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  • Music Festival Fashion: Our Guide On What To Wear To Your Next Music Festival

    May 25, 2022 8 min read

    Music Festival Fashion: Our Guide On What To Wear To Your Next Music Festival

    Is there anything more thrilling than preparing for an upcoming music festival? For us, it’s the fierce festival faux fur fashion that really perks our ears. It's enough to get our inner animal spirit worked up, from pulling out the party pads and faux fur blankets to deciding on a furrocious faux fur outfit for the event!

    We want to help you prep for your first or 50th festival by sharing all our best wardrobe tips. We’ll have you dressed in killer festival faux fur coats and accessories, so you're ready to dance all night with your pack. 

    Woman wearing snakeskin black velvet leggings

    What Do I Wear to the Music Festival?

    Whether you are a newbie to the festival scene or a die-hard pro, we’ve put together some tips to get your wardrobe ready for the event. Of course, anything goes at festivals, from halter tops and booty shorts to sleek snakeskin leggings. While some of your options may be weather-dependent, the best advice we can give is to layer for sunshine during the day and all-night dancing during the chilly night. But most of all, express yourself and have fun with your faux fur fashion!

    When it comes to festival fashion, take advantage and show the world your inner animal spirit! Be bold, flashy, and daring with your wardrobe. Create a unique costume that sets you apart from the pack. While we encourage you to be eccentric, we also want you to be comfortable and warm. Depending on where your next music festival is scheduled, you may need a bit of extra faux fur to make that happen! 

    Best Faux Fur Fashion for Bundling Up at Music Festivals

    Whether your area gets chilly at night or you’re in need of all-day bundle attire, we’ve got you covered. Our plush music festival faux fur coats, vests, and accessories are designed with your events and adventures in mind.

    If you’re headed out for a day under the sun with a forecast of crisp air at night, we suggest toting your faux fur fashion-savvy bombers. Ladies, you’ll look amazing in our plush Aurora Alpaca Collector Edition Faux Fur bomber jacket. Show off your nocturnal inner animal spirit when you pull this beauty on. You’ll stay snug in all the right areas while the open vest design keeps your festival attire breathable under the sun. Then, pull your hood on to stay extra cozy and super adorable all night under the stars. Another great option is our Ultra Soft Faux Fur Sweater and Pant from our Apparel Collection. They are a short pile faux fur that is softer than anything in our line of products to date, and will leave you warm, cozy, and stylish, all night long! 

    Woman wearing Nighthawk Hooded Faux Fur Vest

    Guys, we know you love those faux fur bomber jackets just as much as we do. With pockets for your necessities or to warm your paws at night, you’ll turn heads in our Butterfly Faux Fur Bomber Jacket. Kick it with a tank or tee in your bomber under the sun by day, then slip on an extra layer to keep you warm for the rest of the night. Or try our all new Ultra Soft Faux Fur Sweaters and Pants from our Apparel collection, they are guaranteed to be the softest clothes you've ever worn in your life! 

    Headed to a music festival with less chill factor to worry over? May we suggest rollin’ in wearing one of our new faux fur fashion glitter collection hoods? Yep, you’ll really stand out when the sun goes down, and those lights catch your Dire Wolf Faux Fur Hood. Faux fur fashion has never been so fierce. You can embrace your inner confidence and courage while you're out mingling with your pack in style – adorable furry ears and all! 

    Our Rainbow Bear Collector Edition Faux Fur Hood is ideal for spreading good vibes and sassy fashion statements. Purrrfect for windy days, you can tuck those lovely locks under your eared hood while warming your hands in our signature pawkets. Don't worry; there's plenty of space to hide your goodies and unmentionables in there, too.

    If the night air does turn a bit brisk on you, no worries. All of our hoods double as toasty scarves. Yep, you’ll be dancin’ under the stars while keeping that bod warm with your posh scarf and playful eared hood. 

    Why Wear Festival Faux Fur Coats? 

    If you’re in for a cold adventure, particularly in the winter weather, your average puffer jacket just won’t cut it. Not only do you want your bits to be warm and comfortable, but you'll also want to look just as hot as the rest of the cool kids. Festival faux fur coats are practical, functional, and downright unique when paired with clothing that shows off your personality and style. So bundle up, baby, 'cuz your sleek new coat will keep your mind off the cold so you can party all night long!

    A music festival faux fur coat is more than just a cozy cloak of warmth. The coat you choose to make your grand entrance in is the most crucial part of your festival attire.

    If you haven’t experienced your first music festival yet, trust us! Your wardrobe should make a statement while keeping you snug for the long night ahead.From playful to furrocious, your choice of faux fur fashion sets the stage for your adventure.

    If your dark and mysterious side will be attending the festivities, we recommend draping your bod in our Women’s Black Wolf Classic Festival Faux Fur Coat. Or, make a bold, colorful splash in our Women’s Lavender Wolf Luxe Classic Festival Faux Fur Coat. No matter which persona comes out to party, don’t forget to slip into a pair of Velvet SpiritHoods Leggings for the occasion. These babies come in a variety of animal-inspired prints and pair purrfectly with any festival faux fur coat you choose to wear.

    And fellas, if you’re lookin’ to turn heads at the event, slip into a fine Wolverine Hooded Faux Fur Fashion Men’s Coat for the occasion. Your music festival faux fur coat will ooze determination and power if the wolverine's spirit speaks to you. On the other hand, if you prefer a hoodless music festival faux fur coat, may we suggest keeping your head warm and fashion-forward with a Neon Disco Kitty Faux Fur Bucket Hat. The contrasting print shows off your fierce personality while the overall style says, "I'm playful at heart." 

