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  • What is my Spirit Animal? Our Guide To Helping You Find Out What Animal You Feel The Most Connected To And What It Says About You

    November 21, 2023 16 min read

    Woman against starry sky with Leopard spirit animal

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    Do you ever find yourself curious about that deep, nagging feeling that you have a connection with the animal world? Are there particular animals that seem to pop up during pivotal moments in your life? 

    If there’s a little voice in the back of your head suggesting you have a touch of super-human power, you may not be all that crazy. No, you're not imagining things. In fact, you may be sensing what some cultures around the world refer to as the call of your spirit animal. You might wanna answer that!

    We’ll do our best to help guide you in determining which spirit animal family you share the deepest connection with and how to figure out what it all means.

    a gray wolf and brown bear walking in the grass

    What is a Spirit Animal?

    A spirit animal is believed to be a messenger or guide that reveals itself in the form of an animal. Each person’s spirit animal is said to hold a deep connection with the individual they have chosen. That’s right – the animal typically chooses YOU.

    You’re wondering HOW that actually works, aren’t you? Okay, let us lay it out for you. Your spirit animal can deliver powerful messages in various forms. You may physically cross paths with your animal guide, or it may come to you in your dreams. Often, people have shared experiencing spirit animal visits in times of meditations. And yes, even your own pet Sparky could be your trusted spirit animal.

    Spirit animals are known throughout various cultures by many different names.

    Spirit animals are also referred to as: 

    Animal totems

    Spirit helpers

    Animal guides

    Animal helpers

    Power animals

    Spirit allies 

    Many believe we may be drawn to or befriended by many animal guides during our lifetime. They may come and go from our lives depending on what virtues and support we need at that time. That said, we often also have one or two spirit animals that are with us until we pass away and are considered our primary guides.


    What is the Purpose of Your Spirit Animal?

    Many believe the spirit animal provides great wisdom and accompanies each individual on their life journey. Whether there is a major life event, obstacles to overcome, or tough decisions to make, your spirit animal may reveal itself even in times you do not consciously call upon it for help. If your soul is in need, your spirit animal will likely reveal itself. 

    One prominent role a spirit animal holds is to help you take a deeper look within yourself and understand who you truly are. It has often been said your animal represents the qualities that you or others may often see within you.

    If you dive deep into your spirit animal, you may find it a symbolic representation of who you are at your core. You may come to realize you share similar traits, habits, and lifestyles. You may also come to find that the great virtues and qualities you are inspired by are the exact same inherent qualities of your animal spirit. You may notice yourself growing more in alignment with those beautiful qualities.

    Now, before you roll those eyes, hear us out! Think about your status within your social group. Consider your most apparent characteristics. Are you a leader? A homebody? A peacemaker? Are you starting to see these similar qualities in your spirit animal?

    Personally, I like to think I’m built as strong and sexy as my spirit animal ;) Rrraawrrr!

    JK, but there is some truth to that statement, because all animals are powerful in different ways. Even insects are extremely powerful, often capable of lifting 10x-1,000x their own body weight and are unique in so many varied ways. In fact, if you look closely, you’ll find that the animal spirit you are drawn to or connected with is truly a purrrfect match for both your personality and as a guide in your evolution through life.

    Even as you pass through various phases in your life, the guide is there to help you seek wisdom. But wisdom isn’t all your new BFF has to offer.

    Spirit animals are believed to offer:


    Life lessons






    Spirit Animals Across Various Cultures

    Throughout history, animals have been revered around the world. The concept of spirit animals is a shared belief that spans various civilizations and cultures. The idea of a spirit animal stems from Animism and Totemism.

    Animism: the idea that animals have spirits

    Totemism: the belief that humans have a kinship with spiritual beings like animals or plants

    Many cultures across the globe believe that each one of us has a distinct spiritual connection to our animal totem. The general belief is that we have one particular spirit animal that follows us throughout our entire lives. Can you say, soul mate?

    Let us give you a few examples.

    Animism and Totemism Throughout History

    Greek mythology

    Egyptian deities

    Norse mythology


    Australian Native Culture

    African Culture

    Native American Culture

    In Greek Mythology, we encounter mythical creatures like the Centaurs – you know the ones - the upper body of a human and the lower half of a horse.

    Man wearing black wolf faux fur hat

    Many Egyptian deities are portrayed with animalistic features, such as the Sphinx. And who wouldn’t want the head of a human, body of a lion, and wings of a falcon? 

