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  • Your Guide To The Best Men's Leggings

    June 11, 2024 15 min read

    Your Guide To The Best Men's Leggings


    What do Poison, KISS, Bon Jovi, Guns’ N’ Roses, Motley Crue, Whitesnake, Twisted Sister, and Cinderella have in common? 

    They were all renowned for their Glam Rock hair, memorable music, and unwavering theatrical stage presence. 

    Oh. And their leggings. 

    They all looked good in leggings. 

    Like really  really  good in leggings. 

    Like the kind of good that just sent me on a long deep dive into the many hot pictures of John Bon Jovi from the 80’s clad in very tight pants, jean shorts, and spandex leggings. He sure could wear a pair of bottoms. 

    I don’t mean to sound like I’m objectifying him. I’m not. He is more than a good looking man in very tight clothing. He is also the frontman to arguably one of the greatest bands of all time. But, I mean COME ON! Have you seen him in some of those 80’s outfits?

    I’m sorry, but can we please bring these looks back? 


    And if more men wearing leggings gets that party started, then I’m here for it. 

    Just sayin’.

    As a woman, I love wearing leggings. I wear them almost everyday and I believe that everyone should wear anything they want that makes them feel good. Why should women be the only ones that get to wear incredibly cozy clothes that literally feel like a snug hug to your body and make your backside look incredible? Why shouldn't men feel cozy and get to show off their butt too? 

    So come on men! Let’s get more of you to jump on that legging train. You know the one I’m talking about. The one way train that heads straight to comfort, performance, and style. You know you want to. And I’m gonna help you find just the right look that will serve as your ticket on board and will have you arriving with panache. All aboard! Choo- Choo! (Okay I admit that was cheesy.) 

    But you know me, I always give my readers a bit of an education BEFORE we get to good stuff (unless you’re like me and you think the history lesson IS the good stuff. If that's the case, then we can be dorks together)


    Men were actually the first to wear leggings. Long before women did. The earliest known instances of men wearing leggings date back to ancient times, particularly among the indigenous peoples of North America and various European cultures.

    Indigenous Peoples of North America

    Among the indigenous peoples of North America, leggings were a common part of male attire. These were typically made from animal hides and served practical purposes such as protection from the environment and from injuries. They were worn by many tribes, including the Plains Indians, who often decorated them with intricate beadwork and designs.

    Ancient Europe

    In ancient Europe, particularly during the Iron Age (circa 1200 BCE to 600 BCE), men wore leg coverings that were often made from wool or linen and were used to provide warmth and protection. The Celts wore braccae, which were woolen trousers that fitted closely to the legs like tights and were often tied at the waist and ankles. Braccae were later adopted by Romans, especially in military contexts and colder regions. These early versions were practical for soldiers and hunters, providing warmth and ease of movement.

    Medieval Times

    During the Medieval period, leggings evolved into a more distinct garment. Knights wore chainmail leggings or chausses for protection in battle, while commoners and nobles alike donned wool or leather versions for everyday wear. These leggings were often paired with tunics and were a staple in men's fashion.

    The Renaissance Period

    In the Renaissance era, men's leggings became more elaborate. They were crafted from finer fabrics and featured decorative elements. Tights, or "hosen," as they were known, were often colorful and showcased a man's wealth and status. This period also saw the introduction of the codpiece, a padded garment worn over the leggings for added protection and modesty. Initially, codpieces were made up of simple fabric coverings used to close the gap between the two separate leg pieces of men's hose or trousers. But soon, these pieces became a status of in your face masculinity and virility. They would be decorated, bejeweled, embroidered, and made to look as visually prominent as possible. The goal was to get the gaze to settle on the nether regions of the man wearing them as proof of their undeniable ability to copulate and procreate. Incidentally the slang word for scrotum during this time was “cod.” Hence, codpiece. But soon that “trend” wore off and by the later centuries, people saw them as useless and ridiculous. (I know that was a bit of a side track, but sometimes my brain does that. And codpieces made me chuckle, so I wanted to share).

    The 16th Century

    Men’s fashion included breeches, which were knee-length trousers worn with stockings. These stockings were essentially leggings that covered the lower legs and were held up by garters. This style remained popular through the 18th century. 

