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Spirithoods Gift Guide

It’s that special time of year, the HOWL-idays! And we know what it’s like to try and get everything done before Santa Paws comes to town. Searching for the purrrrfect gift for everyone on your list can be daunting. But fret not! We’re here to help! We’ve made choosing presents for your loved ones (and even some on your naughty list) super easy this year. We chose our top twenty favorite Spirithoods gifts that’ll be sure to keep you feline fine. We have you covered in everything from stocking stuffers to gifts that are sure to SLEIGH. Read on and we will unleash all the details of our most loved animal inspired pieces. And remember that a portion of our proceeds goes to help endangered species, so you can feel good about buying something for everyone on your list this year. We paw-mise the paws-ibilities are endless. We’re not kitten you! 

Our Favorite Stocking Stuffers

Leopard Faux Fur Christmas Stocking 



We really can’t list a stocking stuffer gift without actually listing a stocking to stuff all your gifts in. And obviously we love this cute little stocking complete with kitty ears, because…well, we made it! It comes in two styles. Grab one of each and then get to shopping so you can fill them up! They’ll be so purr-ty hanging from the mantle.


Bunny Faux Fur Keychain



How cute would one of these adorable lil’ bunnies be sticking out of a stocking (preferably one of ours)? Or sitting on top of a package? These cute little faux fur bunny keychains are so soft and cuddly, you’ll want to get one in every color. We warn you about bringing them as an office “white elephant” gift. You’ll stir up a lot of commotion as everyone tries to clamor to get it! 

Nail Wrap 7 pack



We love these easy and colorful Spirithoods nail wraps. They’re the purr-fect gift to throw in a stocking and feature seven unique, bold, and artistic options to match your favorite Spirithoods products. A fun and whimsical way to accessorize your favorite leggings or match your Spirithoods logo tattoo! And with everything you have to do this year, make things easy and forget about the nail salon, grab a set for yourself! 

Slate Leopard Faux Fur Beanie



Keep your loved ones' hearts warm and their heads even warmer when you give them this soft and cozy beanie. Our custom STRETCH faux fur allows for the comfiest fit. They can wear it cuffed or slightly slouched. Just make sure they wear it on their head and not their tail!


Cotton Candy Kitty Ultra Soft Plush Mittens



These delightful little mittens are lined with plush faux fur and will keep the coldest of paws toasty. They are so silky soft and come in five different colors. Each pair has a convenient little clip leash for secure storage. So get outside and hit the slopes, or clasp paws with your favorite kitty, these mittens will keep you comfortable and stylish in any weather.

Our Favorite Faux Fur Coats For Her

Snow Leopard Collared Faux Fur Coat



Leopards are a symbol of fearlessness and power. And whether she’s just stepping into hers or has owned her strength for years, one thing is certain, she will be fur-tunate to receive this coat! It’s classic, collared and absolutely timeless. The colors go well with anything and can dress up a pair of cozy sweats or elevate any dressy evening out…the paw-sibilities are endless. 


The Black Panther Classic Faux Fur Long Coat



For the special lady on your list that LOVES to turn heads, we recommend this long and super plush coat. She will surely be the topic of conversation wherever she goes wearing this extravagant number. The coat comes with a beautiful hood with adorable little ears, gorgeous custom feline buttons, and a silky black lining. And is one of our most glamourpuss garments to date! Our coats may be fake, but the compliments she gets will be fur-real! 


Our Favorite Faux Fur Coats For Him

Grey Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat



Is he a man? Is he a wolf? Is he a wolfman? We don’t know! But we DO know he’s gonna look wooftastic. Wolfs are born leaders and destined to conquer anything they set out to do. Help them do it in style with this fierce AF head turner. The plush faux fur is soft and warm and will be sure to keep him cozy on the chilliest of nights. No need to carry anything extra while wearing this coat, we added a new larger secret pocket so he can stash all his valuables. And the gorgeous custom Wolf buttons create a polished and luxurious look. Oh! AND we offer the hoods WITH or withOUT ears. Now that’s something to howl at the moon about. 


Baby Snow Leopard Classic Long Faux Fur Coat 



Come on…we know you saw it this summer. The movieeveryone’s talking about. The movie you just can’t getKenoughof. And we loved what Ryan Gosling wore in that epic scene…BUT we also LOVE our version of the spectacular long  white faux fur coat. Ken recognized luxury when he saw it and we know you do too. That’s why adorning your favorite guy in this fabulous garment is a no brainer. And just like Ken so famously said in the movie,"I'm trained to stand confidently here," we know the man that wears this coat isn’t gonna have to say it, he’s gonnafeel it. And that’s the kind of power that comes with wearing Spirithoods. 


