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  • Just got a new SpiritHoods Tattoo?!

    August 26, 2021 2 min read

    man showing off new spirithoods logo tattoo

    First of all, Congratu-f*@#!ng-lations!!!

    You are a BOSS and WE LOVE YOU with all our fluffy little hearts! Seriously though, thank you for being such an extraordinary part of the community. You have really outdone yourself by getting a SpiritHoods tattoo and we want to reward your sassy animal spirit by gifting you a F R E E SpiritHoods gift card valued at $250.  

    If you didn’t know, this quirky offer has been around since the brand first started over a decade ago! Back then, a very dedicated and passionate member of our community had the crazy idea of commemorating their love for our values, the animals we help, and of course, our lovable community of wildlings by getting the SpiritHoods logo tattooed on their body. ...WOW! WHAT A GREAT IDEA! As soon as we heard of this, we were over the moon with excitement and wanted to reciprocate the love. We figured the best way to honor these die hard fans would be to hook’em up with something they love!

    12 years later…


    Since 2009, we’ve been rewarding anyone who has tattooed the SpiritHoods logo or wordmark on themselves with a free product—and to this day, we continue to do so! In the first quarter of 2021, we updated our logo and branding. Not long after, we started receiving a ton of messages from you animals celebrating the new digs with us—so we thought we’d remind you all of how it works!


    How to submit your ink and join the SpiritHoods Tattoo Club:

    To be part of the SpiritHoods Tattoo Club, all you have to do is show us your newly inked SpiritHoods logo or wordmark tattoo to receive a Gift Card to use for your new SpiritHoods product valued at $250 which you can use on the SpiritHoods webstore.

    To ensure you qualify...You must send a photo of you GETTING the tattoo, that shows your entire body (including your beautiful face!) and the tattoo, as well as a close up shot of the tattoo.. So technically, we need 2 photos :) one with your face in it proving it was you, and another with a cleaned up close-up shot of the tattoo.

    Where do I send my photo to? Email help@spirithoods.com and write “New Tattoo!” as the subject line. In the body of the email, include your tattoo photos and the email address connected to your SpiritHoods Account, so we can create your $250 Gift Card! 


    You’ll be able to place your order online with the gift card provided and once your order ships you will receive a shipping confirmation & tracking! When you get it, be sure to tag #SpiritHoods in all your wildest adventures! We can't wait to see your new SpiritHoods Logo Tattoo! 


    Text ANIMAL to 1-833-217-2555 

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