    The 19th Century

    In the 19th century, leggings made a brief comeback as part of military uniforms. Soldiers wore woolen or leather leggings to protect their lower legs from harsh weather and rough terrain. In the early part of the century, tight-fitting trousers called pantaloons became the trend. These bottoms were similar to modern-day leggings and were often worn with military uniforms or formal wear. Over time, looser trousers became more common, but tight-fitting legwear continued to be used for specific purposes, such as horseback riding or fencing .

    Early 20th Century

    In the early 20th century, men's leggings found a place in sports and outdoor activities. Athletes and adventurers wore woolen or cotton leggings for warmth and flexibility. The invention of elastic materials such as spandex, in the mid-20th century further popularized leggings in the realm of physical fitness, making them a staple in athletic wear.

    Late 20th Century 

    The late 20th century saw a significant resurgence of men's leggings in fashion, primarily through sportswear. The rise of fitness culture in the 1980s brought spandex and Lycra leggings into the mainstream. And pretty soon, everyone wanted a pair of leggings made out of these comfortable and versatile materials. Football players, wrestlers, dancers and male athletes wore leggings for their practicality and support. And as a fashion statement, leggings were the go to choice for Glam Rock Bands everywhere. Thank you chemist, Joseph Shivers at the DuPont company, who invented Spandex in 1958. Thank you Joseph for your hard work. Myself and millions of adoring 80’s band fans appreciate your contribution. Because of you, I gazed adoringly at many a poster in my childhood bedroom. 

    The 21st Century

    In the 21st century, men's leggings, often referred to as "meggings," have become a trendy and versatile garment. They are worn not only for athletic purposes but also as a fashion statement. Designers have incorporated leggings into their collections, offering a variety of styles, from basic black to bold patterns, cuts, and prints.


    • Meggings
    • Men's Tights
    • Sport Leggings
    • Workout Leggings
    • Activewear Leggings
    • Gym Leggings
    • Athletic Tights
    • Fitness Tights
    • Base Layer Tights
    • Compression Tights
    • Training Tights
    • Performance Tights
    • Running Tights
    • Yoga Pants for Men
    • Men's Stretch Pants
    • Long Johns
    • Thermals


    Versatility and Comfort

    Men's leggings are versatile and comfortable, suitable for a wide range of activities including workouts, running, yoga, and even casual wear. They are designed to provide flexibility, support, and moisture-wicking properties, making them ideal for both high-intensity and low-impact activities.

    Fashion and Trends

    The trend of men wearing leggings is growing, and many brands now offer stylish options specifically designed for men. Celebrities and athletes often wear leggings, contributing to their acceptance and popularity in mainstream fashion. Leggings can be worn alone, with shorts, or as a base layer under other clothing. And there is also my movement to bring back 80's glam band fashion!

    Performance Benefits

    For athletic activities, leggings offer several performance benefits:

    • Compression: Helps with muscle support, recovery, and blood circulation.
    • Flexibility: Allows for a full range of motion.
    • Breathability: Keeps the wearer cool and dry.
    • Protection: Can prevent chafing by reducing friction and provide some protection from the elements. Helps regulate body temperature and keep you dry. And protects your shins during your Crossfit sessions.


    Many top athletic and fashion brands offer men's leggings, including:

    • Matador Meggings 
    • SpiritHoods
    • Kapow Meggings
    • Waterlust
    • Metabamboo
    • Lululemon
    • Nike
    • Under Armour
    • Adidas
    • Alo Yoga

    The Best Men’s Leggings 

    The modern iteration of leggings combines historical influences with contemporary fabric technology to provide comfort, performance, and style. And below are my top picks for men’s leggings right now, based on sustainability, fit and comfort, purpose and versatility, brand reputation and reviews, and style and design.

    Matador Meggings

    I love the variety of meggings you can find here. They all come with a shirt loop in the back so you can hang your tee if you feel like baring your chest and getting some sun. They also have zipper pockets for your valuables, an open pocket for your phone, inner drawstring to keep your leggings in place, and a removable soft crotch cup (modesty pad) so you can conceal your johnson or let it breathe and hang. It’s up to you. I’m not judging either way. I know which way I prefer. But that’s for me to know and you to find out.

