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  • What to Look for in Women’s Robes

    December 16, 2022 8 min read

    What to Look for in Women’s Robes

    At the end of the day, we all just want to be comfortable. After a long day of work, nothing sounds better than slipping into a comfy women’s robe. Whatever your plans are for the evening, whether you are staying in or going out, you’ll feel better after spending time in a luxurious house robe.

    Women’s robes aren’t just for lounging at the end of the day while sipping martinis and spilling tea with friends. This staple wardrobe requirement is great for all day, every day. And even some nights if you are ready to leave your den looking fierce while feeling fantastic.

    But like any other wardrobe staple, you must feel good about how your house robe feels and fits, or you are less likely to enjoy it daily. Think about why you want a women’s robe. Where and how often will you wear it? You want to feel good in your body and your appearance, inside the den and out, so let’s give some thought to what the best women’s robe would be for you.


    Primary Uses for Women’s Robes

    Like every piece of a resourceful wardrobe, the house robe has several uses. A women’s robe is a famously flexible and fashionable choice for a variety of purposes. And as it should be, it depends on the woman wearing the house robe to decide which role it will play each time she wears it. And don't forget... for a night out on the town we have Style Robes designed to showcase your bad self out in the urban jungle, so if your looking less for cozy and more for fashion, be sure to peruse our entire collection of women's robes! 


    Uses for Women’s Robes:

    1. Stay dry
    2. Keep warm
    3. Be comfortable
    4. Look fierce


    A house robe can be an ideal choice to wrap around shoulders after a hot shower. Snuggling up with movies and snacks in a hooded robe can create the perfect evening any day of the week. Another important use for a women’s robe is comfort – to the touch, to the soul, and for any activity planned for the evening. 

    Maybe we should consider a fourth use for a women’s robe – to look fierce and fashionable. In our homes or out on the streets, women like to look good. When we are comfortable, we are confident. And there is nothing a confident woman can’t do.

    How Do I Choose the Right Robe?

    A house robe is a special piece of clothing that makes us feel warm and cozy. It’s not a luxury item – it’s a necessity. The only question is – what is the right women’s robe for me? Beyond the purpose of the robe, we also want to consider the fit and style.

    When considering your options in a house robe, weigh each option carefully. The correct decision will result in the ideal wardrobe staple that never leaves your body. Well, except when you go out. Or maybe not even then…

    House Robe Sizing Chart

    Shoulder – take from the edge of one shoulder to the other

    Chest/bust – circumference around the bust area

    Waist and hip – these correlate directly with the width of the women’s robe


    Should I Size Up with a Women’s Robe?

    Each brand of house robe has its own sizing chart. When taking your measurements, allow a few extra inches for wiggle room to be sure your robe has a loose, comfortable fit. If you aren’t sure exactly what you need to measure, brush up on some of these measurement terms to help ensure your house robe fits like a luxurious hug.


    What are the Measurement Terms for Women’s Robes?

    Length – the distance from the center of the neck to the ankle or from the collar to the hem

    Width – the circumference of the house robe skirt

    Sleeve – the measurement from the shoulder to the sleeve cuff

    Sleeve opening – not typically an issue, but be sure the opening is generous

    Belt – the length of the belt should be in proportion with the waist measurement

    Sweep – measurement of the house robe’s hem from edge to edge


    Some of these measurements are a matter of preference. You may want the sleeve of your house robe to reach the middle of your fingers, while others want the sleeve to brush just below the elbow. All measurements are good to just keep in mind when considering the most comfortable fit for a women’s robe. Also, SpiritHoods house robes for women has an adjustable cuff, so you can cater it to your individual arm length.


    What Do You Look for in a House Robe?

    This iconic piece of clothing is best for one thing – your continual comfort. Why wake up and get completely dressed to go out when you can simply wrap up in your cozy house robe and brew your coffee while wrapped in a fuzzy embrace? The feel and fit of your house robe will define the amount of time you will spend in it.

    So, take your time, Queen – you’ve got all-day comfort on the line.


    What is the Best Fabric for a Women’s Robe?

    • Cotton – warm and absorbent
    • Polyester – plush and silky
    • Chenille – excellent insulation
    • Satin – lightweight fabric great for loungewear
    • Faux fur – luxurious plush comfort with fierce style


    Why Faux Fur is the Best Choice for a Women’s Robe

    Faux fur is the best choice for a women’s robe because, of course, it is! Animal-friendly luxe faux fur is the vibe everyone should start their day in. Ultra-plush faux fur is the softest thing you’ve had wrapped around your body in a long time – guaranteed!

    Sexy and luxurious, a faux fur house robe is the garment for all seasons. These women’s robes are personality plus, begging you to channel your inner animal and spend a leisurely day wrapped in fashion. The faux fur house robe will be your constant pet. Spend your day in its warm embrace, and you’ll be convinced that staying in is the new going out.


