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    Phoenix Sterling Silver Collector Edition Pendant


    The powerful phoenix rises from the ashes and shines its light for all to see, symbolizing rebirth, immortality, and progress. 

    Engraved on the back is the saying  “WE ARE ALL ANIMALS” as well as plus symbols for positive impact. Designed and made in collaboration with Lucas+ in New York City.

    • Each Pendant is 1 of 75 & will not be recreated

    • Made from sterling silver with brass overlays

    • Featuring a central stone turquoise or black onyx

    • Hangs on a sterling silver 20 or 24 inch chain

    • Designed & manufactured in New York City by LUCAS+

    TURQUOISE comes with many benefits: its blue brings calm and tranquility, all while balanced by the growth of green and the uplifting nature of yellow. Wear it to feel calm yet invigorated.

    BLACK ONYX enhances focus, amplifies intentions, and protects against negative energy. Wear it to feel powerful and sophisticated. 

    Silver naturally tarnishes over time when exposed to the elements. Simple ways of caring for it involve gently cleaning it with soap and water, or baking soda and water. 

    LUCAS+ was born in New York City when designer Lucas Goossens decided to wear a symbol that would remind him of the Law of Attraction, so he made a ring in the form of a plus sign. It serves as a visual reminder to think positive thoughts. With the help of youtube education and 3D printing, a collection of utilitarian jewelry became reality. 

    Jewelry is a valuable representation of your beliefs. It’s a form of art that you can assign real meaning to, and when you wear it, you have the opportunity to have it serve you through the magic of mantras. Never underestimate the power of words, for they become your actions, your habits, your character, and ultimately your destiny. What does your jewelry represent?