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    Moon Cape + Grey Wolf 1/2 Hood Bundle!

    **A TOTAL SAVINGS OF $34.20 !**
    Are you an adventure seeker? Nature Love? Music Groover? or Sunday Snuggler?! If so, the newest SpiritHood Italy Cape was made for you!  All SpiritHood Italy Capes have out custom logo buttons around the collar, so you can attach our Half Hoods (coming soon!) and let the prowlin' begin! 
    Do you have the spirit of the Grey Wolf? If you do you are a social animal and a great communicator, often teaching valuable lessons to whoever is around. Wolves are team players and work well in groups. Those with the Wolf spirit are fiercely loyal to those they love.
    • SpiritHoods® as seen on Shark Tank
    • 10% of net profits donated to help endangered species.

    • Handmade in Los Angeles

    • Custom logo buttons around collar + front of cape, so you can style your cape in multiple ways + Attached your Half Hood!

    • Hand wash cold and air dry only

    • One size fits all + Unisex

    • Liner Content In Hood&Cape: 100% Polyester