    In old Norse mythology, Vikings believed everyone had a “fylgja” or fylgjur if plural (yeah, we have no idea how to pronounce that either), which was usually an animal spirit that accompanies a person in connection to their fate or fortune.

    In Hinduism, a monkey-headed god named Hanuman and an elephant-headed god named Ganesha were prominent figures. 

    Australians carry on the belief of their first natives, continuing a deep appreciation for and connection to nature. Many believe their ancestors’ spirits are connected to animals, trees, and plants. They honor more than 2,000 generations whose spirits live on in sacred places across the land.

    Animals symbolize temperance, fertility, and clarity within several different African cultures. Many of them adopted the concept of totems to embrace their beliefs in these deep connections between humans and animals. They incorporated this concept within their religions and communities.

    In some Native American cultures, a totem animal is believed to walk with you for life, in both the physical world and the spiritual. Some believe one may identify with up to nine different animal spirit guides during their lifetime. However, there will be one totem animal that is the individual’s main spirit guide.

    While these beliefs span various periods and vastly different geographic regions, they all have something in common: In all instances, animals served as not only inspiration but the representation and embodiment of a spiritual guardian.

    How Do I Recognize My Spirit Animal?

    Ask it.

    ASK IT?! We know, we know, it can’t possibly be THAT easy, right? Or can it?

    Throughout history, a common practice throughout various cultures was simply asking the spirit animal to reveal itself. Putting that out into the universe often resulted in repeat encounters with or symbolic reveals of a specific animal. Crazy, right?

    There are other ways to reveal who your life-long bestie is. 

    Another common method is to look back upon your life and see what animals have drawn your attention in imagery and fascination since you were little. Do your best to identify which animal you've seen repeatedly throughout your life and still notice quite often to this day. First, ask yourself these revealing questions to dig a bit deeper into that big, beautiful mind of yours.

    Is there a specific type of animal you have always been drawn to since birth? You said yes, didn’t you? Has anything interesting ever happened between you and this animal?

    What animal seems to always be there, even when you least expect it? Think back to when you may have seen it popping up everywhere you turned - magazines, movies, paintings, statues…you get what I’m saying.

    Is there a particular animal that comes to you in your dreams?

    Do you come across a particular fella often in real life?

    Pay close attention to these signs because they may indicate your connection to your spirit animal.

    Still not convinced? Let's say you're a huge lover of horses and have been riding for as long as you can remember. Yet, you may not even quite recall choosing this passion. And let's say you happen to see horses virtually everywhere you go. It's possible that this connection is more than just a coincidence.

    Yeah, we see those wheels turning now.

    Alternatively, you can try meditating on your spirit animal. It's a thing. Ask it to visit you in your dreams night after night, and it may just stop in for a friendly chat. For those who tend to have more vivid dreams, this can be a beautiful and effective way to connect with your animal on a deeper level. 

    Alternative ways to discover your spirit animal include:  

    Spirit animal tarot cards

    An energy healer

    A shaman

    A spirit animal quiz

    Our Guide To The Most Common Spirit Animals

    The Canine Family

    Are you ready to run with your pack? The canine family, also known as Canidae includes 37 distinct species.

    Among the most prominent animals that people feel a kinship towards are the:




    Wild dog

    wolf pack together looking in distance

    Canine Family Strengths






    From Japan to the Americas, canines have a long history of being revered throughout the world. Most wild canines run in packs, so if you feel a connection to others, and tend to be pretty social, then perhaps you are part of this prowling party.

    Given a canine's instinctual nature, intuition and intellect may be the key to navigating through life. As a result, canines are some of the most respected animals globally, embodying traits like loyalty to the pack, devotion to family, excellent communication skills, and are often valued teachers within society.

    The Symbolism of the Wolf Spirit Animal

    The wolf spirit animal symbolizes the love of freedom and a natural need to be more in tune with oneself. If you’re drawn to the wolf, it’s safe to say you long for creative self-expression and are not easily domesticated. Imagine that!

    Similarly, those who connect with the wolf spirit animal must find a pack that embraces the authentic version of themselves (#findyourpack). Those with this animal guide may find they are happiest when choosing a life path that keeps their spirit alive and honors a life lived instinctually rather than analytically.

    grey wolf in the forest in the snow

    Additional wolf tendencies you may recognize within yourself:

    You can be a flirtatious little devil.

