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Golden Jackal Faux Fur Vest | Men's

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The Golden Jackal is a clever and cunning spirit, using these characteristics throughout life to not only survive but thrive. This creative spirit moves through life with positive energy. A Golden Jackal always makes for an entertaining friend.

10% of Net Profits Donated to Animals

Donations are made to 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats.🐾⁠

Faux Fur Vest Features:

  • 100% acrylic
  • Custom canine face buttons keep your fur secure to your body
  • Outer pockets
  • New larger inner zip “stash” pocket
  • Restock Produced in Los Angeles

Important  Care Instructions:

  • Always avoid bringing around heat
  • Hand-wash cold
  • Hang dry only (away from heat sources and direct sunlight)

Size Reference:

  • Item is 100% unisex

Slip into this hooded faux fur vest for men and women and get ready for your adventures in style. Embrace your inner Golden Jackal spirit with pride. You'll keep those wild locks tamed and your bod draped in warmth - while staying ever so cool - during all your outdoor adventures.

Don’t get caught unprepared! Get your Golden Jackal Vest and prowl in style today!

SpiritHoods® as seen on Shark Tank.

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