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Faux Fur Decor 101: How to Make Your Home Fierce & Fluffy

March 03, 2020

Faux Fur Decor 101: How to Make Your Home Fierce & Fluffy

Photography by @marleymarotta (SpiritHoods Co-Founder)

Does this sound like you:

When visiting friends, you love to stroke their faux fur pillows as much as their real fur pets. Every time you find yourself in a store you make a beeline for the blankets and end up spending the next 20 minutes feeling up all the soft furry stuff.

Well, why not bring the cozy into your home?

Whether you live in a dorm, apartment, or house — adding a little (or a lot!) of faux fur decor to your space will make it warm and inviting.

We’re breaking down some of our favorite ways to style faux fur at home. Keep reading to channel your inner Martha Stewart. It’s time to make your living space fierce and fluffy. 

SpiritHoods as Art for your Home

Is your collection of SpiritHoods and shawls tucked away in a closet? Well, it’s time to bust them out!

Why keep your favorite pieces hidden away? Put them on display in your home. It’s a practical and stylish way to not only store, but show off your SpiritHoods collection. They’ll add color and texture to your space. And you’ll be able to grab your Grey Wolf or Snow Leopard SpiritHood easily.

Think your favorite SpiritHood might go great on that wall over there? Try this:

  1. Choose a convenient spot. In your bedroom or near an entryway makes it easy to grab a SpiritHood on your way out the door.
  2. Determine the best way to hang your SpiritHoods. If you’re in a dorm or renting, removable sticky hooks will be your best friend. If you’d like a little DIY challenge and have access to a drill — you can buy some attractive hooks at a hardware or home goods store. 
  3. Before drilling or sticking anything to your wall — create a plan! This is the key to making it look awesome. Measure the amount of space that you’ll need  to hang your hoods, then map it out on the floor.
  4. Once you’ve got the look locked down, grab a pencil and a measuring tape. Make light marks on the wall indicating where your hooks should be placed.
  5. Get to sticking or drilling.
  6. Now for the fun part! Arrange your hoods. You can display them by color, shape, species — whatever speaks to you.

Is a Faux Fur Blanket and a Faux Fur Throw the Same?

Not really.

Blankets are larger than throws. SpiritHoods blankets are about the same size as a king bed. You can wrap yourself in one and not have your chilly toes sticking out.

A throw is smaller. They’re easy to take camping and out for adventures. Keep in mind that since they’re shorter, you probably won’t be able to wrap your whole body in one of our throws — but you will be able to wear it around you like a cape thanks to our custom buttons! 

Faux fur throws are great for decorating your living space. Drape one over the corner of your couch. Toss it on your favorite armchair. They’re fantastic cuddle buddies for binge-watching that new Netflix series. Since they’re smaller, throws can be more versatile than blankets. You don’t have to worry that a throw will look too heavy in a small space.

Faux Fur Pillows & Rugs

Did you know SpiritHoods has faux fur rugs? The Arctic Wolf Faux Fur SpiritHoods Rug is made from luxurious TISSAVEL+ faux fur. It’s soft, durable and oh-so plush. We love the way it looks laid across a wood floor. You can also layer it on top of a carpet for that plush, boho look.

A furry pillow can add a pop of personality to any room. Faux fur pillows work in bedrooms and living rooms. You can even bring faux fur into your kitchen and use one as a chair cushion. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and types of fur. The more texture and color you add to your space the richer it will feel.

Pets Love Faux Fur Too

It's time to get real. Before you invest in a cozy faux fur blanket or pillow you need to know the truth: Your pet is going to steal it.

Much like you, your furry best friend appreciates quality. And pets love SpiritHoods. It’s a classic combination. Like peanut butter and jelly. So be prepared to share your new purchase with everyone in your home.

If you're looking for extra cuddles a new faux fur throw can coax a standoffish feline over for a snuggle.

When you’re adding a faux fur pillow or blanket to your home, think about what will work best with your animal’s coat. If you’ve got a black dog who sheds, a darker color faux fur blanket will reveal less of your pup’s hair.

Advanced Faux Fur Decor: The Cuddle Puddle

It’s time to level up your inner interior decorator. Here’s a recipe for the ultimate faux fur decor masterpiece. The Cuddle Puddle! Your very own cuddle puddle is the perfect place to snuggle up. Read a book, enjoy some hang time with your besties, or take a long nap.

Start with a nice soft base. Any cozy carpet or rug will do. Next, grab some big pillows or an ottoman to use as a foundation and to lean against. Now it’s time to go wild with faux fur. Some pillows and a blanket or throw will make things nice and inviting.

Bonus points: Hang your SpiritHoods around your cuddle puddle area.

Extra double bonus points: Build a fort, then make a cuddle puddle nest inside. Say goodbye to the world because (let’s be honest) you’re never coming out again!

SpiritHoods at Home

Coats, hoods, and shawls are wonderful ways to dress in faux fur. You meet awesome people and get to show your love of animals to the world. Now, it’s time to let your home in on the fun.

Find a creative way to display your current SpiritHoods collection or invest in a new piece. Let your personality shine in your decor just as you do with your clothes.

Are you ready to try one of our suggestions? Or maybe you’re already decorating with faux fur? Either way, we wanna see it! Snap a pic and tag #SpiritHoods on Instagram. We’ll feature some of our favorites.

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