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  • TISSAVEL Faux Fur: Luxuriously soft for a reason

    November 15, 2023 3 min read

    TISSAVEL Faux Fur: Luxuriously soft for a reason


    You've probably seen us mention "TISSAVEL" on our website, newsletters, blogs, social media... Basically, everywhere. But what is this TISSAVEL stuff, really? And what makes it sooo special that we won't stop talking about it?

    If you've ever felt TISSAVEL first hand, you know what's up. And if you haven't... Well, we'll do what we can to help you understand just how gloriously soft and lavish TISSAVEL truly is. 



    two women holding tissavel faux fur throw


    TISSAVEL isn't your run of the mill faux fur and it isn't priced that way either. The softness and resilience (aka how well the fibers bounce back to their original form after being compressed) of TISSAVEL is simply unmatched. Even though TISSAVEL isn't real animal fur (remember, our faux furs are made of 100% acrylic with absolutely NO animal products) it is a highly coveted luxury fur; and the moment you feel it, you'll instantly understand why. It is unbelievably comfortable and you will never want to take this rich and sumptuous material off. 

    TISSAVEL Faux Fur is a higher density fiber that was originally developed in 1958 in the North of France in a town called Halluin. The faux fur fabric was created to offer a more affordable, but just as luxurious looking and feeling as real fur. It's important to note that TISSAVEL has a proprietary method used to make their faux fur, but what we do know is that it is made up of 50% patented Kanecaron modacrylic fibers and 50% recycled polyester fibers. The diameter and construction of the individual fibers is much finer than other faux fur fabrics, creating a softness that can only be felt to be believed. Its short pile gives it its silky touch and sheen, making it a popular choice for high end designers and us! It is widely regarded as the SOFTEST and most resilient fake fur available today. Its luxury is absolutely unrivaled. Simply put, TISSAVEL is some of the softest short-pile faux fur you'll ever get your paws on. 

    TISSAVEL+ is a more robust, long-pile version of our classic TISSAVEL. You'll notice TISSAVEL+ products have a much higher density, meaning it's perfect for those of you who love extra fluffy and plush things! TISSAVEL+ may not be as soft as its classic counterpart (it's really tough to beat our classic TISSAVEL in terms of softness!), but boasts a much thicker and heavier feel that many of you can't get enough of. 


    Given the nature of TISSAVEL as a high-end luxury product, it has always been a more expensive and more time intensive faux fur to produce. Often times, the production of these fabrics can take months, leading to longer than normal wait times for designers. And you know us, we love to bring you these products in fun and vibrant hues and that can lead to even longer production techniques and therefore prolonged delays. These special processes, as well as the extra time and attention they require, are what makes TISSAVEL the best faux fur on the planet. 

    Sadly, rising production costs including raw materials, manufacturing, and even new tariffs are pushing these costs even higher. For years, we've offered our line of TISSAVEL and TISSAVEL+ products at absolute rock-bottom prices as we wanted to provide the best deals possible for our customers. After crunching the numbers, we found that we're simply not making ends meet at the current prices. There's no other brand in the world offering TISSAVEL-quality products  at these prices (seriously, other brands charge upwards of thousands of dollars for products comparable to our TISSAVEL line). And they don't offer the colors and designs that we have at SpiritHoods!

    To responsibly adapt to the times, we will be updating our TISSAVEL pricing to reflect these new circumstances. We never look forward to raising prices, but understand it comes with the territory as a company dedicated to offering the highest quality products at the lowest possible prices. We love you guys tremendously and will always aim to keep prices as affordable as we can for everyone in our community. Oh, and of course—10% of our Net profits will still be going back to help save endangered animals everywhere. <3


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