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  • Royal Wolf Luxe Classic Faux Fur Coat | Men's

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    The Royal Wolf thrives with family and friendships and is fulfilled when demonstrating acts of loyalty and protection. This spirit offers much to those around them and does so in a playful way, encouraging teamwork as a solution when possible. A Royal Wolf will always place their pack first, demonstrating one of their most noble traits.

    10% of Net Profits Donated to Animals

    Donations are made to 501(c)(3) nonprofit partners dedicated to protecting endangered animals and their habitats. 🐾⁠

    Classic Faux Fur Coat Features:

    • Royal Wolf faux fur made with 100% acrylic
    • Liner content: 54% polyester, 46% rayon
    • Double-breasted button closure (allows you to tighten the coat by 2-3 inches!)
    • “Classic” coats come complete with a hood AND ears
    • Custom Wolf Face Buttons
    • Outer pockets
    • New larger inner zip “stash” pocket

    Important Care Instructions:

    • Always avoid bringing faux fur around heat
    • Hand-wash cold
    • Hang dry only (away from heat sources and direct sunlight)

    Size Reference:

    • See size guide for best fit

    Counterfeit Protection:

    • Scannable "Smart" Apparel to Guarantee Authenticity
    • *Included with new inventory starting Fall/Winter 2022


      What is Tissavel faux fur? There are two primary components of high-quality fake fur: softness and resilience (when the fibers bounce back to their original form after being compressed). Tissavel faux fur is a higher-density fiber and is well-known as the softest and most resilient faux fur available. Once you've experienced its silky-soft texture, you will want to adorn your body and home in nothing but Tissavel.

      You will want to fight for your right to look fierce in our luxe classic faux fur coat for men! Fortunately, the Royal Wolf is equal parts lover and fighter, keeping all things comfortable and relaxed while running the streets in style. Keep your fierce AF faux fur fashion on point in all seasons with your classic faux fur coat.

      Run the streets in comfort and fashion with your men's Royal Wolf Classic Faux Fur Coat!

      SpiritHoods® as seen on Shark Tank.