    While you may be a big, bad wolf, you’ll take a cat nap anywhere you want.

    Athletic abilities? Michael Jordan ain’t got nothin’ on you (okay, maybe MJ was a bad example, but you’ve got skills).

    Howl much? You bet your butt you’ll belt out a high note if, when, and wherever you feel like it.

    You’ll protect your fam ‘til the end.

    What cold weather? A minor threat of frostbite doesn't bother you.

    The Symbolism of the Fox Spirit Animal

    So, what does the spirit fox say? Fox spirit animals tend to symbolize cunningness and an ability to adapt to almost any environment. They have a nose for danger and a distinct ability to navigate through tricky situations. The fox is hyper-aware, intensely loyal, and a keen observer. He has no problemo thinking on the fly, being the creative little problem-solver he is.

    cute little red fox looking at camera

    That smirk on your face tells us you feel a connection to the fox spirit animal. As a clever, quick thinker with a knack for facing difficult situations, we bet you can finagle your way out of a tight squeeze. You sly… well, you get the idea.

    The Symbolism of the Coyote Spirit Animal

    Well, aren't you a feisty one? If you're inspired by the coyote, we’re betting you’re a Van Wilder of sorts. Coyotes tend to symbolize playfulness, adaptability, and wisdom. These babies strike the perfect balance between intellect and humor and are representative of both sides of duality!

    coyote in dry grass looking back

    Coyotes are stealthy, crafty animals in the wild. If you’ve found yourself drawn to the coyote spirit animal, it means you may have kindred qualities. Some may even consider you a bit paradoxical in your uncanny ability to see the truth behind illusions. Yet, you always prove to have a playful heart.

    The Symbolism of the Wild Dog Spirit Animal

    Anyone’s internal radio playing "Who Let the Dogs Out" right now? No? Just us? Then, okay.

    A wild dog spirit animal symbolizes determination, effective communication, and a heavy reliance on community. If you're drawn to this animal, you are likely most effective when creating or following a plan. You work best in groups and are extremely lovable.

    wild dog in the grass

    Wild dogs are known for their strength and make up the second-largest canid in the wild. They tend to be territorial of their close-knit community, which may be reflective of how far you will go for those you love.

    The Feline Family

    Hey, big cats, where you at? The feline family is made up of 40 distinct species, according to the Cat Specialist Group of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

    Among the most prominent spirit animal quiz reveals are the: 




    Snow leopard

    lion, tiger, and leopard on black background

    Feline Family Strengths





    Most wild felines are solitary by nature, except for lions who live in prides. Those drawn to this spirit animal will likely be very independent by nature but strive to find a harmonious balance between coming together with others and struttin’ their stuff in a party of one.

    Having a graceful and somewhat noble demeanor, felines tend to be both elusive and unwavering in the face of danger (#ClawsOut). Felines symbolize power, nobility, and guardianship. 

    Additional feline tendencies you may recognize within yourself:

    You’re a bit of a wild child! While adorably cute, you have a bite that nobody wants to experience.

    Mornings aren’t your thing. Snooze buttons were created with you in mind.

    You've got a slow, sexy strut, and you know it

    Give you a back rub or foot massage, and you’ll be purring like a kitten.


    The Symbolism of the Lion Spirit Animal

    The lion spirit animal symbolizes guardianship and courage. Lions are deeply associated with the sun and the heavenly realm. Those who connect with this sexy beast may be more inclined to face challenges head-on with assertiveness and have an affinity for leadership.

    lioness with cubs

    The lion claims or reclaims its power through conviction and bravery. So, if you feel drawn to felines and feel like you're falling in love with the lion or lioness, you must have all the necessary goods it takes to be a guiding force on this earth.

    The Symbolism of the Panther Spirit Animal

    Panther spirit animals symbolize protection, courage, and raw power. Like the bear, panthers are often linked to the mother's wisdom and her fiercely protective nature. NOT a force to be reckoned with. Meoooow.

    black panther on rocks

    This majestic feline often visits those that follow their creative tendencies and passions for life. The panther's spirit calls on you to achieve your highest potential through the activation of your greatest intuitive and artistic capacities.

