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Unlikely Best Friends

July 26, 2018

Unlikely Best Friends

They are out there... friendships between predator and prey, the large and the small, and even between insect and animal. Just goes to show that apart from survival instinct, we’re all just a bundle of love. So here are the top 4 unlikely friendships of the month.

1. The Fox and… the Hedghog

 A woman living in England spotted some foxes out in her yard recently, and after hearing of the ever increasing difficulty of there survival in an urban environment that's encroaching on their territory, she decided to help out and feed them. 


Photo Credit: Lucy Goacher

Eventually, word got out about the free food and the foxes who were frequenting the residence got a surprise visitor! None other than a fearless Mr. Hedgehog.


Photo Credit: Lucy Goacher

At first Mr. Hedgehog arrived after the foxes had gotten their fill and politely ate their leftovers. But eventually he decided he deserved a first serving alongside the foxes and, according to the English woman who documented the whole experience, he seemed to walk up like he owned the joint and the foxes, blown away by his assertiveness, simply stared in awe of the tiny thing.


Photo Credit: Lucy Goacher

Eventually, they ate dinner family style. And that right there, is an unlikely friendship, but a beautiful testament to coexisting. 


Photo Credit: Lucy Goacher
(It is generally not encouraged to feed foxes as they can become accustomed to humans and be dangerous for there wellbeing).
2. The Deer and the Baby Cow

Bonnie, a 4-month old cow, gets lost in the woods after being separated from her mother. During the relocation process, Bonnie got scared and bolted into the forest before she could be safely loaded into a truck destined to take her to a new home.


Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Local residents had laid eyes on Bonnie, but no one had been able to rescue her and the winter months were fast approaching. Hunting cameras eventually picked her up and astonished everyone.



Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary

Finally, after 3 weeks of rescue attempts (once spotted by the hunting cameras), Farm Sanctuary was able to get Bonnie to the safe haven where she can roam free on abundant pastures and shelter in cozy barns with her own kind. Though Bonnie had to leave the magic of the woods and her adopted deer family, she is now safe at Farm Sanctuary enjoying comfort, care and, of course, new friendships.


Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary
3.  The Cat and the Baby Squirrel

 After a wild storm knocks a few baby squirrels out of their nest, a family rescues them and finds, to their astonishment, their cat is also 100% on board with helping out these new friends!


This adorable kitty helps the process along by giving these little babes some much needed love and affection!



After a few days of care the family heard a squirrel call and wondered if perhaps it was mom searching for her offspring? It was! And this momma wanted her little ones back! The foster family put the furry babies out on the front porch where they were able to hear the familiar call and respond in kind. Momma squirrel quickly came, gently put them in her mouth, and one by one carried them home. 



4. Cuteness Overload brought to you by the Yuta Family (@yutafamily)

Meet the Yuta Family, a mix of cats, dogs, and hamsters! 






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