? Is it all three? We don’t know! But we do know that you are gonna be the center of your world wearing this. Whether you’re sleeping or dancing, everyone is gonna want to stare. There’s just something about this onesie that makes everyone happy. Whether you’re wearing it, or staring at it, your vibration is sure to rise. And all you’re gonna wanna do is tap your toes to the beat on the street in the heat lookin’ neat. Because life is like disco, no matter how the music changes, we all just gotta keep on dancing! 


    Send us pictures of your prowls this winter cozying up with yourself or friends wearing your onesies. Tag us at @SpiritHoods  and as always, we’ll feature you wearing your favorite SpiritHoods looks! 


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