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  • SpiritHoods x Berify: Using tech to enhance customer experience and authenticate purchases

    February 21, 2023 7 min read

    SpiritHoods x Berify: Using tech to enhance customer experience and authenticate purchases



    What is Berify.io and why has SpiritHoods partnered with them?

    Berify is the integration of apparel and technology. Using patented tech, Berify has combined Blockchain and NFC tags to create a simple and fun way to interact with SpiritHoods digitally. Our partnership with Berify allows us to offer a variety of new functionality that includes being able to:

    • Verify and Authenticate your products
    • Earn rewards for wearing your Spirithoods and spreading the love
    • Gain access to Limited Edition releases 
    • Engage with community in a more impactful way 
    • Be notified of VIP engagements
    • Get access to exclusive content
    • Gain access to NFT drops 

    If you’re unfamiliar with NFC technology, it is used every day to connect millions of people to the world around them. It’s the fast, easy, and secure way to "Tap to Pay" at the grocery store with your phone, to unlock a door, start your car, use certain medical devices, and even connect to cutting-edge brands like SpiritHoods.

    We will be building out all these amazing new features over the course of 2023 with the goal of connecting to you more and serving you better!

    Key Attributes

    1. Authenticate - Berify works with all NFC enabled Android or iOS devices, giving you the power to confidently know you have a genuine SpiritHoods item. Simply use your device to scan the Berify Tag and verify your product is an authentic SpiritHoods, even without downloading the Berify app. 

    How does it do that? Each Berify Tag is attached to the blockchain, which allows every physical product to have its own digital DNA on the blockchain. This means it is virtually impossible to clone.  

    1. Learn - By scanning the chip you’ll be able to learn more about the product you are wearing through the Berify app. When you allow notifications you’ll also learn about special offers, chances to win free products, Limited Edition releases, and a whole host of integrations we are working on to support our community as it grows. *Not all Berify app functionality has been fully developed and we anticipate rolling out these community supportive programs over the next 12 months.
    1. Engage & Earn How many times have you been complimented and asked, “Where’d you get that?!” while wearing your SpiritHoods around town or events? It’s the most common thing we hear from our fans. It happens ALL THE TIME. Well now, you'll have an easy way to drop the knowledge on them with a simple scan of their phone! Eventually, when you spread your love of SpiritHoods to like-minded fashionistas, you'll earn Rewards Points for enabling and encouraging others to style themselves in animal cruelty free plush garments! For now though, simply tell your curious friends to scan your chip with their phone to learn about the brand and the exact product you're wearing. 


    How To Scan Your Berify Tag?

    1. On the inside pocket/liner of your SpiritHoods Coat or Hood, look for a patch that says, “Tap Device Here”. That’s where the magic happens! The Berify Chip that’s sewn inside that patch contains the NFC tag that connects your item to its unique digital signature on the Blockchain: 

    2. Once you’ve located the Berify Chip, place the top of your phone directly onto the tag to activate the phone’s built-in NFC reader. 

    *Note if it doesn’t scan right away you may need to pull the phone away from the tag for a few seconds and then try again. It may take a bit of experimenting to see which angle works best for your phone. 

    3. When your phone’s NFC reader detects the Berify Tag, an App Clip will launch, allowing you to verify your item’s authenticity before downloading the full app. Tap “Open” and rescan the Chip one more time so the blockchain can be checked. Once the blockchain is checked and verified, an animation will play, confirming that the plush faux fur you hold in your lucky hands is indeed an Authentic SpiritHoods. (...but you probably already knew that because of how dope it is.)             

    4. But wait! There’s more! You’ve barely scratched the surface. Click through to the app store to download the full app to gain access to all the rewards and exclusive content mentioned above.

    5. With the full Berify app downloaded, hit the Scan button on the app and scan that chip one more time. (You’re a pro at this now.) This time, after authentication is confirmed, you’ll see a NEW button that says, “View Experience”. 

    6. Tap on the “View Experience” button to go to the SpiritHoods x Berify Product page and access all the info for the product that was scanned. You will also see a link to “Login” at the top right. Use this link for your rewards account Login/Sign-Up*. This is a critical step for you to be able to cash in on all the rewards you earn in the near future! 

