• MENS

    April 18, 2018 2 min read

    girl wearing faux fur coat while holding pink flower to her face

    With Coachella right around the corner, all the cool kids are dusting off their dusters and booking their party pads. Meanwhile, hundreds of flower crowns are left sitting around, gathering even more dust.

    Do you see what we see? Less flower crowns. Could it be? Why, yes. Yes it could. Ditch that fast fashion (but not at the festival grounds!) and kick your sustainability up a notch with a cozy cool faux fur jacket that’ll never go out of style. We’ve got you covered with new stylish music festival faux fur flair that’s not going anywhere.

    woman staring at camera wearing ripped jeans and faux fur coat


    Why are Faux Fur Coats and Jackets in and Flower Crowns Out?

    Simply put:

    • Flowers die

    • Faux fur is snuggly

    • It’s new and now

    • Perfect for the Gram

    • Warm and dance-worthy

    • G status is achieved in music festival faux fur

    • It’s magical

    A message to girls in flower crowns. Flowers die. No animals were harmed in the making of this faux fur bomber jacket. We all know who wins.

    woman wearing orange top, black shorts, sneakers, and faux fur hood

    Sure, flower crowns can be sweet, but this music festival faux fur hood is sweet AND cuddly.

    woman on man's shoulders wearing faux fur hood with hand in the air

    Flower crowns say I saw pictures from last year. Faux fur jackets and hoods say hey, you…

    two people wearing faux fur hoods sitting together

    And also, I’m fun/cute/ready to party/tag me on IG.

    woman in satin top, jeans, and faux fur jacket

    Can a flower crown do this? (Spoiler alert - the answer is no)

    woman wearing faux fur coat with blonde hair staring at camera at nighttime

    Sorry flowers, this faux fur coat makes us wanna dance and also keeps us warm. 

    person wearing cowboy hat wrapped in faux fur throw walking through grass

    Sure, flower crowns make you feel like a princess, but music festival faux fur makes you feel like a G...

    And if you’re missing flowers, there are plenty of ways to integrate them into your look while still not looking like a Snapchat filter.

    The fur may be faux, but the magic is real.

    Sorry flower crowns, but don’t feel too bad - you’ll always have flower girls and #tbts.