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  • The SpiritHoods Phoenix and Wordmark Are Evolving in 2021...

    March 10, 2021 4 min read

    spirithoods logo

    The iconic SpiritHoods Phoenix and wordmark have graced our website, newsletters, social media, SWAG, packaging, and hundreds of thousands of products for over a decade.

    For many of us, this branding has become a subtle part of our daily lives. You've probably become accustomed to seeing them while prowling through our websiteengaging with our social media pages, receiving our email / SMS alerts, or wearing our products and making magical memories at festivals, raves, sporting events, and so many other special occasions.

    While it hasn't always been our logo, the Phoenix has represented our brand well over the years as a symbol of continual rebirth, transformation, ingenuity, and the sacredness of life itself. Because the Phoenix aligns so well with the SpiritHoods ethos, we decided to keep it as a prominent piece of our rebrand.


    two women lying down wearing faux fur coats with their heads against each other

    PHOTO COURTSEY @detroitbird


    This isn't the first time we've reimagined our logo or wordmark. All of the die hards who have been with us since Day 1 may remember the very first logo we started out with:

    spirithoods original logo

    OG 2009

    Above is the original SpiritHoods logo from 2009. While the original logo is obviously awesome, we quickly outgrew the design (with a little encouragement from a lovely cease and desist letter courtesy of Monster Energy) and wanted to find something that was a better fit with our aesthetic and brand pillars. That's when the first Phoenix design was born:

    Spirithoods next logo


    The original SpiritHoods Phoenix was made years ago and boasts a very clean, crisp, computerized look (and no, it wasn't inspired by Zelda). Now that our iconic Phoenix has been seen all over the world, we thought it was time to elevate the aesthetic once more. With a decade of experience now under our belts, we wanted a more sophisticated representation of the brand, which is why we came up with the new and improved SpiritHoods Phoenix and wordmark:


    Spirithoods current logo


    You'll notice the revamped branding comes together and flows a bit more naturally compared to its predecessor. Similar to the mythical Phoenix, the SpiritHoods brand has shown resilience and an ability to adapt and be reborn during even the darkest of times (yup, we're talking about this COVID pandemic). As we navigate through this strange and unprecedented era, we also look to the future for a fresh start. 2021 marks the start of a new decade, a time for new trends (lets finally put an end to fur and go with faux!), and hopefully the beginning of the end for this unfortunate global pandemic.


    woman wearing faux fur coat smiling
    graphic wearing faux fur hood standing with animals and riding skateboard


    Evolution doesn't happen overnight—it's a delicate process that happens over time. Similarly, our NEW branding will start rolling out now (you'll notice updated branding on our website, emails, socials, etc.) however, for the next few months, we will have an assortment of inventory with mixed branding.

    What do we mean by this? Simple. Until we've fully transitioned over to the new branding [we expect this to happen by Jan 2022],  all orders placed online may come with (a) the original Phoenix branding, (b) the new and improved branding, or (c) a combination of both [if you purchased multiple items].

    IMPORTANT: We cannot accommodate specific branding requests for your purchases. Please DO NOT contact customer care for inquiries related to this as they unfortunately will NOT be able to assist with these types of requests.

    Most NEW releases (let's say 99%) from this point forward will have new branding. If a new product is launched with our previous branding, we will be sure to let you know in the product description and marketing materials.

    By 2022, expect to see the new branding E V E R Y W H E R E !! :)



    Our FINAL release with the original SpiritHoods Phoenix and wordmark will be the upcoming Artist Edition Koala Hood featuring artwork by the great James Patrick (@artistjames). This special project has been years in the making and is expected to release March 23, 2021. Sign up for email and SMS alerts here.

    different types of faux fur


    Thanks to this big rebrand, you can now consider virtually every SpiritHoods piece you own a collector's item! (Seriously, if they weren't someone's "Holy Grail" already, they probably will be now!!) Just imagine owning some OG Nikes or some vintage runway pieces with the original brand logos... how cool would it be to own a piece of history like that?! Lucky for you, there's no need to imagine—you already own an important piece of our heritage that will never be produced with the original SpiritHoods Phoenix and wordmark again. Once the last batch of inventory with our previous branding is gone, they will officially be relics from the past.



    Deal still stands! For those of you who don't know about this quirky offer, we’ve been rewarding anyone who has tattoo’d the SpiritHoods logo or wordmark on themselves with a free garment since 2009—and we will continue to do so!

    people with spirithood tattoos

    To be part of the SpiritHoods Tattoo Club: Show us your newly inked SpiritHoods logo or wordmark tattoo to receive ONE free item of your choosing from spirithoods.com.



    No matter what the branding on your product looks like, we want to see YOU in it! Share your favorite shots with the pack and tag #SpiritHoods for a chance to be featured. <3



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