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5 Reasons Why Your Men’s Robe Will be Your New Favorite Thing

November 25, 2022

5 Reasons Why Your Men’s Robe Will be Your New Favorite Thing

We are sure you already know this, but it is official – staying in is the new going out. Staying in and hanging with your pack or binging shows with your besties have become the best weekend plans. And let’s be honest, staying home on weeknights looks pretty solid, too. When it comes time to lounge in your den and relax with friends in luxe comfort, look no further than your new favorite thing – amen’s robe.

Not just anymen’s robe will do. When spending quality time relaxing and recharging, afaux fur robe is seriously the way to go. Turn “you time” into “it’s so you time” when you level up your look and make a plushhouse coat your number one fashion accessory. The only question you should be asking at this point is – which luxehooded robe should I choose?


Wearing AMen’s Robe is for Kings

Well then, be a king.Ahooded robe is for a man who is the king of his own castle – even if that castle is a cramped apartment in a fourth-floor walk-up. Loungewear is a state of mind and tells the world exactly what they need to know about you – you crave comfort and are an absolute baller. In fact, men inhouse coats are absolute scene-stealers.


Iconic Moments of Men in Robes

  • Sean Connery as James Bond in “Dr. No”
  • Prince George meeting President Obama
  • Brad Pitt in “Fight Club”
  • Jeff Bridges as The Dude in “The Big Lebowski”

Do these iconic moments conjure up visions ofmen’s robe-wearing greatness by some of the legends of our time? James Bond is known for many scenes wearing amen's robe. When you think of hot, you think of Bond. James Bond. So, let’s get busy choosing afaux fur robe!


How Do I Choose a Faux FurMen’s Robe?

There is no weakness in being comfortable.There are many things that make us feel comforted, and being our authentic self is one of those things. When you are looking for afaux fur robe that best helps you feel authentic, consider identifying your animal spirit.

Start your search by asking your own inner guide to reveal itself. Do you have the spirit of the Ash Wolf – strong, intelligent, and loyal? Or the Grey Wolf who brings strength to the pack by living life without regret? Start by recognizing and embracing the animal within you, and then invite them to a deeper connection by sharing space and wrapping your body with afaux fur robe made with their unique design.


5 Reasons Why aFaux Fur Robe is Your New Favorite Thing

  1. Your comfort is a top priority.
  2. Afaux fur robe offers versatile style.
  3. The righthouse coat features everything we want and need in amen’s robe.
  4. The ultimatehooded robe is must-have festival wear.
  5. Faux fur robes require minimal grooming.


1. Faux fur robes offer luxe comfort at rest or play.

Afaux fur robe can be as indulgent as it is beautiful.The perfectly soft feel of quality faux fur can cuddle you in comfort for a mid-afternoon nap or be the gentle hug you need to stay motivated while busting out some work on the computer. A plushhouse coat keeps your style level high for a mid-afternoon coffee run or a stroll to the mailbox.

Invite the pack over for a few games of poker and lead the pack in style and winning hands in yourmen’s robe! Or connect with your she-wolf during an evening of soft jazz and candlelight – she won’t be able to keep her paws off that fur! Yourfaux fur robe is a soft complement to every evening activity you choose, with your pack or solo.


What Makes Faux Fur So Soft?

It’s called Tissavel. The softness and resilience of this faux fur make amen’s robe irresistible to wear and almost impossible to take off! Tissavel faux fur is a higher density fiber that more accurately reflects the natural look and feel of animal fur without worrying about getting accusing looks from your good boy Fido.

Amen’s robe made with Tissavel is positively the softest faux fur you can get your paws on. The plush, fluffyfaux fur robe will have you looking for reasons to stay home and nurture your solitary animal instincts. But – not for long – because you will be looking for excuses to get the pack together and prowl the streets in luxe comfort.


2. Afaux fur robe is all about the style.

The love of luxe faux fur goes beyond wrapping your body in a plushmen’s robe from dusk ‘til dawn. (And dawn ‘til dusk…) The versatility of faux fur extends to your home décor. Imagine lounging in a Grey Wolf faux fur robe while laying on your couch covered with a Grey Wolf large faux fur blanket as Fido silently snoozes in his Grey Wolf ultra-soft pet bed!


Stylish Faux Fur Home Décor

  • Pillows
  • Pet beds
  • Blankets and throws

Now that thefaux fur robe is your new favorite thing, you will want to share the luxe look and feel of faux fur with everyone who enters your den! No need to feel guilty about your newly found luxurioushouse robe. Your house guests and pooch can stay as comfortable and stylish as you.


3. You won’t get your paws on better features in any othermen’s robe.

Your new favoritehouse robe is soft and stylish, but is it functional? You will never compromise style, comfort, and versatility while wearing yourfaux fur robe. Where else can you find features on amen’s robe that let you go faux yet still stay fierce?

With deep pockets, yourmen’s robe can hold your phone in one pocket and car keys in the other, so you’re ready to prowl the streets at a moment’s notice. Or stash the remote in one and keep snacks in the other. Your den, your rules. The point is – deep pockets on an ultra-softfaux fur robe are a feature you will put to good use.