Our Favorite Cozy Gifts for Home

Husky Baja Faux Fur Throw 



Sometimes we can’t always be around our loved ones, but giving them the gift of one of our ultra soft throws, lets them wrap themselves up in cozy comfort that’s the next best thing to your loving arms. Yeah, we get a little mushy around the howlidays, purrrrr-haps…but that's just cuz the howlidays are clawe-some! 

Snow Leopard Classic Faux Fur Robe



We know what it's like to wear pajamas all day. In fact, we’re doing it right now. We see absolutely nothing wrong with it, just make sure you do it looking fierce and fur-ocious. And for the person on your list that likes to lounge around their den all day in comfort, this classic robe is the purrrfect gift. It has an ultra plush cuddly fabric and is made in women’s and men’s sizes. The little leopard that dons this piece will never want to take it off. 

Tundra Wolf Faux Fur Slipper Bootie 



And don’t forget to keep that special person on your list’s hind paws warm while they’re lounging around. Because nobody likes cold toes during hibernation season! We have an array of colors, so mix and match or grab a pair to give with one of our robes. They’re paw-sitively the best!

Gone To The Snow Ultra Soft Dog Bed - Special Edition 



Don’t forget your actual fur baby or fur nieces and nephews this season! Show them how much you love them with an ultra soft plush bed from one of our collaborations with “Gone to the Snow Dogs.” Your heart will literally melt when you see your favorite pet napping peacefully on this cozy faux fur. Just remember, chances are they won’t be getting you anything in return except for unconditional love. And what’s greater than that? Nothing. That’s what. 


Our Favorite Gifts for Her

Emerald Tiger Burnout Velvet Full Bodysuit



We are obsessed with this bodysuit and are absolutely loving this beautiful rich jewel tone. The elegant velvet design is so purrr-ty and flatters everybody. And the lady wearing it will definitely be the topic of conversation wherever she goes! We love it paired with booties, hoops and a leash!Meeeeoooowwww!


Pink Cheetah Classic Collector Edition Faux Fur Cropped Jacket 



Okay, we admit, we’ve never actually seen a pink Cheetah…BUT that doesn’t mean they don’t exist? They’re like Unicorns. Everyone knows that Unicorns live in a very special forest full of bubblegum roads, ice cream mountains, hot fudge rivers and chocolate chip highways. Well we imagine that’s the kind of place pink Cheetahs live in. Or at the very least where your imagination lives when you wrap yourself up in one of these flashy numbers. So do that dreamy friend of yours a favor and give them what they REALLY want…an ultra soft pink Cheetah faux fur hooded cropped jacket with ears. I mean, at the end of the day, do theyreally ask that much of you? No. We didn’t think so.


Iridescent Sequin Wolf Classic Collector Edition Faux Fur Style Robe 



She just wants to sparkle and shine! And since she can’t technically eat glitter for breakfast to make that happen, she can slip on this eye-catching number and be too glam to give a damn! Jaws will drop and heads will pop when she struts the streets leaving a trail of glitter and light. And just like Harry Winston said “People will stare. Make it worth their while.” She’ll smile knowing she didn’t waste anyone’s time while they watched her leave a little twinkle behind! 


Our Favorite Gifts for Him

Ink Spotted Leopard Ultra Soft Faux Fur Sweatpants 



Elevate his style and purrrrrr-sonality this year and give him a pair of these ink spotted sweatpants. He is gonna fall in love with how soft and cozy these sweats are. The only problem he’s gonna have is wanting to stay in them furrr-ever. Oh and here’s a tip, these sweats pair nicely with an ink spotted leopard hoodie. Complete his entire look and you’ll leave him saying paw-lease and thank you.


Neon Green Ultra Soft Faux Fur Sweatpants 



And for all the wild cats out there, give them a pair of neon green sweatpants. They will definitely steal the show wearing these ultra soft bottoms. And if you really want your fur-end to command attention, complete their look with our neon green leopard hoodie. There’s absolutely nothing subtle about this look. Nor should there be! If you’re gonna go big, go REALLY BIG. Come on, we double dog dare you!


Slate Leopard Ultra Soft Faux Fur Bomber Jacket



For the man that is classic and understated, we can’t get enough of our ridiculously soft (that’s right, it’s so soft that it’s ridiculous) faux fur bomber jackets. This is our take on the traditional bomber jacket. It has all the look and feel of an old school bomber jacket, minus the tradition. Your guy will absolutely go down in hiss-tory as being one stylish mother ducker. 


Our Favorite Gifts For Kids


Kids Grey Wolf Faux Fur Spirithood 



And don’t fur-get the little tigers in your pack! We have an assortment of hoods that will keep them looking fur-oscious and feel-ine warm. We do want to give you a head’s up though, the kid on your list that gets one of these, will most likely think you are paw-sitively the coolest member of the herd!