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    BlackMilk Aurora Kitty HB3


    It is said that the black cat brings good luck, prosperity and truth. Although portrayed as mysterious, the aurora feline is all the while seductive and elegant, wielding spiritual powers granted by the night sky. Don’t be surprised by this nocturnal, untamed feline for its secretive nature, it tends to be one of the most lovable and magical cats around. . . if you can earn its trust ;-) 

    This SpiritHood comes with Sewn in Machine Washable Speakers.  Listen to your music anywhere your SpiritHood goes. Compatible with almost all MP3 players and mobile phones. {SpiritHoods and  built in Speakers are not to be tumble dried}

    Watch the product video below to see it in full action. 

    This is one of the most beautiful hoods we have created and is an exclusive, Collectors Edition piece. Every Aurora Kitty will have a tree up each arm, but we love keeping each piece unique, every hood will have different colors in the ears/hood. 

    The second addition in the Black Milk Clothing x SpiritHoods collaboration! Using the iconic BlackMilk Aurora Skye print, with the NEW Black Cat faux fur, giving the best of both worlds. 

    • 10% of net profits donated to help endangered species.
    • All Original SpiritHoods have our logo in the paw! 
    • 100% plush faux fur (100% acrylic), why look anything but amazing?
    • 100% Polyester liner
    • Custom logo button to keep your hood on while extreme adventuring.
    • Pawkets (Get it? Get it?), so you can keep your hands warm, stash whatever you need and prowl.
    • Secret zip pocket so you can hide your cash, credit cards, phone or whatever else you don’t want people to find.
    • Long sleeves that can be turned into a scarf for warmth. Hand wash cold and air dry only