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  • How to Rock Faux Fur Fashion

    July 18, 2022 8 min read

    How to Rock Faux Fur Fashion

    Faux fur fashion continues to dominate the market, from cold-weather wear to music festival attire. But trust us; you don't want to be left behind on this furrocious trend. From classic, neutral colors and styles to adorable eared hoods with bold, patterned flare, there’s a faux fur coat or accessory to suit everyone’s taste. So, whether you're looking for faux fur fashion to keep your bits warm and snuggly, decorate the den, or add to your next cosplay costume, faux fur vests and hoods are ideal for all your needs.

    What is Faux Fur? 

    Faux fur, or fake fur, mimics real fur's plush look and feel. However, faux fur fashion stands against harming our furry friends by using synthetic materials. While the quality of materials used to create luxurious faux fur jackets and accessories certainly affects the pet-worthiness of your badass attire, high-quality faux fur fashion can most certainly replicate real fur.

    What to Look for in Faux Fur Fashion 

    Woman wearing Rose Quartz Wolf Luxe Classic Faux Fur Robe

    Shopping for a chic faux fur hood or jacket takes a bit of knowledge. Don't worry; we'll teach you a thing or two to help train your eye as you set out on your hunt for the perfect attire. When you’re educated about the quality of faux fur fashion, you’ll soon realize that not all faux fur is created equal. And nobody wants to wear a less-than-pet-worthy outfit, right? So, buckle up and prepare to be schooled.

    High-quality faux fur fashion comes with tremendous benefits. First, you won't be fooled into impulsively buying just any fluffy pink jacket you fall in love with when you know what to look for. There are three qualities, in particular, you should be on the lookout for when evaluating the quality of faux fur coats and accessories you’re eyeing.

    What Should You Look for in High-Quality Faux Fur Fashion? 

    High-quality faux fur should meet or exceed high standards in three areas before you shell out your hard-earned cash. 

    The top 3 areas to evaluate when examining faux fur fashion include:

    • Softness
    • Shedding
    • Resilience 

    Pet It for Softness

    This one should go without saying. I mean, do you really want to slip into a faux fur bomber that feels like straw? Of course you don’t. So don’t settle for faux fur fashion that doesn’t leave you longing to pet your scarf or give yourself bear hugs. Instead, when you drape a faux fur robe or jacket around your bod, you should feel like you’re engulfed in a momma bear’s embrace. 

    Man wearing Water Wolf Classic Faux Fur Style Robe

    Test for Shedding

    Don’t be the one in the pack leaving a trail of fake fur behind as you prowl the grounds at your favorite music festival. High-quality faux fur fashion should never leave an embarrassing pile of fluff behind. So, whether you're out in the wind, dancing the night away, or chillin' around a campfire (but not too close since heat damage is death to faux fur!), you should feel confident your fur won't be going anywhere! 

    Test your faux fur hood, coat, or vest by giving it a little ruffle. Don’t be afraid to run through it with your paws. Go ahead and get in there! Better to find out now than watch cotton candy pink fur sprinkles a trail behind you.

    Examine for Resilience

    As you pet your faux fur jacket, pay close attention to the movement of the synthetic fibers. You should see them bounce back into position with ease. If the fur you’re petting doesn’t spring back to life after a bit of compression, pass on the faux roadkill and search elsewhere for high-quality faux fur.

    What is Tissavel Faux Fur?

    While there are several faux fur coat and accessory producers globally, only two are recognized for their near-real fur quality. Tissavel is paws down one of the two leaders in high-end luxury imitation fur. Both dens - Tissavel in France and Tiger J. in New York – outrank all others in color, patterns, and quality.

    In 2015, we began offering our premium product lines featuring Tissavel faux fur. It’s known for its luxurious high-density fiber, creating top luxury faux fur fashion products. By combining unmatched softness, warmth, and sleek style, you are sure to step out in head-turning faux fur fashion wherever you go.

    Faux Fur Fashion Options for Everyone

    Worried you won't find faux fur that suits your taste? Don’t worry - these babies are available in an unbelievable range of fabulous colors, patterns, and styles. So whether you feel like dancing under the stars in a sleek, mysterious Black Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat or fluttering your wings in a bold hooded butterfly coat, your possibilities are truly endless! And, if you can’t quite decide, just look within yourself and embrace that inner animal spirit! 

    Understanding Faux Fur Fashion Measurements

    We want you to be warm and comfy without looking like you're being attacked by a bear. So, if you're purchasing your faux fur jacket online, it's vital to get your measurements correct. Besides, you wanna throw that bad boy on and take it for a stroll as soon as it arrives, don’t you?

    Every brand should provide you with its faux fur fashion sizing guide. Take the time to browse through the chart and compare your measurements. Some sites will often provide information within the product description on the models’ measurements and the size of the garment pictured for reference.

    We always like to recommend skimming through buyer reviews to get a feel for what others are saying about the size and fit. Take note if the faux fur coat you’re drooling over is a snug fit, runs big, or is better suited for taller bods.

    Keep in mind each brand and the styles within a brand may have a different fit. Familiarize yourself with this info before selecting your size. 

    How to Select the Ideal Faux Fur Fashion

    Man wearing Brindle Wolf Hooded Faux Fur Coat

    Whether this is your first faux fur or you’re torn between the fierce Brindle Wolf and the manly Manx Cat, we urge you to wander on over to our spirit animal quiz. Have a little fun with it as you find out which animal you relate to most.