    Additional Essentials for a Fabulous Festival

    We want you to have an awesome experience at your music festival, including being totally prepared. Chances are, you’ll be there for the long haul, so knowing the essentials you should have with you is vital.

    Other Essentials to Consider Taking to Your Music Festival Include:

    • sleeping bags, blankets, or throws to keep you warm and snug when you need a rest
    • extra socks for those damp or chilled toes
    • plenty of water to stay hydrated
    • thermal travel mugs to keep your beverages toasty and make you feel like you’re camping in the wild with your pack
    • Beanies - for quick relief from the cold as the sun goes down and before you outfit change to the night scene.

    Woman wearing bobcat faux fur beanieHow Do I Choose High-Quality Faux Fur Fashion?

    While it's easy to get swept away in the stunning variety of festival faux fur coats, just remember – not all faux fur fashion is created equally. Sure, faux fur is meant to look and feel like the real thing, but does it?

    The manufacturing process of synthetic fibers will ultimately decide the quality of your festival faux fur coat and accessories. So as you shop around for high-quality faux fur fashion, you want to consider three factors.

    3 Factors of High-Quality Faux Fur Fashion Include:

    • resilience
    • softness
    • shedding

    Why is High-Quality Fiber Important?

    Run your fingers through the music festival faux fur coats you're eyeing. Go ahead! Give it a good pet. First, you want to feel the quality of the faux fur inviting you to snuggle up.  

    Next, try it on and give it a whirl. You don’t want to show up to the festival in faux fur fashion that will shed all its fur the moment a gust of wind hits you! High-quality faux fur fashion will ensure your coat or accessory’s fur bounces back into place, can withstand harsh weather, and keep its luster through years of use.

    Creating high-quality festival faux fur coats and accessories demands high-quality fibers. Here at SpiritHoods, we only work with the highest-grade fibers. We stand behind every product we create, from our selection of faux fur fashion home goods to our fashion-forward headwear. Utilizing the highest quality materials for all our faux fur fashion products ensures that you look perfect, feel amazing, and can play hard.

    Caring for Your Festival Faux Fur Coats, Accessories, and Home Goods

    We want to ensure the longevity of your festival faux fur coat by educating you on how to care for your faux fur fashion and accessories. Showing your faux the right kind of love and attention will help it stay full and luxurious for years to come. 

    Woman wearing black panther collard faux fur coat

    How Often Should I Clean My Festival Faux Fur Coat and Accessories?

    Unless you’ve been frolicking in the dirt at your latest music festival, you may only need a full wash and dry for your faux fur beauty twice a year. You want to keep your faux fur garments in excellent shape, which means avoiding over-washing. 

    Some festival faux fur coats and accessories may need a little extra TLC. How often and how hard you prowl in your Black Panther Faux Fur or snuggle on the ground in your Wolf Throw will determine if your items need extra care. While this could mean a quick spot clean or airing out now and then, use and environment may ultimately determine how many baths your fur requires. If you only slip into the warmth of one of these bad boys a few times a year, you can get away with a good dunking just once or twice a year.

    How To Wash Your Festival Faux Fur Coat, Jacket, or Vest

    Keep in mind faux fur is a unique fabric. Washing it by hand will ensure its longevity. While it may sound like overkill, we promise it won't be that difficult. With a bit of love and patience, you’ll have your music festival faux fur coat and accessories ready for the next major event!

    Follow our handy care instructions to ensure your faux fur stays as luxurious as the day you bought it:

    1. Prepare your item by removing everything from your pockets. Don’t forget the secret zipper pocket if it's made by SpiritHoods.
    1. Fill up a large bowl, sink, or bathtub with cool water. Most of our faux fur hoods, hats, and shawls fit within a large bowl or kitchen sink. We highly recommend putting your festival faux fur coat, jacket, vest, blanket, or throw in your tub for optimal results. Tubs are the puuurrrrfect size.
    2. Wash your faux fur by submerging it in the cool water and giving it a few good swishes. It's a bit shocking how much dirt and debris get caught in these things at festivals, so just be prepared for murky waters! 

    Carefully but firmly hand wash your item to ensure all dirt is free from the fur.

    1. Rinse your coat by emptying and refilling the sink or tub with fresh, cool water. Stains and visible spots may require additional gentle rubbing to remove. 
    1. Squeeze your coat firmly but gently to remove as much excess water as possible. DO NOT wring it out.
    1. Hang dry your coat after removing as much water as possible. NEVER PUT YOUR FAUX FUR IN THE DRYER! Heat is NOT your friend. We recommend hanging your SpiritHoods faux fur near an open window in a bathroom. You can also hang it outside, but never in direct sunlight.
    1. Brush your faux fur with a wide-toothed brush while it is still damp. This step will help your faux fur coats and accessories retain their natural shape and luster.

    When your coat is completely dry, give it one more comb through to fluff it back up. Running your fingers through the fur works well, too. Go on, give it a pet.

    How Do I Store My Music Festival Faux Fur Coat? 

    If you smash your clothes and jackets too close together, it can damage the full fluff appearance of your coat. And nobody wants to see a lifeless faux fur at the party.

    Now that you're up to speed on all things music festival prep, it's time to put together your ultimate faux fur fashion ensemble! Shop for Faux Fur Festival Outfits now.