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  • 6 Simple Ways to Style Faux Fur

    April 06, 2018 2 min read

    person wearing headband, leggings, and faux fur barefoot in sand

    Sure we all love a good faux fur coat at Burning Man, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to figure out the best approach to wear these epic cozy coats on the daily. Is it ok for the arcade? Does it go with my boots? Can I just never take it off again ever? Luckily we have some simple ways to keep that bomber in rotation for any occasion. 

    ~ Faux Fur with Leggings and Headwrap ~

    Headed to the desert but not quite ready to desert your faux fur? Wrap your head in a scarf and throw on some SpiritHoods Leggings for the final touch. 

    girl wearing shorts and faux fur sitting on iceball arcade game

    ~ Faux fur over cutoffs ~

    There’s nothing more fun than a still looking fly while in comfy kicks. Add your fav faux fur over some cutoffs and a white tee and you’ve got a winning look. Score!


    woman holding disco ball wearing faux fur coat and red and white top

    ~ Faux fur and sequins ~

    What’s that you say? All dolled up for the disco. Faux fur and sequins are a match made in disco heaven sure to make you feel groovy.


    woman wearing jeans and faux fur coat with sunglasses sitting down

    ~ Faux with colored glasses ~

    Everything looks better in some rose colored glasses. And everything gets cuddlier with this rose colored bomber. 

    woman wearing satin top, heels, jeans, and faux fur coat

    ~ Faux fur with heels ~

    Matching your faux fur with a dainty heel and slinky camisole? 100 - love.


    woman wearing sheer top with boots and faux fur coat

    ~ Faux Fur with western boots ~

    Feeling a bit bored? Leave the basic bitches behind and throw some western boots into the mix. Take a walk on the wild side and stay cozy at the same time. 

    These are just a few of our favorite ways to funk up our faux fur. Share your style with #SpiritHoods on Instagram! 

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