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  • Lora Zombie & why we're stoked for this collab

    December 01, 2020 2 min read

    wolf looking at reflection in galaxy


    Lora Zombie (LZ) is a very talented artist with a very interesting story. Lora grew up in Russia where she was never classically trained in art but excelled at her craft nonetheless. (We actually think this makes her extra special!)

    The magic all began when she started drawing her family's pets when she was just 5 or 6 years old. Rather than receive guidance from an instructor, Lora spent all her time immersing herself in various art forms including a TON of American television (Star Wars, Batman, Looney Tunes, etc.) before becoming particularly interested in comics and comic book art.

    Lora Zombie art


    At the young age of 15, Lora became fascinated by the virtual British band, The Gorillaz. She was so enthralled by them, she actually made it her goal to go to London and work for the Zombie Flesh Eaters (the creative studio behind The Gorillaz). Just one year later, Lora managed to land some illustration work with a client based in England, and off to London she went! While there, she made it a point to swing by the Zombie Flesh Eaters Studio and showed up at their doorstep, portfolio in hand. But, rather than receive the warm welcome she had hoped for, she learned an important lesson about dealing with Expectations vs. Reality. When she arrived at the studio, she rang the doorbell and was met by a woman at the door. The woman took one look at Lora and, unsure of what to make of the young woman at their doorstep, promptly closed the door in her face.

    Lora Zombie painting art

    While things clearly didn't go as planned, Lora remained resilient and continued to work on her craft. Unfazed by her experience in London, she began signing her work as Lora Zombie. She returned to Russia and kept painting, but now Lora was focused on making her own ideas come to life instead of just making art related to the Gorillaz characters. In 2009, she started sharing her artwork on a few Banksy internet art forums where she quickly gained notoriety—and the rest is history.


    Besides the obvious (uhh, her work is AMAZING), we wanted to collaborate with LZ because we love the colors she uses, the animals she features, and just the overall whimsical vibe her art gives off. Not to mention, our audiences are pretty similar! Both of our communities appreciate art, love funky fashion, and most importantly... have a huge affinity for animals!

    Lora Zombie holding jar of paint brushes

    — Lora Zombie Capsule Collection —

    All photos courtesy of @LoraZombie

    Collector Edition Cotton Candy Kitten Hood
    Playful 🐾 Adventurous 🐾 Loving

    model wearing faux fur hood

    Collector Edition Unicorn Galaxy Throw
    Majestic 🐾 Transformative 🐾 Magical

    faux fur throw on blanket

    Collector Edition Crescent Wolf Throw
    Brave 🐾 Inquisitive 🐾 Loyal

    galaxy faux fur throw on bed

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