    The Symbolism of the Leopard Spirit Animal

    If perseverance, confidence, and swiftness describe you, then perhaps you're a member of the feline family. Could you be paired with the leopard spirit animal? Leopards tend to be persistent and patient while on the prowl. They ooze regal-like confidence and a healthy dose of self-respect.

    Leopard in a tree

    Leopards are natural-born fighters that will not give up on their goals—not for anyone or anything! If you are drawn to this animal spirit, you’re likely pretty thorough in your planning and have a courageous ability to face adversity with patience and wit.

    The Symbolism of the Snow Leopard Spirit Animal

    Snow Leopards have a keen perception, move with grace, and symbolize healing. They are extraordinary hunters of the night. Their insanely sharp senses and well-balanced center of gravity allow them to scale even the most challenging cliffsides.

    snow leopard in a snowy forest

    Snow Leopards are usually a bit introverted and somewhat elusive. You prefer to be a quiet little kitty, much more reserved and thoughtful than wildly outspoken. 

    If you are drawn to this animal, you may not prefer the spotlight, but you have a lot to teach. You have a unique ability to discern truths through the power of observation. In addition, your ability to quickly adapt to various situations, people, and places, makes you a rare encounter, friend.

    The Ursus Family

    Bears give the biggest hugs! But don’t go trying to hug one just to prove us wrong. The ursus family is made up of only 8 distinct species.

    Among the most prominent spirit animal quiz reveals are the: 


    Polar bear


    Moon bear

    mama bear with her cubs in the forest

    Ursus Family Strengths





    While bears are traditionally solitary animals, they are also fiercely loyal and supportive of their family. These qualities make them both highly independent but also very family-oriented. Given a bear's strength and confidence, the bear spirit animal tends to be supportive, healing, and grounding.

    If you are drawn to the bear, you likely understand the importance of rest, peace and quiet, and maintaining balance in your life. You may also have a soft spot for helping those around you. That’s right, ya big softie! You often feel compelled to prioritize helping others when given the opportunity.

    Bears symbolize healthy balances, familial responsibilities, leadership, and inciting courage in others.

    Additional ursus tendencies you may recognize within yourself:

    Your size may be intimidating, but you’re just a big ‘ole teddy bear.

    Bear hugs aren’t just a saying; they're a way of life.

    You’re always up for a dip in the water.

    Quality time with the fam is a must!

    The Symbolism of the Grizzly Bear Spirit Animal

    The grizzly gear spirit animal symbolizes courage, protection, and nobility. Plus, given your extraordinary size, you’ve got moves! Grizzlies are known for their incredible speed, power, and impressive agility.

    grizzly bear walking in the mist

    These essential aspects of the bear animal spirit guide you throughout life until something calls you to behave otherwise. Once called to a task, there is no shortage of power, strength, or determination.

    If you are drawn to the grizzly bear spirit, you may have a natural disposition towards a more relaxed lifestyle. You leverage your patient nature as a powerful tool in life. Your extreme loyalty and protective instinct over your loved ones make you a solid 10 in everyone’s book.

    The Symbolism of the Polar Bear Spirit Animal

    The polar bear is a beautiful, majestic creature that inspires wonder and awe. As one of the most powerful creatures of a rather deadly terrain, you pretty much rule the Arctic. However, just as the polar bear thrives in harsh environments, you are also in your element in places and situations that others would not be able to survive in.

    polar bear walking in the snow

    You may also have chameleon-like tendencies. Your natural charms make you a pro at adapting to a variety of environments and people.

    The Symbolism of the Panda Spirit Animal

    If you’re drawn to the beautiful panda, that means you exude positivity, peace, wisdom, and gentle power. The panda is a gentle giant with a healthy appetite for the finer things, long strolls, and a little playtime to keep life interesting.

    panda bear chewing stick

    Just like you, Pandas are sensitive to their surroundings. When you find yourself in environments where you can control the amount of stimulation you are exposed to, you thrive!

    Mental note - this may also translate into establishing healthy boundaries for yourself. Recognizing when your energy is being depleted keeps your mood in check and you off the naughty list.

    Being a relatively peaceful creature, many may see you as wise and perceptive of the world as a whole. Oh, and did we mention you're also downright adorable?