    Select The Style You Want

    • Short robe
    • Kimono
    • Shawl collar
    • Hooded

    A short robe is a commitment to something more. Meaning, most likely, you are going to have to wear something more under it! If you are lounging about your house alone, you may pass on wearing pj’s under your robe, but if you are entertaining guests, a lovely pair of silky satin pj’s is a pretty good idea.

    If you choose a short faux fur robe, getting a little wild may be expected!

    A kimono robe is perfect for lounging in. Ideal for warmer weather, the satin robe can be worn in short or long lengths and is a common choice for a relaxing evening. A kimono robe can be worn over other outfits, making it a versatile style choice if you decide to go on an outside adventure, like grabbing drinks with the girls.

    A shawl collar robe has a collar with a continuous curve or lapel. The collar is practical and stylish, dating back to the Victorian times and smoking jacket collars. It has its advantages in terms of practicality and is comfortable to lounge in as well as an excellent choice for drying off. Though, this robe may be more of a workhorse than a show pony when it comes to creating a playful vibe and relaxing mood.

    The ultimate feature choice for a women’s robe is the hood with cute ass ears! The hooded robe is practical and cozy for warmth, yet fierce and fashionable for a night out and creating a vibe. Consider a hooded robe with adorable ears on plush faux fur with a Cotton Candy Kitty design. Now that’s a hooded robe that has you heading for a night on the town with the ladies.

    When it comes to women’s robes, the hooded robe is extra in all the best ways!


    Why is a Hooded Robe the Best Women’s Robe Choice?

    A hooded robe is a classic choice in ultimate plush comfort from head to toe. It’s a fashion statement and complete mood rolled into one cozy package. Why choose between function and a fun time for all when you can have both with a hooded robe made of faux fur?

    From a practical point of view, the house robe provides extra warmth after a shower or when wandering out to check the mail or grab your charger from the car, or even a stint at the grocery store. Where it goes above and beyond is the fierce style and animal-friendly luxe faux fur that wraps you in a luxurious embrace and dares you to leave its comforting hug. We hear you hooded house robe, and you are not wrong.


    A Hooded Robe Is Ideal for Outdoor Activities

    Since glamping is a thing and it happens outdoors, a style robe, aka hooded robe is a perfect way to stay warm during this activity. A hooded robe easily layers over other clothes for extra warmth. You will slay in a faux fur hooded robe while visiting the natural habitat of animals. (There are even habitats that our partners strive to protect.)

    If you are feeling a little chilly during your outdoor adventure, put on your hooded faux fur robe. But don’t get too close to the fire! Heat and faux fur do not mix.


    Rock Your Hooded Robe at a Music Festival

    Not ready to trade in your social life for the comfort of your new hooded robe? Wear your hooded faux fur robe to the next music festival and slay the day as you prowl through the crowd looking fierce AF. Worried about getting your faux fur hooded robe dirty? One quick grooming and you are good as new.

    Whether you decide to rock an ultra cozy Silver Fox faux fur robe or a glamorous sequined Black Panther classic hooded robe, you will arrive in cozy comfort and spend the day breaking necks, spreading the animal-friendly vibe of luxe faux fur. Looking for the next place to slay in your hooded robe? The nightclub!


    Hang with Your Pack in Comfort and Style at Home

    Another amazing benefit of a faux fur hooded robe is that you can buy home décor that complements your new favorite wardrobe staple. Outfit your den with coordinating faux fur throw blankets to share the luxurious feel of faux fur with your guests. Gift your best furry friend with a Special Edition Ultra Soft Pet Bed and shamelessly wear your matching hooded robe as you snuggle together and watch puppy videos on YouTube.


    Coziest Faux Fur Home Goods

    1. Pillows
    2. Blankets
    3. Throws
    4. Pet beds


    Is there anything better than snuggly home décor? Just as you luxuriate in your faux fur hooded robe, your guests will love snuggling up in a faux fur blanket during your next movie night or lounging on faux fur pillows while spilling tea and talking about the newest season of “The Circle.” Once you’ve experienced a faux fur women’s robe, you’ll be looking for ways to share the warmth.

    Don’t fear a drop of spilled wine or extra doggie smell on your fabulous faux fur goods. There are easy steps to take when caring for your faux fur that will ensure it will keep you cozy and warm for a long time. Whether you need to just air it out or give it a little spot cleaning, keep your faux fur friends away from direct heat, and you will be snuggling up for years to come.


    Bottom Line for Choosing a Women’s Robe

    It all comes down to comfort and what style works best for you. The fit and fabric are a big part of that decision. How often you end up wearing a house robe will be determined by how comfortable you feel in it.

    Do you see yourself greeting the day in a short robe or a long, hooded robe? Can you picture yourself making coffee in a kimono or cashmere robe? Or is your inner animal eager to express itself in your loungewear, encouraging you to spend the day in your den wrapped in the faux fur embrace of an ultra-soft plush robe?

    While the feel can be luxurious, the days of a house robe being a luxury are over. A women’s robe is an essential part of every day. Easing into the morning or relaxing at the end of the day, the house robe you choose to soothe you and wrap your body in comfort is a necessary part of your wardrobe. Listen to your inner animal and choose wisely.