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    Javan Leopard Classic Faux Fur Coat *Almost Purfect* | Men's


    The Leopard can easily adapt to any circumstance. This Spirit finds comfort in many different social environments, yet they also appreciate solitude. Leopards often have vast domains and naturally command respect without demanding it.

    MAJOR DEALS, minor imperfections.

    At SpiritHoods, we inspect each and every product in great detail to ensure it passes our strictest quality assurance standards with flying colors. Our “Almost Purfect” products are ones that didn’t make our pick of the litter because of some minor imperfection. Rest assured, the imperfection in no way impacts the comfort or longevity of the piece, but does make it unsellable at the normal price because it's simply not up to our absolute highest standards. While these products do have imperfections (some imperfections can even make the piece more unique!), we would never sell something unless we felt totally confident you would love the product and look amazing wearing it.

    Long story short: You’re getting a MAJOR deal as long as you’re okay with some minor imperfections—like a missing button, damaged button loop, incorrect neck label, missing signifier, thread issues, ear issues, etc.


    Because Almost Purfect products are priced at an INSANE discount, NO RETURNS or EXCHANGES! Only purchase Almost Purfect products if you are 100% confident you know your size as ALL PURCHASES ARE FINAL SALE.