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    Coyote Desert Wild Temporary Tattoos

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    Adventure into the spirit of the American Southwest with the new Desert Wild temporary tattoo pack, designed to capture the rugged yet vibrant essence of the desert wilderness, celebrating its unique beauty and resilience. 

    Featuring a coyote, symbolizing adaptability and survival in harsh conditions; a Spiky Agave, representing strength and endurance; and a mighty Saguaro, standing tall as a testament to longevity and a timeless spirit.

    The delicate beauty of the cactus flower reminds us of the hidden wonders that bloom in unexpected places, and the transformative power of the Bird Skull signifies the deep connection between life and death in the wild.

    And, of course, a pack of Fire Ants because, well, we have all been there while camping in the Southwest. 

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    Temporary Tattoo Features:

    • Whole Sheet Measures 3x7 inches
    • Apply with water
    • Lasts 2-5 Days
    • Water-Resistant
    • Comfortable
    • Skin Safe
    • Designed by Allison Wilcoxen