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  • 7 Inspiring Works of Art That Show Our Animal Connection

    July 12, 2015 2 min read

    7 Inspiring Works of Art That Show Our Animal Connection

    A brand isn’t what the company says it is, it’s what its community says it is.

    It’s about how the individuals within that community assimilate and transmit the brand’s values as a reflection of their own, a form of self-expression.

    Over the years we’ve realized more than ever that SpiritHoods isn't simply about her community, she IS her community.

    Due to this realization we decided to begin a new series called the "Artists Takeover", where we invite artists from the SpiritHoods community to literally take over the SpiritHoods brand for a time and show us what SpiritHoods means to them through their work. 

    Taylor Allen’s work has been an inspiration to us at SpiritHoods for quite sometime. His use of double exposures to create stunning and emotional images, naturally elicits a subconscious feeling of Spirit.

    So we had to ask him if he would honor us with his work and show us SpiritHoods, through his eyes. He gladly agreed and below are his words and his creations ...


    The word “spirit” was derived from ancient words that refer to breath, wind, and air.

    When I thought about bringing an artistic interpretation to SpiritHoods, this idea resonated with me. I thought about the way that our atmosphere connects us —that all air-breathing organisms, human and non-human alike, share it.  I thought about the way the plant life around us takes our discarded carbon dioxide to convert it into oxygen.


    I wanted these double-exposures to tell a story about that, how we’ve never been islands of existence. We have the world around us running through every cell in our bodies. Through our food, our water, and our breath, we are not just connected to the natural world, we are the natural world. 


    While it is easy to insulate ourselves from that reality in a modern age of artifice and technology, it is important to understand the responsibility that such knowledge brings.


    I think SpiritHoods understands that responsibility—it is ingrained in their message and their actions. I admire them for it, and it is a real honor to be a part of their vision. I cannot think of a better use for art than to contribute to the ongoing spirit in us all.


    By Taylor Allen & Alexander Mendeluk
    Connect with Taylor Allen Below:


    To see the full image series, make sure to check out our social media.  Taylor’s work will be integrated uniquely throughout.


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