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  • Best Faux Fur Home Decor: 5 Reasons Why Your Instincts are On Point

    October 04, 2022 4 min read

    Best Faux Fur Home Decor: 5 Reasons Why Your Instincts are On Point

    When it comes to our personal space, we prefer a den that snuggles and comforts us during the times we need it most. And even though coziness is our priority, we also love showing off our sophisticated style when our pack comes to visit. The average bear may struggle to achieve that look, but your inner animal is ready to be unleashed, and your home décor is ripe for change. Go faux and let your home become your favorite place to hibernate this year. 

    Why fit in when you can stand out? Faux fur is fire when it comes to design, and opening your home to the best faux fur home décor is the perfect way to achieve comfortable sophistication. So put your phone on silent, wrap up in your favorite faux fur coat, and relax into these five reasons to go faux.

     5 Reasons Faux Fur is the Best Home Décor

    1. Animal-friendly
    2. Fierce fashion
    3. Unifies the space
    4. Luxe comfort
    5. Resilient design

    1. Rock Home Décor that is Animal-Friendly

    If you are like SpiritHoods, you are on a mission to save animals. Our animal-friendly faux fur home décor will promote your love of animals while supporting your cruelty-free lifestyle with fierce fashion. Ready to binge movies and chill? Pile on the faux fur blankets or snuggle with your fur-baby on his faux fur dog bed  and hibernate for a few seasons of “Planet Earth.” Complete. Animal. Love. 

    Places to Use Animal-Friendly Décor

    • Bedroom
    • Couch
    • Fave recliner
    • Fireside (careful! Not too close!)

    The proverbial bear rug in front of a fire is not always the best idea! We know you will want to cozy up next to the fire in a plush faux fur throw; however, be mindful that acrylic is not meant to be close to flames! A healthy distance will keep the mood and also keep your valued  faux fur blanket in perfect condition.

    2. Fierce faux fur fashion is on point.

    Go faux and explore the faux fur designs that bring a sense of grown-up sexiness and character into your home. Faux fur home décor has an edginess balanced with a softer side that appeals to any adventurer or fan of comfort. These fluffy accents go beyond the caveman vibe and straight to the cozy nature in all of us.

    Where to Add Faux Fur to Home Décor:

    • Throw a faux fur blanket on the bed
    • Pile faux fur pillows on the love seat
    • Put faux fur throws on the couch for movie time
    • Give your fur-baby a faux fur dog bed

    Your den is your safe space and the place that brings you the most peace. Snuggling up in a faux fur blanket watching TV may be your new way to do Sunday Funday with the wolf pack. Lean into your inner animal and unleash the fierce fashion inside of you that craves comfort!

    3. Unify Your Space with Wild Style

    Bring all the elements of your furniture together with faux fur home décor. Casually toss a Dire Wolf faux fur blanket over your vegan leather chair. Add a  faux fur pillow to your favorite window seat to bring color and comfort to your favorite reading nook. 

    Faux fur home décor unifies  the four elements of nature in your space. The Golden Jackal Faux Fur Throw ties into the sustainable wood coffee table and brings out the natural wood element of the room. Lose yourself in the style of faux fur home décor but be mindful of fire – next to faux fur, it’s no bueno

    4. Fab Faux Fur Home Décor is Luxe Comfort

    Close your eyes. Now think about the softest animal fur you have ever stroked. Did you ever want to stop? The Arctic Wolf Faux Fur Throw is made with Tissavel, and you will never want to be without this faux fur blanket again! Tissavel is the most high-end, luxurious faux fur material. It's sheen and richness resembles real fur so closely, that you'll be questioning why anybody would ever own anything but faux fur ever again. All the opulence and none of the cruelty. Tissavel is sure to be your go-to home decor fashion!

    Why is Faux Fur Luxe?

    • Made with Tissavel
    • Plush feel
    • Long-pile faux fur
    • Short-pile faux fur

    Spoil the Pack

    And doesn’t your fur baby deserve the ultimate in comfort? Picture your little beast, looking cute AF and being the V good boy that he is enjoying the comfort of a Dire Wolf Extra Soft  faux fur dog bed. And you know the cat (also a V good fur-baby!) will think it's theirs anyway, so buy two! Your fur babies never looked so good, enjoying their own ultra-plush faux fur dog bed that matches your favorite faux fur pillow or faux fur blanket!

    5. Quality Faux Fur is Resilient 

    Give play a new meaning with resilient and timeless faux fur décor. Your faux fur blanket and faux fur pillows will last the test of time when made with durable 100% acrylic faux fur. These designs are made to have you prowling into the local music festival with the faux fur throw around your shoulders. Or relaxing in your den, ready for whatever night time activities you enjoy.

    Quality faux fur home décor can take a beating! One too many parties and a few too many spilled drinks? That faux fur blanket will bounce right back with just a little grooming. Is the faux fur pet bed starting to smell a bit too much like your V good boy (who likes rolling in the mud as much as the next guy)? Our faux fur dog beds were designed with removable covers. Hey – we know comfort and convenience and we LOVE animals! 

    Faux Fur Display

    Be sure to place your faux fur home décor in places people can touch it. Who doesn’t want to take a mental vacation while stroking an ultra-soft faux fur blanket? The world of design may say less is more, but we say more is best! When you have a love for faux fur fashion, all you want to do is pile it up. And we say yes, please!

    There are so many ways to use faux fur home décor in your den year-round! The cozy opulence of faux fur gives it a glamorous and inviting look in every season. Faux fur glam never goes out of season, so keep your faux fur pillows, faux fur throws, and faux fur blankets on hand for gatherings in your den or outings to the park.