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  • Costume Contest: $1500+ in Prizes! #HalloweenSpiritHoods

    October 22, 2021 4 min read

    woman wearing faux fur coat with halloween costume for costume contest

    Photo courtesy @hannaleemarie

    Join us in celebrating one of our favorite Howlidays of the year by entering our 𝐇𝐨𝐰𝐥-🎃-𝐖𝐞𝐞𝐧 Costume Contest for a chance to win over $1,500+ in prizes!

    Here are the categories you can enter:

    (GRAND PRIZE) Best Costume: $350 Gift Card

    Think YOUR costume is in a league of its own?! We want to see it!! The more creative, the better. Use make-up, clothing, and any other accessories you can think of to take your SpiritHood costume game to the next level! There are no rules (other than using SpiritHoods as part of your costume), so be a visionary and think as far outside the box as you want!

    🏆 CONGRATS @diarrapolk!!

    (RUNNER UP) Best Costume: $150 Gift Card

    🏆 CONGRATS @k.v.collective!!


    Most Creative Photo or Video: $300 Gift Card

    Do you create killer content?! Capture the thrill of trick-or-treat season and submit your most visually captivating Halloween photo for a chance to reign king (or queen!) over this category! It’s up to you to compose the shot EXACTLY how you want — from picking out the perfect costume (for you or a subject of your choosing), framing the shot, background scenery, composition, lighting, editing, etc. To win this category, you’ll need more than just a great costume (featuring at least one SpiritHoods item), you'll want to make sure you capture the purrrfect photo (or video!) of you or your subject.

    🏆 CONGRATS @moonbeamstarkitten!!

    Best Couples Costume: $350 Gift Card per couple (or $175 each!)

    The best things in life often come in twos and this category is no different! All you’ll need is a good theme and your best friend, lover, coworker, or random person you met 5 minutes ago to wear a matching costume with you! At least ONE SpiritHoods product must be used as part of the costume, but BOTH costumes must be related and complimentary to be eligible to win this category.

    🏆 CONGRATS @planet_andrew!!


    Best Halloween Makeup: $150 Gift Card

    Now's your chance to showoff those masterful makeup skills! A couple requirements for this one: 1) your costume must include at least ONE SpiritHood product, and 2) makeup should compliment your 2021 costume. So throw on some of the wildest makeup you’ve ever done and enter for a chance to win this category! 

    🏆 CONGRATS @the.dusty.hare!!

    Best Kids Costume (12 and under): $100 Gift Card

    Kids 12 and younger can enter to win something too! Let your kid's imagination run wild as they enter for a chance to win our Best Kids Costume category! With no rules (besides including a SpiritHoods item as part of their costume), the possibilities are endless! ANY costume can win—scary costumes, cute costumes, creative costumes… you name it, we want to see it! 

    🏆 CONGRATS Krysty Thomas!!

    Best Animal-Inspired Costume (NO SPIRITHOODS REQUIRED!): $150 Gift Card

    No SpiritHood? No problem! This category is for anyone who has always wanted to own some SpiritHoods but hasn’t been able to join the pack just yet. BUT NOW’S YOUR CHANCE!! Submit your most creative animal-inspired costume for a chance to win your very first SpiritHood! Participants in this category must NOT own a SpiritHoods item (but also, please don’t wear any competitor Hoods or Coats). 

    🏆 CONGRATS BonnieandBeth Abelew!!






    different people using spirithoods apparel to complete their Halloween costumes



    Post a photo or video of your Halloween costume to your  Instagram feed.

    • Step 1. Follow @SpiritHoods if you haven't already.

    • Step 2. Make sure your Instagram profile is  PUBLIC. We are not be able to see entries from private profiles (...if we can't see your entries, you can't be entered for a chance to win 🙁 ).

    • Step 3. Post a photo or video of your costume to your  feed (NOT stories) and include this in your caption: 

      This is how I'm showing my Halloween Spirit(Hoods) this year! Hoping to win the @SpiritHoods Costume Contest with over $1500 in prizes! #HalloweenSpiritHoods

    *If you don't want to make your Instagram profile public, try entering via Facebook instead.


    Submit a photo or video of your Halloween costume to SpiritHoods facebook wall.

    • Step 1. Go to the SpiritHoods Facebook Page.

    • Step 2. Create a post.

    • Step 3. Upload a photo or video of your costume.

    • Step 4. Include this in your caption: 

      This is how I'm showing my Halloween Spirit(Hoods) this year! Hoping to win the SpiritHoods Costume Contest with over $1500 in prizes! #HalloweenSpiritHoods

    • Step 5. Post.


    Entries will be accepted until 11:59pm PST November 2, 2021.

    You will officially be entered into the contest once your costume has been submitted via Instagram or Facebook.

    Prizes will be awarded via electronic Gift Card and delivered via email after the winners are announced on November 5, 2021. Winners will be announced on the blog as well as on social media. Please Direct Message (DM) us to claim your prize.


    Submit ONE (1) photo or video on either platform (BUT NOT BOTH) using the hashtag #HalloweenSpiritHoods. Unwatermarked original content only. Content with any type of watermarks including copyright signs, website addresses, or logos are not eligible and will not be entered into the contest. 


    Be sure to include the name of your costume so that we know exactly what you were for Half HOWL-O-WEEN. Feel free to share any backstory or the source of your costume inspiration! :)


    Each unique costume submitted will count as ONE (1) entry. You may enter multiple times using different costumes; but each costume may only be submitted ONCE. Duplicate costume entries will be disqualified. Entrants may only win once, even if multiple unique entries are submitted.


    By entering this contest you are granting SpiritHoods the rights to use any submitted content on our properties, including social media, website, newsletter, and more. Winners may be featured several times across multiple platforms.

    Entries accepted until Nov. 2, 2021 @ 11:59pm PST.
    Winners will be announced by Nov. 5, 2021.

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