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    Massive Music Festivals

    Vibe: High-Energy + PLUR Feels

    Grab your Kandi and your favorite faux fur before you head out for an exciting adventure full of captivating light shows, epic DJ sets, and beat drops that’ll leave your soul wanting more. Feel the energy pulsate through you as you navigate your way through lively crowds, insane stages, fun rides, and all-around good vibes. 

    Any of these Massive Music Festivals would be perfect for you... 

    EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival)

    One of the most iconic festivals to date, Electric Daisy Carnival has mesmerized audiences across the globe with its all-star lineup, unparalleled production, and all around electrifying atmosphere. EDC is undoubtedly the largest dance music festival outside of Europe and generally holds a top spot on the bucket list for festivalgoers all over the world.

    When: Summer Time
    Where: Las Vegas, Orlando, New York, Brasil, United Kingdom, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Japan, India
    Is camping available: No
    Family Friendly: 18 and older only
    Notable Performances: A-Trak, Alesso, Carnage, The Chainsmokers, DJ Snake, Gaia Galantis, Marshmello, Paul Van Dyk, Yellow Claw, Zedd, and more
    Price Range: $335 - $699

    What makes EDC special?
    Production value and attention to detail really go a long way in the festival world. EDC has been at the forefront of festival lists for years and rightfully so. The event boasts visual effects that transcend logic and pyrotechnics that are sure to add to one of the most exquisite, exhilarating, and exhausting experiences of your life as you make new friends and lifelong memories from dusk till dawn.    

    Nocturnal Wonderland

    Try to contain your excitement as nightfall approaches and you prepare to enter a world full of vibrant sights and sounds. At Nocturnal Wonderland, you’ll find some of the world’s most popular artists, mesmerizing acts, and colorful characters at the five stages – The Labyrinth, Wolves’ Den, Sunken Garden, Upside-Down House, and Temple of Om.

    When: Early September 
    Where: San Bernardino, California (United States)
    Is camping available: Yes
    Family Friendly: 18 and older only
    Notable Performances: Kaskade, Flosstradamus, Alesso, David Guetta, Knife Party, Afrojack, and more
    Price Range: $284 - $3,500

    What makes Nocturnal Wonderland special?
    Nocturnal Wonderland is a great festival to camp out at! Residents of the Nocturnal Wonderland campground will have exclusive access to late-night after parties, early-morning yoga sessions, great food options, and much more. If you’re not quite ready for the full camping experience, you’ll be happy to know that a VIP “glamping” option will be made available soon.

    Beyond Wonderland

    Enter a world beyond your wildest dreams and join thousands of festivalgoers for a magical weekend full of mesmerizing art and visual effects, costumed performers, and amazing live acts by some of the world’s most popular artists. Depending on your mood, you can find the best stage for you to visit by navigating through the Queen’s Domain (main stage), Outer Realm (unique picks), Cheshire Woods (techno and deep house), and the Upside-Down Room (old school funk, hip-hop, and rare grooves).

    When: Mid March 
    Where: San Bernardino, California (United States)
    Is camping available: Yes
    Family Friendly: 21 and older only
    Notable Performances:
    Price Range: $99 - $3,200

    What makes Beyond Wonderland special?
    The good folks at Beyond Wonderland understand that it’s all love – which is why they’ve set up the Kandi Store where festivalgoers can string together their own colorful kandi to wear or share with your new friends!

    Escape From Wonderland

    Escape reality and trade the real world in for a fairytale weekend as you traverse through the festival’s reimagined universe which includes four stages, mazes, captivating art, and some of the most unique and interesting performers who roam the grounds. Swing by the Slaughterhouse stage for some monster bass and beats, fall into a trance at Ghoul’s Graveyard, feel the big boom of trap, future bass, and hip-hop at The Chopping Block, or enjoy a unique and hypnotic experience over at Cannibal’s Tea Party.

    When: Late October 
    Where: San Bernadino, California (United States)
    Is camping available: No
    Family Friendly: 18 and older only
    Notable Performances: Benny Benassi, Dash Berlin, Eric Prydz, Paul Van Dyk, Laidback Luke, Martin Garrix, Porter Robinson, and more
    Price Range: $99 - $169

    What makes Escape From Wonderland special?
    COSTUMES. If there were ever a festival to go dressed up – it’s Escape. The festival not only creates an environment to celebrate life, love, art and music, but encourages festivalgoers to contribute to the atmosphere by adding your own unique element to the show – you! Showoff your imagination and your truest self and get dressed up for Escape from Wonderland this year!

    Electric Zoo

    Let the good vibes run wild this Labor Day weekend at one of the coolest festivals around. You’re sure to have a fun day (or three) at the Zoo with over 80 captivating performances to be seen on the main stage, Hilltop Arena (their version of a nightclub), Riverside stage, Sunday School Grove, and the hidden gem known as the Treehouse area.

    When: Early September 
    Where: New York City, New York (United States)
    Is camping available: No
    Family Friendly: 18 and older only
    Notable Performances: Bassnectar, Tiesto, Hardwell, Carnage, Porter Robinson, The Chainsmokers, Big Gigantic, Steve Aoki, 3LAU, and more
    Price Range: $199 - $799

    What makes Electric Zoo special?
    If you electric music is your jam and you love to dance, Electric Zoo is the one for you. With a large mixture of genres ranging from EDM, House, Techno, Trance, Dubstep, Trap, and more, Electric Zoo is sure to deliver a fun atmosphere where you and your friends to rage and put that long weekend to good use. 

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