    The gray and black leggings are great for intense workouts. Throw 'em on, head to the gym, and achieve your PR. While you’re busy making personal gains, Matador meggings is busy making sure harsh chemicals are kept out of their garments. They monitor all chemical usage to meet and exceed international control standards. And they choose to work with a fabric supplier who has invested over $1M dollars in a state-of-the-art water recycling plant on-site treating 100% of the water used in their products. So go ahead, do another squat, not only will your twig and berries be comfortable while doing so, you can smile cuz you’re doing something great for the planet. Fist bump. Cuz you just made a PR in the “gym of life” braaaahhhh.   

    Kapow Meggings

    Channel your inner John Bon Jovi with these faux leather meggings. I haven’t personally tried these on, but according to the rave reviews from their customers, they are soft and comfortable and feel just like the real thing. They have two back pockets and a drawstring so you can get them nice and snug. Now I wouldn’t necessarily hit the gym in these babies, even though you can definitely dress them up or down. I feel like these work best when going out to your local karaoke bar and belting out the 1986 hit ballad  “Never Say Goodbye.”  And truth be told, I feel like in a tight pair of these meggings, people will probably be saying “He-llooo”  and not goodbye.  While you're busy receiving all the compliments you're gonna get for your voice AND your pants, Kapow meggings will be busy making the world a better place. For every order placed, they will plant a tree. They have partnered with Eden Reforestation Projects and Thegoodapi.com in efforts to revive natural habitats, improve coral reef health, support local livelihoods, and aid in the fight against climate change by extracting CO2 from the air. Insert  “KAPOW!”  sound effect here. 



    Now over here at SpiritHoods, we don’t have meggings. We just have leggings. But don’t let that stop you from looking like a dreamboat or a stud muffin or a beefcake or stallion or a snack or a dish. You get the picture. And the picture is; you're gonna look sexy as F*%$. Cuz once you put on a pair of our leggings, you’re gonna look in the mirror and compliment  yourself.  You won’t need  me  to do it. And I think our black panther velvet leggings is just the pair that’s gonna have you winkin’ at your own reflection. Truth be told, ALL of our leggings are gonna look good on you. Cuz that’s what we do… we make ordinary clothing, extraordinary. We have a wide range of colors, patterns, and fabrics that will keep their heads turning for days. Sorry about all those neck braces people. But a man in a pair of SpiritHoods leggings is hard to resist whipping your noggin’ for. Maybe we should consider a warning label with every pair?  “Warning. Will cause head whipping while wearing.”  Not only is your joystick gonna be happy he’s looking hawt in our leggings, but we donate 10% of our net profits to helping endangered animals and their habitats. That’s something you and your trouser snake can smile about.  


    Bamboo is literally one of the coolest plants on the planet. It can grow to full size in just three years, it absorbs greenhouse gasses, and can grow in various climates on every continent (except Antarctica). It requires very little water compared to most other crops and zero pesticides. There is also zero waste involved with harvesting bamboo because the whole plant is used to produce various products. Oh…and it literally feels like heaven on your skin. Think of the softest blend of cashmere and silk. And these super soft skin friendly leggings are made out of 100% Organic OEKO-TEX certified Bamboo. They come in three classic colors, Navy, Black, and Grey. And if you happen to be a smelly guy when you workout (no judgment, we’ve all been there. And I just so happen to be in love with a smelly guy) then these are the perfect pair of leggings for you. Bamboo's natural antimicrobial properties prevent the growth of bacteria and other microbes that cause unpleasant odors. So it’s a win win for all! 


    These high performance leggings are designed specifically for all the misters out there. They are engineered from post-consumer recycled bottles, UPF 50+ fabric, 4 way stretch, quick drying, and antimicrobial. I love this pair called “the fountain of youth.” Now they’re not promising any source of eternal vitality, but they sure will make you the most memorable and talked about person in the room. And take it from us here at SpiritHoods, we think that’s a very good thing. These leggings feature 2 large pockets on the side of both legs for your wallet, phone, keys, and a can of beer (their words not mine). And if that’s not enough to intrigue you, they have a paracord drawstring at the waist for security, and a double layer panel to help shield that anaconda in your pants. Sometimes it’s just necessary to leave something to the imagination. Or not. Again, it's up to you. If you want to let everything dingle dangle, I say go for it. I'm here for any choice you make. And the absolute coolest thing about this company is that they make environmentally responsible clothing inspired by marine species and ecosystems in need of championing. 5% of their sales are donated to high-impact research and education organizations, such as reef environmental education foundation, marine turtle research, ecology and conservation group, and marine megafauna foundation to name a few. And if you feel like shopping for other garments, head on over here and shop by cause with waterlust


    Coquetry Clothing

    And if none of the leggings I listed tickle your fancy, head on over here and build your own leggings! Sometimes you gotta just take matters into your own hands. Catch what I’m throwin’ down? Each item is handmade so remember to allow for time. 

