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  • What would you do if this animal showed up at your door?

    July 18, 2018 3 min read

    mountain lion in snow

    It’s totally understandable when you think about it... Living outdoors gets rough, and sometimes you just need a break. The following are true accounts of meet and greets with house crashers.

    1. Let's start with a cutie! This sweet armadillo was clearly in need of a vacation and decided to have his own pool party at a home in Texas, float and all…

    armadillo on float in pool armadillo on float in pool
    Photo Credit: Kristy West

    After being helped out, the Armadillo went on his way! The real question is, how did he get on the float?

    2. Isn’t Australia where all the deadliest animals on the planet kick it? Well, not all… A man in Australia went into his garage to in his car when he looked up and saw a 6’ long coastal carpet python curled up on the rafters looking him square in the face!         

    python in rafters
    Photo Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers

    Though these pythons are no threat to humans it sure startled the man who found it and he immediately called Elite Snake Catching in Brisbane, Australia to help relocate this majestic creature to safety.        

    python in rafters
    Photo Credit: Brisbane Snake Catchers

    3. This homeowner looked out her window to find a beautiful fox taking her trampoline for a spin and got caught in the springs! When she realized what had happened she immediately called RSPCA to come free him and check for injuries.    

    fox dangling from trampoline in yard

    Sure enough in classic RSPCA style they got him loose and nursed him quickly back to health and into the wild. It’s always best to call the professionals! Thank you RSPCA for what you do.

    fox in cage


    4. Sometimes Polar bears just need to pop by work and say “hi”. A Swedish nature guide headed to work as usual and found a polar bear at the office when he arrived. He had gotten himself stuck inside overnight.      

    polar bear hanging out window


    polar bear looking out window
    Photo: Malin Stark

    The Nature guide quickly called the appropriate authorities who arrived by helicopter, but as soon as the bear heard the sound of the chopper it hopped out the window and fled to the safety of the ocean. 

    polar bear jumped out of window
    Photo: Malin Stark

    5. Last but not least, imagine a pair of big bright yellowy-brown eyes looking up at you from behind your couch... Now imagine those bright eyes belong to a Mountain Lion. That’s what this Oregon resident came home to when someone forgot to close the backdoor. After arriving home and being somewhat startled by the cautious living room encounter the housemates went outside to keep watch thru the window and give the animal space to feel safe enough to leave.


    mountain lion hiding behind person's couch in their house
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Lauren Taylor

    To their surprise the Mountain Lion decided to take a nap for a few hours! 


    mountain lion taking nap inside house
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Lauren Taylor

    As the hours passed they decided to open more doors and began lightly tapping a drum, emanated an energy of safety and respect, and were eventually able to encourage the Lion from a safe vantage point to wake up and head back into the wilderness.

    mountain lion in house
    Photo Credit: Facebook/Lauren Taylor

    Thank goodness for their courage and intelligence in dealing with such a majestic and beloved animal, hats off to you Lauren Taylor.

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