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A Single Guy Real Life SpiritHoods Field Test

June 04, 2015

A Single Guy Real Life SpiritHoods Field Test

SpirtHoods Team,

Thank you for your incredible gift of guerrilla marketing!  Just wanted to report back on my evening…

As promised, I wore the brown wolf cap you gave me and only put it back on my neck twice when my head was overheating in a close bar filled with happy store managers!

When I left the TOW reception, my group headed down to the Keys piano bar for the Russell sportswear party- about 600-700 people there i suppose.   When we first went in there were NO seats anywhere and we headed back towards the back.  As I went in, EVERYONE i passed who was close enough for eye contact gave me the once over and then smiled.

YOU were totally right, dude.

At best count,  at LEAST 42 people directly engaged me about the product, and being a charming store salesman I gave them booth and rave-revue product information, and hand-sold the garment. Many people thought I repped the product, and I did my best to give my honest feedback, and I gave booth directions.  At least 15 people said they were going to have to check them out, at least 10 people stroked me (above the waist) and on and on and on…

In a group that normally is quite raucous, people were really mourning the lack of a Jansport Party tomorrow night.  I think this Russell Reception partially took the place of that event this year- and your head gear was the only thing “unusual” or adding “decoration/ornamentation” to any person in the bar.  It got noticed , It got ME noticed, and it got    R        A         V        E     reviews.   I’m sure you’ll have lots of booth chatter about seeing it (perhaps trying it on) in the bar on Sunday night.

Again, thank you for your courtesy-  I had a bad ass night and i attribute that to Team Spirit Hoods!

-Doug W

NCU,   Minneapolis

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