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Collector Edition Dragon Wolf Galaxy Throw

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Do you have the Spirit of The Dragon Wolf? If you do, your mysterious aura draws people in. This Spirit is a fearless leader that takes care of those loyal to them. A Dagon Wolf is a beautiful seductive creature that stands for the freedom of all living things… They are the low key Breaker of Chains.


TISSAVEL+ is a more robust, long-pile version of our classic TISSAVEL. You'll notice TISSAVEL+ products have a much higher density, meaning it's perfect for those of you who love extra fluffy and plush things! TISSAVEL+ may not be as soft as its classic counterpart (it's really tough to beat our classic TISSAVEL in terms of softness!), but boasts a much thicker and heavier feel that many of you can't get enough of.

  • SpiritHoods® as seen on SHARK TANK
  • 10% of net profits donated to help endangered animals
  • 100% acrylic faux (fake) fur — Get the look without the cruelty!
  • Custom SpiritHoods buttons to keep your blanket on while festival-ing, cooking, snuggling… you know, while you do snuggly cozy blanket things! ;)
  • Secret pocket with zip closure—perfect for stashing your remote, phone, chocolate, or whatever else you don’t want people to find. *wink* *wink*
  • Dimensions: 66" x 52"
  • IMPORTANT: Heat damage is irreversible. 
    Hand wash cold and hang dry only.

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