    And here’s a little list of some more great performance leggings from larger brands that certainly don’t need my help in promoting them. They aren’t necessarily eco friendly, sustainable, or giving back to the planet, but I figured I’d mention them anyways. 

    • Farfetch: if you have an extra $725 to spend and need to have everything label only, then let me suggest these Balenciaga panelled high-waisted leggings. 
    • Lululemon :These performance enhancing leggings are made with their trademarked sweat wicking Luxtreme™ Fabric
    • Alo Yoga: They call them warrior compression pants, I call them leggings. You say tomato I say tomato. Either way, check these out. 
    • Nike: These leggings are great for running and are made of at least 75% recycled polyester fibers. Go Nike!
    • Under Armour: These coldgear leggings are perfect as a base layer and the white is just really cool looking. So why not? 

    What Should Men Wear Under Leggings?

    If you’re worried about your Colonel and his two amigos being on display for everyone and you desire a little extra protection beneath your leggings, may I politely suggest a dance belt

    Check these out to help conceal that buldge.

    And if a dance belt  ain't yo thang, then how about;

    • briefs
    • thong underwear 
    • jockstrap
    • Nothing. Just let your light saber be free. 

    What to look for when shopping for Men's Leggings

    We all live different lifestyles, and there are so many men’s leggings out there that will suit literally everyone. So when looking for a pair that will work well with your personal style, whether that’s high-end designer pieces or trendy streetwear or leggings that fit into that athletic life you're living, take a few of these pointers into consideration before making that purchase. 

    Tips for Choosing Men's Fashion Leggings

    • Fit and Comfort: Ensure the leggings fit well and are comfortable for all-day wear. Look for styles that offer a snug but flexible fit.
    • Material: Choose high-quality materials that provide both comfort and durability. Consider options with a bit of stretch for better mobility.
    • Style and Design: Select designs that match your personal style, whether you prefer classic, edgy, or high-fashion looks. Pay attention to patterns, colors, and unique details that make you feel confident.
    • Versatility: Opt for leggings that can be easily styled with different outfits, from casual to more dressed-up looks.

    Tips for choosing Men's Athletic Leggings

    When choosing men's athletic leggings, consider the following tips to ensure you find the best fit, comfort, and performance. 

    1. Material Quality:

    • Moisture-Wicking: Opt for fabrics that wick away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable during workouts.
    • Breathability: Choose materials that allow for good airflow to prevent overheating.
    • Durability: Look for high-quality, durable fabrics that can withstand frequent use and washing.

    2. Fit and Comfort:

    • Proper Fit: Ensure the leggings fit snugly but not too tight, allowing for a full range of motion.
    • Comfortable Waistband: A waistband that stays in place without digging into your skin is essential.
    • Flat Seams: Flatlock seams reduce chafing and irritation, making them more comfortable for extended wear.

    3. Compression:

    • Supportive Compression: If you need extra muscle support, consider compression leggings that enhance blood flow and reduce muscle fatigue.
    • Appropriate Level: Ensure the compression level is suitable for your activity, whether light, moderate, or high compression.

    5. Functionality:

    • Pockets: Look for leggings with pockets if you need to carry small items like keys, a phone, or energy gels.
    • Reflective Elements: For outdoor activities, especially in low light conditions, reflective details can enhance visibility and safety.

    A Guide to Styling Men's Leggings

    There are so many looks you can create with a good pair of leggings. They can be a great layering piece, or the primary focus of your outfit. Dress them up or dress them down. It’s your world, men. We’re all just living in it. Do what you want. I’m just here to give you some tips. And I’m not talkin’ bout those kind of tips. Get your brain outta the gutter. 