    *In order to link your rewards accounts properly, be sure to use the same email address for your Berify account that you use for your account at SpiritHoods.com. 

    7. If anyone asks to know more about your product, the easiest way to help them learn more about SpiritHoods is to direct them to scan the chip, download the app, and rescan to get product information, website access, updates, promotions, save the item for later purchasing and so much more! It’s also the easiest way for you to rack up those Reward Points.


    The Berify x SpiritHoods Roadmap and Coming Soon

    We initially implemented Berify into our coats and hoods to help our beloved community identify authentic SpiritHoods out in the wild and easily differentiate from knock offs. In addition, since many of us take excellent care of our SpiritHoods and occasionally resell on the secondary markets, the implementation of Berify will allow buyers and sellers to confirm product authenticity like never before.  

    Over the course of the next year, we will build out the Berify x SpiritHoods rewards programs to help empower our community to engage with each other in a more meaningful way, and earn rewards for doing so!  Another perk to going digital is saving paper and trees! We typically include a handful of business cards in each SpiritHood for customers to hand out to ‘would-be’ SpiritHoods fans asking about your products! Now that we have NFC chips embedded into the garments, we are able to discontinue the use of paper cards. 

    As we roll out Berify across all coats and hoods (and potentially other products), we’ll be encouraging you, our beloved community of wild animals, to utilize the chip to share the love of SpiritHoods and educate people on what a SpiritHoods garment is all about! Things like: 

    • Being 100% Fake Fur
    • Donating 10% of Net Profits to endangered animals
    • Being Animal Cruelty free and receiving the Peta Libby Award for best Cruelty Free Product 3 years running
    • Being a Community oriented and Playful brand
    • And all the other reasons you love rocking your SH          

    How it will work

    We are soooooo excited to develop the rewards/ambassador program through Berify. Though we haven't yet finalized all the Program details, essentially every time your specific SpiritHoods garment is scanned, and people check out the brand and Join the Pack through the Berify app, your efforts will be rewarded! Each Berify tag has a unique serial number that you can link to your SpiritHoods reward-points account. This is what will allow us to see your ambassadorship as other potential customers scan your tag.

    A good example of how this functionality might work and play out in the future is as follows: 

    1. You wear your Berify-enabled SpiritHoods Garment out to the grocery store. 
    2. Someone asks about your coat or hood while you're in line to pay.
    3. You direct them to scan your Berify Tag with their phone on the inside left pocket of your coat (or Hood).
    4. They open the Berify app to discover more about your specific product!
    5. Eventually they purchase a SpiritHood, either that day, or a few weeks later... obviously because they can't stop thinking about the dope jacket you were wearing.
    6. Either we will be able to detect the purchase through the Berify technology and reward you based on the amount of new customers you've created by wearing your garment out and scanning your tag...or we will simply catalog each time your garment is scanned and reward you based on interactions you've had out in the wild! As soon as we have worked out the details on this new and exciting program we will let you know!
    7. The rewards you do earn will be redeemable for purchases at www.spirithoods.com

    *The rewards program is scheduled to launch in the fall of 2023.


    That’s not the only thing that makes the Berify App and the NFC Tag so exciting! You’ll also be able to win Golden Tickets, gain access to Limited Edition releases and unlock special promotions. You'll even be able to buy your very first SpiritHoods NFT! 

    To gain access to all of these special opportunities, scan the chip on any new garments that contain the Berify tags with your phone, create an account using the Berify app, turn on notifications, and start wearing your SpiritHoods out in the wild and spreading the love!


    Is the NFC chip (aka NFC tag) powered? Does it track you?

    No, it has no power. It does not track you. There is no GPS in the Chip. It is the equivalent of a digital barcode!

    Is my data protected and secure?

    Yes. All data that is acquired from using the Berify App is secured, encrypted, and stored using the highest quality industry standards. We will never sell your data. 

    My Chip Doesn’t Seem to Work?

    Sometimes it takes a few attempts to activate the tag. Be sure to place the top of your phone directly against the tag and wait several seconds. If the Berify prompt to download the app does not pop up onto your screen, please move the phone away from the tag for a few seconds and try again.

    When will the rewards program be active?

    We are currently working on the integration and expect to be able to link your rewards program to your Berify app login by the fall of 2023


    Text ANIMAL to 1-833-217-2555 

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