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2018 Howloween Costume Contest

October 15, 2018

2018 Howloween Costume Contest

Win the best SpiritHoods Howloween inspired costume contest this Fall. With over $1,700 in halloween prizes in 5 categories, there are plenty of chances to win (we will be picking one winner from each category).

    How to Enter

    Basic Rules:

    1. 1 or more SpiritHoods products must be featured in costume photo from this Halloween, 2018.
    2. Must be Following SpiritHoods on Instagram or Facebook
    3. Must tag 3 friends to the Howloween Make-up tutorial and Contest post on either Facebook or Instagram
    4. Caption on Howloween submission photo must say "This is my Entry to the @SpiritHoods Costume Contest. Enter to Win $1,700 in Prizes #SHhowloween"

    Submission Deadline: Friday, November 2nd, Winners will be announced on Tuesday, November 6th

    Submit a photo of your SpiritHoods Howloween inspired costume featuring one of your SpiritHood items, on either Instagram or Facebook no later than November 2nd (don't submit on both platforms please!)

    For Instagram submissions:

     Submit a photo by using the hashtag #SHhowloween 

    For Facebook submissions:

     Submit a photo to SpiritHoods facebook wall.

      1. Go to our SpiritHoods Facebook Page
      2. Create a post
      3. Upload your Howloween inspired Photo
      4. Write "This is my Entry to the @SpiritHoods Costume Contest. Enter to Win $1,700 in Prizes #SHhowloween"in the description
      5. Add Link to SpiritHoods Costume Contest Blog in your post:
      6. Post

    *If your instagram is not public, we will not see your post. So if you don't want to change your instagram to public, please post on the SpiritHoods Facebook Wall or vice versa.

    If you need past costume inspiration please see 2018 Halloween costume ideas on our blog.

    AWARD #1 - Best Costume 

    This is the best-dressed category for contestants 18-years-old or older. Be creative! Use make-up, clothing, and any other accessories you can think of to take your SpiritHood costume game to the next level and win a $500 Gift Card to SpiritHoods! Feel free to be as visionary and think outside the box as there is no set rules other than using SpiritHoods in your costume!

    Prize: $500 SpiritHoods gift card

    First Place





    AWARD #2 - Best Costume Photo 

    This category is for the complete visual artists out there. Doll yourself up to the Halloween 9's, adorn yourself in your favorite SpiritHoods garment, and plan out / execute a visually captivating photo. You will need to think about everything from your own costume (or a subject of your choosing),the framing of the photo, background scenery, composition, lighting, editing, etc. In order to win this, you will need to have a great costume (featuring one of your SpiritHoods items) AND an amazing photo of you or your subject.

    Prize: $500 SpiritHoods gift card

    First Place


    AWARD #3 - Best Kids Costume (12 and under)

    Let your kids imagination run wild! This category is for kids best

    SpiritHoods Howloween inspired costume ages 12 years and under. There is no limit on creativity so think outside the box if you need to! Think mystical animals, cartoon characters, imaginary anything, and create something amazing with your kids! Remember to include your favorite kids SpiritHoods item!

    Prize: $150 SpiritHoods gift card

     First Place


    AWARD #4 - Best Couples Costume

    This category is for all those that must collaborate with another to feel in there fullest expression! To win the best SpiritHoods inspired Howloween couples category, you and your significant other, sibling, friend, co-worker or random off the street will need to dress up in complementary costumes. In order to set yourselves apart from everyone else you will really need to bring your A game. Submit yourselves together in a photo for this one and only one of you needs to be wearing a SpiritHood for this category but be mindful that your outfits must be complimentary!

    Prize: $500 SpiritHoods gift card

    First Place


    AWARD #5 - Best SpiritHoods inspired Costume (without a SpiritHood)

    This category is for all those who have wanted to be a part of the SpiritHoods Nation but for whatever reason haven't yet been able to join the tribe. In order to really set yourselves apart from everyone else we suggest you really bring it, and bring it animal inspired. Please don't wear competitive Hoods or Coats. Contestants for this category must not own a SpiritHoods Item.

    Prize: A SpiritHoods Hood

     First Place


    First Place


    Rules for Entry

    Entries will be accepted through November 2, 2018. When your costume is posted on Instagram using the #SHhowloween or directly to the SpiritHoods Facebook page, you will officially be entered into the contest. Gift Cards will be delivered via email after the winners are announced on November 6th. SpiritHoods will contact the winners through the social platforms by which the photo's were submitted. 

    Costume Photos

    Submit only 1 photo using the hashtag #SHhowloween. Please submit original photos only. Costume photos with any type of watermarks including copyright signs, website addresses, or logos will not be posted or entered.

    Costume Description

    Please be sure to name your costume so we know exactly what you were for Halloween. You can include the source of your costume inspiration!

    Multiple Entries

    If you’re submitting photos of different costumes, we will treat each photo submission as a separate costume entry. If you are submitting for multiple entries please remember you can only win once. 


    By submitting photo's on our social channels for this contest you are granting SpiritHoods the rights to use the submitted photo's on our instagram, Facebook, and Website. Winners will likely be featured several times on all platforms.


    We will contact you via Facebook or instagram to notify you if you've won. 


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