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SpiritHoods Quiz: What Music Festival was made for you?

April 05, 2018

people at music festivals wearing faux fur

Finding the perfect music festival could be tough... Lucky for you, we made it easy! Take this short quiz to find the Music Festival that was made for you. 

Explore all Music Festival Types

music festival with confetti

Artistic Music Festivals 

Vibe: Chill-Psychedelic 

Grab your favorite yoga mat and get your camping gear ready for some of the best art and music festivals you’ll get to experience. You’ll find everything from three-dimensional interactive art installations, to yoga and meditation services, an eclectic variety of vendors and performers, and so much more. Take it all in with a few besties or make some new friends while enjoying all the sights, sounds, and sensations that pulse throughout the chill and psychedelic atmosphere.

Explore our favorite Artistic Music Festivals 

Trending Music Festivals

Vibe: Trendy-Chic

Tell the squad to grab their sunnies and get ready to turn up! Trending music festivals are where festival fashion and music culture collide. Arrive in style and surround yourself in a festival full of top artists, celebrities, comedians, and up & coming musicians. Who knows, you might even get some A-list selfies along the way or have one of your epic snap stories featured to make you the talk of the town. 

Explore our favorite Trending Music Festivals

Massive Music Festivals

people walking into music festivalVibe: High-Energy + PLUR Feels

Grab your Kandi and your favorite faux fur before you head out for an exciting adventure full of captivating light shows, epic DJ sets, and beat drops that’ll leave your soul wanting more. Feel the energy pulsate through you as you navigate your way through lively crowds, insane stages, fun rides, and all-around good vibes.

Explore our favorite Massive Music Festivals

Americana Music Festivals

Vibe: Summer Fun

Get your sunscreen and lawn chairs ready because summertime fun is right around the corner! Prepare for some daytime adventures and watch things heat up as local acts and big name artists take the stage. Already feeling the heat of things? Cool off with some fun outdoor games or pay a visit to one of the many attractive lounging areas.

Explore our favorite Americana Music Festivals

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