Fierce Features of aMen’s Robe

  • Hood + tie belt at waist
  • 2 outermen’s robe pockets
  • Adorable ears on hood
  • 100% plush faux fur cuddle fabric
  • Long or short length

These fierce features give you the option of tying yourmen’s robe up at the waist or letting that belt hang down for comfort. Keep your style on point and stay approachable with adorable ears on ahooded robe. Whether you are staying in or heading out,a faux fur robe is a statement that bears repeating!


Long Length or ShortFaux Fur Robe?

This is an important point of style and comfort. Do you prefer to be cuddled in a calf-lengthfaux fur robe or cut it short above the knee? If you find it hard to decide between the two, your animal would probably want you to have both! All joking aside, You are ready to embrace the wild and exceptionally clever animal within, aren’t you?

Ahooded robe provides an extra feature that serves up fashion in the den or on the prowl. The chill look of ahooded robe provides a cool option for hot style, whether you are hanging out or stalking the streets. Keep that hood up to add a little mystery to a look that’s fierce AF.


4. Ahooded robe is faux fur fire for festival wear.

Take your animalistic style to the nearest music festival and take a walk on the wild side! Ahooded robe with ears made with ultra-plush faux fur is sure to keep you at rock star status with the pack. Keep your phone and cash close at hand in those deep pockets, and let that belt – and your spirit! – hang loose.


Other Faux Fur Festival Faves


An adorably cutehooded robe complete with ears stirs up the heat with a super chill vibe. But you don't have to have ears if you don't want 'em! The comfort and style of your festival wear will inspire the crowd to go faux while dancing the night away. Slip into character and embrace your animal spirit while wrapping yourself in the ultra-plush comfort of festival wear, which also happens to be your favorite new thing – yourfaux fur robe.


5. Groom yourfaux fur robe occasionally.

Just like Fido gets a few licks in here and there, give yourhouse coat a proper grooming from time to time. You will be surprised to learn how easy it is to care for your faux fur – even after everything you put it through! Lounge, spill, groom, repeat. You will love keeping yourhooded robe sexy for years to come.

Yourfaux fur robe will be your new favorite thing because you don’t have to treat it like the luxury it is! But there is one hard and fast rule to preserving yournew faux fur robe - when you wear it in the den, don’t get too close to the fireplace! Heat can permanently damage yourfaux fur robe. (Don’t worry, your hot bod is perfectly safe.)


Steps to Cleaning YourFaux Fur Robe

  • Give it a whiff – decide to just shake it out
  • Brush with a wide-tooth comb
  • Lightly spritz with a fabric deodorizer
  • Hang in an open space
  • Run your paws through to fluff


If yourhooded robe needs more than a spritzing, consider a spot clean. Using cold water, rub the spot where your precious got a little soiled. (Red wine on your Arctic Wolf hooded robe? Stop the party and get right on that!) Use a wide-tooth brush to fluff out the fur and let it hang to dry. Yourfaux fur robe will be party-ready in no time!


Can You Wear aHouse Coat Year-Round?

If you are comfortable wearing clothes year-round, you will love wearing yourhouse coat throughout the year!Ahooded robe will quickly become an obsession and – as your new favorite thing – will become the wardrobe accessory of choice for every occasion. The cool comfort of the ultra-plushfaux fur robe will keep you feeling luxurious through every season and holiday.

As you consider the versatility of yourfaux fur robe, don’t forget that ahooded robe makes an excellent gift for the other guys in your pack. Giving the gift of a plushfaux fur robe is not only incredibly manly, but it is also legendary! (See above: James Bond.) Invite the pack to your den formen’s robe poker night and invent a new reason not to go out!

Start a new tradition of staying in with friends. Whether you drink wine or beer, eat pizza or wings, watch sports or a rom-com, you can all be lounging in comfort wearingfaux fur robes, wrapped in faux fur throws, and snuggling puppies on ultra-soft pet beds. What better way to spend a weekend – or weeknight! – than with friends who enjoy the comfort and style of faux fur as much as you.


Feel Good About YourFaux Fur Robe

Finally, in choosing the perfecthooded robe to be your new favorite thing, buy from a company that gives back to endangered animals for every purchase. SpiritHoods has a commitment to donate 10% of net profits to 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats. Let your animal spirit guide you to the bestfaux fur robe, and SpiritHoods will take care of protecting endangered animals and their real fur.

Level up your style at home and look fierce AF at the festival, all while enjoying the creature comforts of your new favorite thing. Themen’s robe will be the first accessory you reach for in the morning – if you even took it off the night before! – and the last accessory you will ever buy. Treat yourself to ahooded robe and feel good about your decision to go faux.

Whether your perfect night in involves binge-watching TV, curling up with a good book, or going for a prowl around your neighborhood, relaxation and comfort start the moment you glide into yourmen’s robe made with plush faux fur. It really is official – staying in with your newhooded robe is the new going out!

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