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    Collector Edition Ice Wolf Shawl SpiritHood

    Faux Fur
    Do you have the Spirit of The Ice Wolf? If you do, your mysterious aura draws people in and you don't let anyone hold you back from creating a world you love. This Spirit is a fearless leader that takes care of those loyal to them. An Ice Wolf is a strong creature that lives with integrity and that stands for the freedom of all living things. 
    • 10% of net profits donated to help endangered species.

    • Handmade in Los Angeles

    • 100% plush faux fur (100% acrylic) 

    • Custom logo button to keep your hood on while extreme adventuring.

    • Secret zip pocket so you can hide your cash, credit cards, phone or whatever else you don’t want people to find.

    • Hand wash cold and air dry only

    • Liner is a 100% poly-satin grey snakeskin.