    Athletic Look

    1. With a Tank Top or T-Shirt
      • Pairing: Wear your leggings with a fitted tank top or a moisture-wicking t-shirt.
      • Footwear: Opt for athletic sneakers or running shoes.
      • Accessories: Add a sports watch or a sweatband for a complete athletic look.
      • Facial expression: Focused and driven. The kind of look that says "I'm going for the gold cuz I'm a winner."
    2. Layered with Shorts
      • Pairing: Wear shorts over your leggings for a classic gym style.
      • Footwear: Athletic sneakers work best here.
      • Accessories: Consider adding a baseball cap and a gym bag.
      • Facial expression: Low key smile. Not too cocky, not too humble. Just a nice pleasant smile. Why? Cuz you know you look good.

    Casual Look

    1. With an Oversized Hoodie or Sweatshirt
      • Pairing: An oversized hoodie or sweatshirt can balance the slim fit of the leggings.
      • Footwear: Go for casual sneakers or slip-on shoes.
      • Accessories: A beanie or a casual backpack can add to the laid-back vibe.
      • Facial expression: Confident resting face. You look great. No need to overly express it. It's just kinda like "Yeah. Whatever. I look good. So?"
    2. With a Longline T-Shirt
      • Pairing: A longline t-shirt that extends past the hips pairs well with leggings.
      • Footwear: Casual sneakers or slip-on shoes are ideal.
      • Accessories: Sunglasses and a watch can enhance the look.
      • Facial expression: Just a real cool smile. Why? Cuz you look real cool brah.

    Street Style

    1. With a Denim or Leather Jacket
      • Pairing: Wear a denim or leather jacket over a fitted t-shirt.
      • Footwear: Choose high-top sneakers or combat boots.
      • Accessories: A beanie or a baseball cap and a crossbody bag can add a stylish touch.
      • Facial expression: Nothing. You're okay with being unreadable.
    2. With a Flannel Shirt
      • Pairing: Layer a flannel shirt over a t-shirt or tank top.
      • Footwear: Casual boots or sneakers.
      • Accessories: A beanie and a messenger bag complete the street style look.
      • Facial Expression: A Moué. It's all about the pout, but French. 

    Polished Look

    1. With a Longline Coat
      • Pairing: Wear a longline coat over a slim-fit sweater or turtleneck.
      • Footwear: Chelsea boots or sleek sneakers.
      • Accessories: A scarf and a stylish watch can elevate the outfit.
      • Facial Expression: And elegant grin. You've got class. And we see it in your face. 
    2. With a Button-Down Shirt
      • Pairing: A long button-down shirt or tunic paired with leggings can create a sleek silhouette.
      • Footwear: Dress shoes or polished sneakers.
      • Accessories: A belt and a leather bag can enhance the polished look.
      • Facial Expression: Flash those pearly whites like you own the place. You're a busy man with a power point presentation to give. And you're about to CLOSE. THIS. DEAL. 

    Outdoor and Active Look

    1. With a Performance Jacket
      • Pairing: Wear a lightweight performance jacket over a base layer.
      • Footwear: Trail running shoes or hiking boots.
      • Accessories: A baseball cap and a hydration backpack.
      • Facial Expression: Trying not to show that exhaustion. You're halfway through a 10 mile run and you're trying to impress your workout buddies that are 10 years your junior. You ain't about to look like toast just yet.
    2. With a Vest
      • Pairing: A puffer vest over a long-sleeve thermal top can keep you warm and stylish.
      • Footwear: Casual sneakers or hiking boots.
      • Accessories: A knit cap and fingerless gloves.
      • Facial Expression: A frozen grimace. It's effin' cold out bro.

    Additional Tips

    • Color Coordination: Choose colors that complement each other. Neutral colors like black, gray, and navy are versatile and easy to style.
    • Fit and Fabric: Ensure the leggings fit well and are made of high-quality, durable fabric. Opt for compression leggings for a more athletic look and regular fit for casual styles.
    • Confidence: Confidence is key when styling leggings. Nothing looks better on you than that. Not even the best pair of leggings. 

    And if you feel like reading my other blog about leggings, check out Why We Love Leggings and find out why we do love leggings. 

    Also! You know we love to see you in you SpiritHoods! Tag us in your leggings on all your socials @Spirithoods


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