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10 Playful Reasons Why Your Spirit Animal Might Be a Panda

March 13, 2019

panda eating bamboo

Here at SpiritHoods, we’re all about embracing our inner animal spirit. Discovering your true connection, from the loyal feeling that you have a connection with a particular animal, you may want to listen to that inner voice. Truth be told, you may be sensing what many cultures refer to as the calling of your inner spirit animal. So let's see if your inner BFF is the undeniably adorable panda. 

What is the Purpose of a Spirit Animal?

Many cultures believe a spirit animal or totem can provide wisdom to an individual throughout various times in their life. From major life events to obstacles and hardships, it is believed your spirit animal can reveal itself when you need it most.

Connecting with your inner animal may help you look deeper within yourself, helping you discover aspects of yourself that have been unclear. Your animal spirit often symbolizes the qualities others already see within you, thus giving you a deeper perspective on why and how you operate.

Who is the Panda?

Let’s say the panda is your spirit animal. As you get to know more about this magnificent creature, you may find you have similar habits, traits, and tendencies. It is believed the panda represents tranquility, determination, and incredible strength.

But don’t let their cuddly appearance fool you. Pandas create personal boundaries to help them feel safe. While they are big in size, they are typically far from intimidating, as they can be emotional little guys at heart.


What Do Pandas Symbolize?

  • peace
  • good luck
  • positivity
  • gentleness
  • tranquility
  • determination
  • nurturing heart

How Do I Know if My Spirit Animal is the Panda?

If you feel drawn to the panda and feel the little guy pops up randomly throughout your journey in life, whether physically or through dreams, this may be a sign. You may notice panda trinkets, drawings, or mentions wherever you go. Don’t ignore it. Just embrace it. Your animal guide may be trying to tell you something.

So, how do you know if your inner animal spirit is this cute little cuddle buddy? We’ve got ten playful reasons why you may be a panda at heart. 

1. You really know how to get the party rolling! 

panda rolling in grass

2. You love taking baths (and thankfully your roommates bear with you).

panda taking a bath in a puddle of water

3. You can be easily distracted (usually by food).

panda eating and rolling off of log

4. You’re proud to be a part of the clean plate club.

panda licking its plate clean

5. You find people who try to eat your food unBEARable.

one panda eating food and refusing to share it with the other panda

6. You wish you could stick your tongue out at rude people all day (but you don’t, and we’re proud of you!)

panda sticking its tongue out

7. Sometimes, you can be a bit over dramatic…

panda sucking its thumb

8. Other times, it feels like you’re living a real live-action film.

panda rolling and hiding under bench

9. You really prefer cozy nights in.

panda sitting and eating big tub of popcorn

10. You love hanging out with friends and family.

three pandas hanging in trees

Care to learn more about helping endangered animals? Visit our incredible partners and see how you can help be the voice of a panda today.


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