    The Symbolism of the Moon Bear Spirit Animal

    Moon bears symbolize leadership, family, and lunar magic. Like most bears, they are fiercely loyal to their family. As such, those with this bear spirit animal may also have a tender and protective heart for family and friends.

    moon bear in tree

    Standing up for what's right may feel second nature to you, and you may feel most alive when fighting against injustices. Known for being clever, the moon bear can use their wit to outsmart man-made traps and difficult prey. Impressive. Likewise, anyone this spirit guide chooses will likely be keen on being able to outwit the difficult challenges life throws your way.

    Moon bears are usually in tune with astrology and tend to keep pace with life's lunar cycles and rhythms! And if you have 16 minutes, we love this little documentary on Moon bears being rescued by a bile farm. It's so beautiful and heartwarming. Thank you Animals Asia for the work you do.

     The Avis Family

    It’s time to spread your wings and take flight! The vast avis family is made up of 10,000 distinct species.

    Among the most prominent spirit animal quiz reveals are the:





    flock of birds flying in the sunset

    Avis Family Strengths





    Throughout the world, birds have symbolized the connection between heaven and earth. Most wild birds represent a sense of freedom across various cultures. The symbolism of these birds varies greatly, representing blessings and rebirth, foresight, healing, love, and so many others.

    If you are drawn to the bird animal spirit, you may possess the ability to see danger approaching well before others can. It is in your nature to be protective of your family and loved ones. 

    As part of the bird family, you have a unique perspective to offer the world. Your soul has a certain lightness and a deep connection to the spirit world.

    The Symbolism of the Eagle Spirit Animal

    The eagle spirit animal symbolizes great power and offers the world a connection with the divine. You are a symbol of renewed life. The eagle is known as the chief of all winged creatures, with a tenacious nature. As an eagle, you are representative of our innate ability to push ourselves to new heights.

    bald eagle flying in the rain

    If you are drawn to this animal spirit, you likely value truth and honesty above other character traits. You have an incredible presence about you and are a natural leader. You are extremely resilient, and others recognize and appreciate this quality about you. Patience and reliance on your creative vision will be among the most empowering attributes to develop on your journey through life.

    The Symbolism of the Owl Spirit Animal

    If you are drawn to the owl, then you symbolize intuition, wisdom, and life transition. In addition, the incredible night vision of the owl is symbolic of seeing through illusion or deception. That’s quite the superpower.

    owl flying in the forest

    If you feel connected to this animal spirit, you may be capable of seeing into the true nature of people or the underlying motives in certain situations. You may be naturally drawn to the unknown, with love for all things magical or mysterious. Since you are somewhat difficult to deceive, others may flock to you for advice, wisdom, and clarity.

    The Symbolism of the Parrot Spirit Animal

    The parrot represents genuine connection, incantation, and colorful energy. Parrots know we must reinforce ourselves with positive affirmations and mantras to gain power. After all, repetition is one of the great paths to success, right?

    parrot flying in the jungle

    If you gravitate towards the parrot spirit animal, you may have a deeply ingrained flair for colorful things, vibrant personalities, and a thirst for variety. We guess that would make you the life of the party. So, if something feels missing in your life, it may be time for a change.

    You strive to bring out the fun in every situation, making life bright and colorful. You hold these attributes in high regard and make them prominent in yourself and the world around you. These qualities will support both your happiness and your success on your life’s journey.

    The Symbolism of the Hawk Spirit Animal

    Ahhh, the hawk. You are a symbol of inspiration, power, and creative vision. While each bird has a unique type of vision, hawks have some of the sharpest eyesight of all the bird species. A bit like having Spidey-vision, perhaps?

    If you are drawn to the hawk spirit animal, you likely have an ability to perceive and grasp truths quicker than others around you. As a result, you may occasionally share these truths with others, regardless of if they are ready to hear them or not.

    hawk perched in branch

    If you’ve ruffled any feathers lately, this is probably your ah-ha moment. Remember to balance your higher perspective with an awareness of when, how, and with whom you share specific insights. Nobody likes a party-pooper.

    Lastly, you may have a naturally positive disposition and an abundance of creative energy. Use this power to take on new challenges and soar the skies! 

    We hope we were able to help guide you to the animal you feel the most connected to. And if so, revel in it. Animals are powerful and feeling a kinship with them can help you walk through life feeling more pawsitive and protected.

    If you’re truly ready to strut as only your spirit animal would strut, we’ve got the puuurrrrfect options for you. Slip into your bear spirit animal or a wise hawk in style with our 100% faux fur SpiritHoods attire. Stay warm, fashionable, and embrace that sexy inner animal.

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