    If you’re still looking for a bit of faux fur fashion advice, we’ve put together a list of some of our hottest items. So, whether you're headed to a music festival or ski lodge, we've got you covered.  

    What Should I Wear to a Music Festival? 

    From festival newbies to seasoned pros, you know your festival attire needs to turn heads. It's an anything-goes kinda wardrobe, so throw on a halter top and slip into a pair of snakeskin leggings paired with a faux fur bomber. You’ll feel sexy AF and stay snug under the stars on cool nights. 

    While some of your faux fur fashion options may depend on the weather, the best advice we can offer is to layer for bright, sunshiny days and howling at the moon on a chilly night. Then, whatever you decide to slip into, just express yourself and have fun with your faux fur fashion! Step out of your comfort zone and embrace your inner wild child.

    Why Dress in Festival Faux Fur Fashion? 

    Long hours in the cold call for more than your average jacket. And when you’re at a music festival, you want your entire outfit to count. So, keeping those bits warm at the event means selecting a coat designed to keep you toasty, comfortable, and hot AF.

    Man wearing Bobcat Faux Fur Bucket Hat

    Your festival attire says a lot about your unique personality. Naturally, you want to show off all your assets, from adorable ears to a Bobcat Bucket Hat. Our SpiritHoods are made for all your fashion needs. We make 'em fun yet practical and functional, from festival-going faux fur coats to faux fur shawls.

    Besides, a festival isn’t as fascinating without a well-put-together outfit. So, adorn your bod in a faux fur coat and make your big entrance. Just remember, your festival attire should make an impact while keeping you warm for the long night ahead. Whether you choose playful or fierce, your festival faux fur fashion choice will set the stage for your incredible adventure.

    Faux Fur Fashion for Cold Temps

    Chilly night ahead? We suggest layering with your favorite faux fur vest. Ladies, our fave is the Nighthawk Hooded Faux Fur Fashion Vest. It’s sure to keep you warm in all the right spots with an open, airy design for breathable attire. If the night air kicks up, tug on that hood and show off that adorable faux fur fashion.

    Guys, we think you look just as hot in our faux fur vests. Our pockets keep all your necessities secure and offer a place to warm your paws at night. So toss on a Golden Jackal Faux Fur Vest, soak up some sun during the day, and then add a layer for prowling in the cold night air.

    Our hoods double as fashionable scarves if you're out in the snow and need some extra warmth. Keep that bod warm with any of our playful eared hoods. Or bundle up in a calf-length faux fur coat for extra winter protection.

    Man wearing Dire Wolf Faux Fur Calf Length Coat

    How to Care for Your Faux Fur Fashion Wear

    Your silky, soft faux fur may look fierce, but it does need a bit of TLC now and then. If your fabulous faux fur takes on an accident or two, a spot clean or date with the tub may be in order. We know accidents happen. Never fear – we’ve got your back with all you need to know to take proper care of your faux fur investment.

    The good news is faux fur is much easier to clean than real fur. However, bathing your faux fur fashion requires specific steps to ensure it stays in its best shape. As a result, your faux fur bae will likely need a complete bath once or twice a year, with the occasional spot cleanings as needed.

    Spot Cleaning Your Faux Fur 

    If you have a fight with a beverage or flying meatball sub, no need to panic. After the festivities, follow these simple spot cleaning steps to get your fur babe back to its gorgeous self again.

    Step 1 - Dunk the soiled area into a bowl of cool water. After you slosh it around a few times, gently rub the soiled area against itself. Your typical spills should wash away easily with a good soak and rub.

    Step 2 - Remove your faux fur from the water and squeeze gently or press firmly to remove excess water. DO NOT wring it out, as you can damage your fur. The goal is to remove as much water as you can, not punish the poor thing.

    Step 3 - Hang your faux fur in an open area to dry. NEVER use heat, or you WILL cause irreversible damage. You'll also want to avoid direct sunlight and cramped quarters. Open, airy places are ideal for drying.

    Step 4 – Use the SpiritHoods comb you received with your purchase to comb, fluff, and reshape your fur. If you have a different fur brand, your fingers can do the job nicely! 

    If spot cleaning does not take care of your little mishap, you’ll want to give that baby a full bath. While it sounds a bit involved, we promise you'll get that bad boy back into pristine condition in no time. Just be sure to follow our detailed faux fur cleaning guide, and you'll be good as new!

    A Commitment to Faux Fur Fashion

    Man wearing Golden Jackal Faux Fur Vest

    When you go faux, you take a stand against animal cruelty. Becoming a part of the solution makes you part of our pack, and we love ya for it! At SpiritHoods, we strive to be a voice for our fur friends and create a world where faux fur fashion is the ONLY way to go.  

    We stand by our commitment to helping educate people and end the use of real fur. Not only that, but we also embrace our duty to produce goods that promote global economic wellbeing and long-term sustainability. We take that responsibility seriously. Partnering with and supporting like-minded organizations and individuals who help give animals a voice is what we are all about. 

    We work with partners who share our beliefs and want to make a stronger impact than ever be-faux. Our proud pack works with incredible manufacturing partners, striving to create new methods for producing sleek, high-quality faux fur fashion for you. With cutting-edge technology and materials, we strive to help save the lives of our fur friends.

    You can feel pawsitively awesome about your purchases from SpiritHoods. We donate 10% of our net profits to help endangered animals. It’s our way of making the world a better place for our fur friends.

    Ready to slip into some fabulous faux fur fashion? We’ve got everything you’re looking for to create the purrfect look!